REVIEW: The Flash x Diamond Select Toys PVC Gallery Diorama

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Hey Everyone, I am back with another collectible and yes it’s another DC Comics superhero but it is from another designer toy company, Diamond Select Toys. In the video below you will see me unboxing this awesome collectible, share some thoughts about The Flash series, Diamond Select Toys, and initial thoughts. Watch the video prior to reading below as the good news is that this is still available for you to purchase, so read below and see how you can grab this for yourself! Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe to the channel!


Diamond Select Toys was founded in 1999 as a sub-brand to Diamond Comic Distributors (who has distributed a lot of comics to a lot of retailers in North America and are the people behind Free Comic Book Day). I’ve seen Diamond Select Toys often at comic book stores because they create interesting collectibles for a wide range of geek/pop culture from DC to Marvel, GI Joe to Avatar, to name a few. There’s a lot to choose from at Amazon which you can browse here. This specific collectible is part of their PVC Gallery Diorama which is not their top tier product line but definitely a great one for collectors that are just getting into this such as myself. I say this because the prices does vary as most are PVC figures on Amazon are around $55-$90 while some of their premier collection starts at least $150!

Nonetheless, if you know me you know I’ve been a fan of the Arrowverse since the inception but my favourite show from the entire universe has to be The Flash! I do think COVID definitely had an impact on the overall delivery of this past season but it definitely had it’s moments and even prior to that I just love the acting and writing throughout the series. I am excited for what’s in store (even though 2 of my favourites, Tom Cavanagh and Carlos Valdes left) for future seasons! I genuinely enjoy Grant Gustin’s take on Barry Allen aka the Flash from the optimism, vulnerability, and even the once in a blue moon comedy which is why I wanted his Flash behind me and in my collection!

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The packaging is incredible in my opinion. It is similar to the Cyborg Kotobukiya figure that featured a window pane but what I like about this one more is that there are way more details and artwork through out the packaging. If you look closely you would notice the different branding and even a certificate of authenticity to state that this is an officially licensed DC Comics collectible. What I really enjoy as well as that in the back there is a picture of the collectible along with a description about the Flash and a shoutout to the sculptor! This is perfect for anyone that is receiving this as a gift and just overall the consumer experience.

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Product Review

In my opinion, I feel this is such a well designed product, especially since it is standing at an impressive 9 inches. You can see the details throughout the suit and face which makes it a great standout piece to display. I do feel that the colour of the lightning from Barry making his strides through the speed force can look a bit better but it’s still not bad. The base is super light and doesn’t feel like the most sturdy or durable but yet again, I doubt you will have a lot of situations where you really need to test that. I think the overall product is great from the package to the actual figure, plus for the price you pay this is definitely a collectible worth the money!

Price and Place of Purchase

Similar to the Newt & Cyborg figures, this was also purchased on Amazon! This collectible is still available (and eligible for prime shipping) at the reasonable price of $57.15 CAD! As you saw in the video, it was packaged securely and it came within the next day or so which is why I think you should get this now before you need to resort to a third party vendor!


Cop or drop? I would say it is definitely worth the money especially for the price. I love the packaging, design, and details incorporated. Plus, it’s really tall at 9 inches and when you compare that to other designer toys it stands out while not breaking the bank!

Packaging? Amazing, definitely in my top 3 of favourite packaging for collectibles from the window pane style to the description at the back but I really enjoyed seeing the certificate card and all the special branding/artwork throughout!

Quality? The quality for the price is phenomenal! I’m always appreciative when there’s a decent amount of similarity to the character or actor and this figure does just that. The base as mentioned is not the sturdiest and the lightning doesn’t seem all that great but the overall figure of Flash definitely makes up for that!

In conclusion, I am excited to have this in my collection and part of my display so you are going to see more of this in future videos and definitely more DC Comics collectible on the blog and channel! When comparing to the other collectibles Diamond Select Toys definitely have some advantages and disadvantages. I think in terms of overall display and price, this is a great one to have because it’s not too pricey and it’s relatively tall which gives it enough distinction and a relatively scaled down version of the actual character. For instance, you can pay around the same price for an oversized funko but you won’t expect the same detailsas you see here! Those are just my thoughts, but I do recommend this for anyone who’s a fan of the flash or if you know someone who is this is a great gift! To shop other cool collectibles and gear I highly recommend Redbubble & Etsy! If you wanted to purchase the t-shirt I am wearing you can buy it here.

Let me know what you think about this pickup and if you end up buying other collectibles from Amazon! Let me know your thoughts below or on social media. Please make sure you do subscribe and follow on Instagram and Facebook !

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