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As you can probably tell by most recent posts, I am finally finishing up posting content from my initial trip to LA in late 2021, and more specifically the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood. I wanted to make separate posts for major sections in the tour before doing an overall review because there is a lot to do there and this post is dedicated to everything I saw that was DC Comics related. As you may know from my prior blog posts I am a huge DC Comics fan, so you can only imagine how excited I was to check this out! Before you read below, make sure to stay informed by following the blog on social media on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook!  See the video below for a quick preview of what you can expect below!


Saw this Dec 1, 2021 didnt realize how early i saw this but definitely recommend! Check out the blog for pics + details! #dccomics #fyp #dceu #dcuniverse #batman #wonderwoman #superman #shazam #aquaman #thedarkknight #comictok #wbtourhollywood #justiceleague #thebatman

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Location and Tickets

As mentioned in the prior blog posts, this is part of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, specifically in Burbank, California (not to be confused with the ones in Tokyo or London) and right beside the Harry Potter section! You can get tickets to the tour via online for $69 USD per person and $39 USD per person for the photo bundle. I do recommend getting the photo bundle because there are photo ops you can do at the end plus recreate a scene from dark knight trilogy as you ride on Batman’s motorcycle (I can’t post the pictures or videos here because I look embarrassing). Nonetheless, the parking is $15 for the day and tour hours are from 8:30 to 3:30 (but always check with the official site first).

Prior to Entering the DC Comics Space

Top Left: Design your own batmobile Top Right: The actual cowl Michael Keaton wore in Tim Burton’s Batman Bottom: DC animation sketches and more

So prior to actually getting into the DC comics entrance you get to see some cool things that Warner Bros does from film to games to animation, and so much more (I will get into that in final Warner Bros Studio Tour review coming soon). I was able to grab these photos and was really excited when I saw the actual Batman cowl that Michael Keaton wore in Batman Returns which is the movie I loved as a kid. I though the interactive station where you can design your own batmobile (I believe this is to celebrate DC’s Batman games) was really cool to because there are a lot of customizable options. Lastly, who doesn’t love the classic DC comics animations/cartoons (especially the animated series starring Kevin Conroy) so seeing these sketches and story board inspirations were great to see.

DC Comics Entrance and What To Expect

Top Left: DC Comics Trinity Display, Top Right: DC Comics Villains Display Middle Left: DC Comics Justice League Display Middle Right: Interactive component to learn more about DC Comics characters Bottom Left: DC Comics comics display Bottom Right: The actual arrow costume Stephen Amell wore on the show (seen at the end of the gift shop at the exit).

So once you finally get to this section you will see both the Wizarding World on one side, and DC Comics on the other. The first thing I saw when entering (because this was December 1st, 2021) was an early and up close look at the Batmobile from “The Batman”. It was really cool and even employees from other departments came down to take a look, you can see the images below and it looked incredible in person!

After that, I saw a beautiful display of DC comics and display featuring DC villains. There are actually a lot of well detailed displays dedicated to beloved characters that are represented on the big screen throughout this exhibit. If you are not entirely sure about some of the characters, fear not, there is a cool interactive table where you can select from various characters and learn more (maybe powered through A.R.G.U.S.?). There are two group team up displays, one is right in front of the interactive table where you get to see the actual costumers worn by the members of the Justice League and then near the back of DC comics trinity (Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman). See below as I share images from each of the designated character display, but also note that these are just for characters that have made it onto the big screen with their dedicated movies at the time I went (Arrow was at the exit of the gift shop and there might be some updates now).

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman display/exhibit at WB studios hollywood

As you can see by above there are a lot of cool things from the Wonder Woman film (especially WW84 as it recently came out at the time) that tells the story of the character through her Amazonian weapons, her art, and of course, her costumes. The image you see on the top left is great to take photos of you with her gold eagle armour wings. Oh and of course, different costumes Gal Gadot wore as well as her costars in WW84!


The different components of the Superman display at wb studios hollywood

Even though I am not the biggest fan of Man of Steel, I do love Superman and thought this was so well done. We get to see Clark Kent’s desk at the Daily Planet (great detail in the set up) right beside Henry Cavill’s suit from Man of Steel with various capes above. We also get to see a glimpse into his fortress of solitude as well as a secure display of the Kryptonite spear you may have remembered seeing in Batman V. Superman.


Shazam display at wb studios hollywood

If you read my review for Shazam then you probably know how I feel but if not, Shazam is my fav DC character and this movie is one of my favourite comic book movies of all time (there may be a few biases as to why). But nonetheless, I am excited for the sequel and absolutely loved seeing Zachary Levi‘s suit but also the details they had from the movie such as Freddy’s journal and his collectible batarang (he would freak if he saw the final part of the DC Comics exhibit in this tour).


Aquaman exhibit at the WB Studio Tour Hollywood

I also love seeing Jason Mamoa’s take on Aquaman which is why I appreciated the Aquaman exhibit because yes the suit looks amazing but the whole under water submarine aesthetic is really fun to walk through especially when you see the giant trident and the machine you would have noticed when they were in the Kingdom of Deserters scene.


Christian Bale’s Batman costume at WB Studios Hollywood

Now the best (and biggest) for last which is Batman and it did feature different adaptations but mainly the loved Dark Knight Trilogy. As you can see above, Christian Bale’s Batman costume from the Dark Knight trilogy is displayed amazingly and similar to how it was seen in the movies.

Inside the Batcave at WB Studio Tours Hollywood

There are some other cool things you get to see in the Batcave, such as the computer screens with overwhelming data only Bruce Wayne would love to analyze. You also get to see a look into the other toys he has in the cave and the accessories to his suit before he fights crime. Fans might also notice the vandalized Robin suit from Batman V Superman also on display.

Top: Batwing from Batman V Superman, Bottom Left: Batmobile from Batman & Batman Returns Bottom Right: Batpod from The Dark Knight

Speaking of Batman V. Superman, the massive Batwing is on display and it looks incredible. I was geeking out a bit more over the Batmobile from the classic Batman & Batman returns films as well as the intriguing Batpod from The Dark Knight. It was great to see this on display because you get to see 3 very different Batman vehicles used by 3 very different Batman (Keaton, Bale, and Affleck) in really 3 different generations (1989, 2008, 2016).


After you are done viewing all of this, you get to go and see the rest of the WB studio tour before going to the gift shop. I didn’t take any photos or videos there because nothing really caught my eye but frankly if anything, there were some things that were a bit interesting in terms of merchandise from the television series such as The Flash and Arrow (that’s also why the costume is displayed there as well). Also, make sure to check out before the exiting the special photo op and video where you can post and recreate scenes from The Dark Knight.

Nonetheless, with respect to my thoughts of the DC comics exhibit at Warner Bros Studio Tours Hollywood, I loved it and would highly recommend it for any fans of DC Comics or anyone interested, especially if you are already there for the tour. It was really cool to see the different exhibits and display with the amount of details as well as actual costumers and props from these movies I enjoyed. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or on social media by commenting on the related posts on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook ! Make sure to give a follow as well, because I will be posting more WB Studio Tour and DC comics content soon!


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