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There is no doubt that when I am in LA, I am somehow exploring something related to BTS. One of the BTS related things I did on my last trip was finally visiting the BT21 x Line Friends flagship store in Hollywood, Los Angeles! In this blog post, I will provide a look inside of what you can expect in terms of shopping and taking pictures which is perfect for any BTS army, fan, or anyone curious about checking something cool on the Hollywood strip! Before reading below, I would genuinely appreciate your support by giving a follow on social media (especially if you’re BTS ARMY) on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook! See below for a visual teaser and POV of inside the store!

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Before talking about the specific location it is is important to talk about what exactly is BT21. I discussed this in more detail in my blog post about the BT21 popup in Toronto in 2021 but I will quickly mention it here as well. BTS, the global phenomenon group, have collaborated with different brands via different revenue streams and one of their most known collaborations is with the global creative studio, LINE FRIENDS. They have created eight unique characters, representing each member and one to represent the BTS Army! The collaboration has scaled to different mediums such as clothing, tech, appliances, games, and so much more! Items from this collaboration can be found at various places such as Hot Topic and Sukoshi Mart, but the best way to get the most unique BTS BT21 merchandise is from LINE FRIENDS directly!


If LINE FRIENDS is not hosting a pop-up in your city, you may be able to shop online but if you’re travelling or residing in NY OR LA, I’d recommend visiting one of their flagship stores! The flagship store I visited and reviewing is the Los Angeles store which is located at 6922 Hollywood Blvd, unit #101! The store is right across the TCL Chinese Theatre and Ovation Hollywood (and also near a Miniso that did carry some TinyTan merch). Parking on the street will be too hectic in my opinion so I’d suggest you park at the Ovation Hollywood garage which I believe is $20 for the day. I remember when I went to LA for the first time for Permission to Dance on Stage LA, the line up for the store was ridiculous so this time around I was happy that I was able to just simply walk in (but take note of store hours before heading there). The reason why this flagship is so special is not just because of the products it offers but because of the unique displays they have which you should definitely take a picture of or with!



Probably the coolest thing in the store is that when you shop around you will notice these handprints on display in various sections of the store. These are the actual handprints of each member with an image of their BT21 character on top and a special message about the character at the bottom. I believe these handprints were done when they visited the store in 2018.

Hollywood Display

I thought this Hollywood set up was really cool which you can find near the back of the store. Although you can’t site on the bench with TATA and Chimmy you can definitely squat in front to grab a picture. It looks really awesome in person as you see these characters in 3D!

Los Angeles Mural

As soon as you walk into the store you can’t miss this massive TATA greeting you with a beautiful Los Angeles mural featuring the other BT21 characters. I won’t advise touching anything anyways but if you did want to, I would suggest not since there is a security guard at the front.

Chrome RJ with Poster Background

This was a really cool display as well also near the back of the store. You’ll see this pretty big chrome/silver RJ which you can snap a pic with. This whole setup gives me a MTV feel as the RJ statue reminds me of the MTV Moonman and the posters printed across the back reminds of the music posters you see plastered across downtown.


Now onto the other important part of your visit to this store, what do you want to get as a souvenir? There are so many options to choose from and frankly, anytime I get something from BT21 I find myself using it for daily tasks as most of the items are made for everyday use. Nonetheless, I grabbed a couple of pics of items I saw at the store and separated it in different categories. Fair warning, the prices are not cheap at all but not too marked up either. Unfortunately, I forgot to note all the prices but if you zoom into the pics you may be able to see it.

On The Go

They had a variety of different items you can use on the go such as backpacks, tote bags, calculators, travel thermos?, and more. Personally, I do like some of these bags with the all over print and I know my sister got the cooky thermos thing and she really enjoys it.


There were a lot of cool tech options and we did end up getting some of the stuff (which does work great by the way). One of the things we got is the wooden charging deck which features a BT21 character on a wooden board where you can charge multiple things simultaneously. I also got a Van LED light because I always wanted one (either Marvel or Anime) but the VAN looked really cool. Two of the most interesting things I saw in this section was the portable turntable player to play vinyls (the display had the BE album) and the tamagotchi (and yes I did get one for nostalgia purposes)!


I put t-shirts in this section because I didn’t know where else to put it. There were only a few left and sizes were limited. In terms of collectibles there were a lot of different items, especially plush toys which for me personally is not something I was intrigued in but can be great for a souvenir gift!


There were a lot of unique home items such as the toaster and waffle maker but also the pyjama sets and the bath accessories. The prices for the appliances were a little marked up but the bath and skin care accessories such as the towel and under eye patches were fairly priced.


All in all, I had a great time at the BT21 store. Even though I went near the end of the day I was still able to enjoy the space and shop casually. I do wish that they did have more luggage tags or travel accessories available but overall it was still great and liked the bag they gave. Let me know if you have been here before or plan on going in the comments below or on social media by following on on InstagramFacebook, & TikTok, especially if you’re ARMY as I will definitely be posting more BTS content in the future!


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