Halloween 2022: VIBE – The Fit Break Down

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For Halloween this year I finally decided to dress up as a character I have been meaning to dress up as for a while now. As you can see in the blog graphic, it is none other than “Vibe”, the DC Comics character who is most commonly known in the tv series, The Flash, played by Carlos Valdes! Fun Fact, I did go as Cisco Ramon four years ago and you can read about that here. In this blog post I will break down the costume fit and include details on where you can get these pieces and more. Before you read below I would appreciate your support if you follow the blog on social media, by following on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook! For a visual break down/ get ready with me check out the video below!

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Image Credit: Deviant Art/Artlover67

I just wanted to add this picture above to show the different elements I was trying to include when putting this costume/fit together. I was mainly taking inspiration from the TV portrayal as you can see above the initial costume that was debuted in the series.


Probably the most essential item of this costume was the jacket. Luckily, I came across this site that makes Vibe’s jacket and you can provide and confirm the measurements with them. The jacket is faux leather (I believe you can request genuine if you want). The customer service was pretty good and I did pay a few dollars extra but it came in much sooner than expected. It is a bit tighter than from what I liked so just double check with sizing before you order and maybe size up if you can. The price after discount was $125.10 (TLC10 for 10% off).


Another essential item, though it can’t be seen are the socks. Why? Because when you think of Cisco Ramon and the genius he is, you can’t think of the amazing work her has done for STAR Labs! Therefore, I had to make sure I wear these special socks that I got from Superherostuff.com for $9.99 USD. You can still grab a pair for yourself here.


Next up is the sneakers. These are the sneakers that he wears on the show! Truth be told, a main reason for why I wanted to do this costume is because of these Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers. It is the first big purchase luxury sneaker I ever bought when I got my first full-time job and was waiting for the right occasion to unbox them. To me, I find them beautiful and they were super popular for a while. Unfortunately, as years went by I was still waiting for the right occasion to wear them but never got the chance and nowadays people often mention they regret buying this sneaker. Frankly, I don’t regret it because I think these sneakers are beautiful in terms of quality, design, and packaging. The sneakers are called “Red Velvet May London High Top” and although you won’t be able to buy them at any stores since it came out years ago, you should still be able to find them at retailers that sell luxury sneakers, and maybe even at a great deal. I got mine years ago for about 55% off from SSENSE.


I was debating getting the leather pants and was initially going to wear a nylon track pant but I saw these awesome faux leather pants which is made up of recycled polyester. I got these for $85 CAD (reg price $99 CAD) from Simons and they are worth it because in addition to faux leather pants being in right now, I really like the fact that it is tapered, it is faux leather and is more considerate of the environment due to the fact it is made up of recycled polyester.


Last but not least, to complete the look I added some accessories. Sure they don’t look like the actual costumer but I wanted to find something similar that I may be able to use later on. I got these heavy duty fingerless gloves from Amazon for $24 CAD. I went with my regular glove size, and you can still grab them here. The other accessories was these polarized glasses which is currently going for $30 CAD and available in various colours here.

So there you have it, here is my halloween costume for 2022. Hopefully you like it and use these links if you ever want to dress up as Vibe in the future! If you’re looking forward to more superhero content stay tuned to the blog and give a follow on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook!

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