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As you may know by now the content in this blog post is from my initial trip to LA in 2021, during the start of the holiday season. Regardless, this is such a cool experience that consists of different elements people (especially Potterheads) can enjoy when they go to this studio tour! The studio tour I’m referring to is inside the Warner Bros. Studios. I’ve already done the Friends component but will doing a full review of the studio tour in the near future and you can be informed by following the blog on social media on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook! But for now, read below for everything Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts you can expect at the WB Tour! See below for a preview and use it as a reference for some of the sections below!

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Location and Tickets

As mentioned in the prior blog post, this is part of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, specifically in Burbank, California (not to be confused with the ones in Tokyo or London). But the London one was specific to Harry Potter, so definitely check that out if you haven’t! You can get tickets to the tour via online for $69 USD per person and $39 USD per person for the photo bundle. I do recommend getting the photo bundle because there are photo ops you can do where you are on the broom (like the one in Watford) during a quidditch match. In terms of parking, they have a garage and it’s a flat flee of $15 for the day I believe. The tour hours is from 8:30 to 3:30 and this section is the kind of the 3rd part as you take the cart from the Friends stop to this section that features Wizarding World and DC Comics (stay tuned for that).


Top Left to Bottom Right: Wizarding World logo display with blueprint background, original books, The Flying Ford Anglia, and Marauder’s Map

You can’t miss the entrance to explore the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, as you will see the logo beautifully displayed against a wall featuring blueprints/designs of notable structures in this magical universe. You will also notice some books on display that highlight and discuss JK Rowling’s process of creating these books that created this magical world. As you enter you get to see some other cool and known props from the movies such as the flying ford anglia and the Marauder’s Map!

Fantastic Beasts

From Top Left to Bottom Right: Newt’s Shed Blueprint designs, Newt’s Shed Display, Newt’s Book: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and Newt’s Magical Briefcase

Soon after, you will get to indulge in the prequel series, Fantastic Beasts! You will first see the blueprint wall but this time that shares the designs to Newt Scamander’s shed and then an actual display of his shed that you can take pictures in front and observe. They also have his infamous book that you can interact with and finally take a picture as you pretend to be one of the magical creatures coming out of his briefcase.

Potions Class

Various things you can expect at Potions Class

Although you won’t see Professor Severus Snape, you can walk into Potions Class and start to use your creativity to produce a concoction of various ingredients (well pretend to make one). You can see the stirring pot and various ingredients that are commonly used.

Wand Choreography

Wand Choreography set up

Right next to it, what might look like Ollivander’s is actually the spot where you can follow along with an instructor, Paul Harris, to master how to use your wand properly. It was fun to follow along and in the upcoming TikTok/Instagram reels video you get to see more of it.



Herbology is an important part of the Harry Potter world and although it is not live plants, it is a calming environment you can just relax in.

Privet Drive and Hogwarts Sorting Hat

One of my favourite pictures taken, Hogwarts Acceptance letters

Right next to this you will get to see this stunning display of the Hogwarts acceptable letter which recreates that awesome moment from the first film. You will also see Harry’s old residence where you can pose (might upload my pic on my personal Instagram). After that there is a person standing in front of this print background of the great hall that will put the sorting hat on you that announces which house you belong to. This will also be seen in the video. TIP: just mention which house you want to be sorted into because the girl selected Ravenclaw for me since I was wearing blue but realized I was disappointed with my body language since I am a Gryffindor (although I wanted to be a Hufflepuff).

Things To Do Before You Exit The Tour

Although I didn’t take pictures of this, you can see it in the TikTok video of other things you can do before exiting the tour. This includes doing Automated dialogue replacement (ADR) for a Harry Potter scene, doing a motion sensor activity with Dobby, and of course doing special photos of you during various seasons playing quidditch. I haven’t included my pics because frankly I don’t think I like good in it but you might so might as well go for it while you are there!

Gift Shop

From Top Left to Bottom Right: Official Quidditch costumes, Tri Wizard Cup, Gryffindor merchandise, and Deathly Hallows merchandise

Once you’re done the overall tour you will get to explore the Warner bros gift shop that features various items of various movies and shows such as Ellen, Riverdale, etc. but of course, they have some exclusive Harry Potter merch! There were way too many items to take pictures and note of but there was definitely something for everyone. I saw a few I liked but at this point I already spent too much money so I had to leave some behind but it was really cool to see and some I haven’t seen anywhere else. Also the costumes and the Tri Wizard cup are seen on the outside of the shop when you exit (I believe the corporate office is here as well). The cup is massive and nice to take pics with.


All in all, like the Friends component, the Harry Potter/Wizarding World is definitely a lot of fun and is such a big reason why I highly recommend the Warner Bros studio tour for anyone to enjoy! If you have been been here before, let me know your thoughts via the blog comments or by commenting on the related posts on social media so feel free to follow on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook because I will be posting more about the tour and more Harry Potter related content!

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