Around this time last year, I was in Los Angeles and was able to squeeze in a last-minute visit to the Funko Hollywood store! This place was incredible especially if you’re a fan of Funko pops, like I am. I went near closing time which is why this will be a brief blog post about what to expect and some tips if you plan on visiting. Before you read below, make sure you follow the blog via email and on social media for more content like this including collectibles and things to do in LA! See below for a walkthrough inside!

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This Funko store is, you guessed it, in the Hollywood part of Los Angeles. The specific address is 6201 Hollywood Blvd #100, Los Angeles, CA and there should be parking options nearby. This is also a 20 minute walk from Line Friends BT21 Hollywood and Ovation Hollywood/Kobe Mural. Make sure you check their hours of operation on their website a few days before so you can plan accordingly. You can expect several items such as Funko merchandise, customizable options, and exclusive Funko displays! I have listed some of the displays you can take photos of below.

Display/Photo Opportunities


A lot of Marvel Funko displays and merchandise across the store. There was also a Captain America display I forgot to take a picture of.

Harry Potter

Some of these displays you can sit and touch such as the bench but as you can see with Newt Display, there is a clear sign that says not to touch.

DC Comics

Star Wars

Pop Culture

Jurassic Park



Music and Sports

There was also a huge Funko display of the MTV Moonman award.


There were several merchandise available besides the obvious wide range of vinyl funko pop collectibles such as clothing, bags, and accessories. I have included an image of one of the pricing displays seen at the store so you can get an idea. I didn’t end up buying anything because of the lack of time which is why I wasn’t able to do the thing I was most looking forward to, creating my own funko!

Yes you can create your own funko but you need to go there early to line up and get the process started. From my memory I believe you have to wait in line and there is a cutoff on when they take people for the day. I also think you can only do it for the day of. Therefore, here are some tips I have if you plan on going.

  • Go early in the day so you can get your custom Funko done
  • There is merch all around the store so unless there is a low quantity wait till you explore the entire store first prior to grabbing your items
  • I say that last point also because there are many photo opportunities with the Funko displays, so you don’t want to carry a lot of stuff around you, and certain areas can get crowded quickly


All in all, although it was a brief time I thoroughly enjoyed checking out Funko Hollywood and would recommend it as long as you follow my tips above! If you’ve been here before please let me know your thoughts in the comments below or on social media. Follow on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook for more content like this, especially LA Content!

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