REVIEW: Mamma’s Pizza Plant Based & Vegetarian Options

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Hey Everyone, I know recently I reviewed a Pizza franchise’s new plant based chicken sandwich but I think it was time for me to write a review on a spot that I go to when I can because they have something you don’t see often plus they have a fairly new plant based pizza option! This place is Mamma’s Pizza, some may heard of it and some may not. My earliest memories of this pizza franchise was when my dad used to bring leftover slices from work. There was a distinct feel and taste to the slices and as I got older I saw a few locations near my University and workplace. Nonetheless, even though it is a bit of a drive to the nearest location I did want to try this new Plant Based pizza and also review my go to favourites from Mamma’s Pizza. This review is a bit different as I will go item by item, starting first with the plant based option, then with something you don’t see often which I love getting, and finally a classic go to. Stay tuned to the blog and on social media for more!


Mamma’s Pizza was founded by by Lidia Danesi in 1957. She was born in the Tuscany region of Italy and immigrated to Canada taking her recipes and eventually setting up shop here in Toronto (learn more on their site). What I like about Mamma’s pizza is that there are so many different vegetables and Italian dishes offered here that differentiates itself from other pizza places. There are several locations still open but the ones I go to is 405 Richmond St (Downtown Toronto) and 808 York Mills Rd (North York).

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Mamma’s Meatless Meat Amore

This pizza starts with the classic foundation of tomato sauce and cheese but it is loaded with Plant Based Pepperoni, Plant Based Italian Sausage Crumble, and Plant Based Chipotle Sausage Crumble. That chipotle sausage crumble gives a very small hint of spice, which is not bad because once again, it is a very small amount of spice. I enjoy the texture of the plant based meat, it’s a little chewy but not too much and easy to digest. I think all the toppings work well with each other but it definitely looked like this pizza was in the oven for a few minutes too long. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed it and the pizza pictured here is a medium size and costs $18.75. I am curious to know if the cheese is vegan.

Vegetarian Lasagna

As you may know from a prior post and video, I love vegetarian lasagna but it so hard to find and making it is not always the easiest! Therefore, I am really happy that one place who has continued to offer vegetarian lasagna after all these years is Mamma’s Pizza and thankfully, it actually taste good! As you can see by the two pictures above there is a favourable amount of sauce and cheese (that melted cheese on top is always a great touch) plus it comes with two slices of garlic bread and parmesan cheese which comes in handy with that excess sauce. Nevertheless, what’s more important is the actual lasagna. The lasagna as you can see has several layers and filled with some tasty ingredients that includes spinach, mushrooms, and zucchini while also being stuffed with parmesan and romano cheese! The lasagna is always cooked to the right amount and I appreciate it when it is not just simply cheese so the zucchini, spinach, and mushrooms give a good amount of taste and substance especially when you pair with the sauce and cheese! The price is pretty reasonable as well at $11.95!

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Mamma’s Vegetarian Pizza

This is a classic pizza consisting of tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms, diced green peppers & sliced tomatoes. This is what I associate my earliest memories of Mamma’s pizza with. I love the toppings but what works well is that Mamma’s pizza crust is really thin, to the point where you don’t really need dipping sauce. It is pretty easy to devour as the toppings are well cut and placed on top of the well cooked thin crust. The toppings might seem basic but far from bland and just simply offers a good taste in your mouth. This was also a medium size and costs $15.95.

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All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my Mamma’s pizza order and do recommend it especially the vegetarian lasagna! I can definitely see myself ordering these items again but I would say the only negative is that the price is much more higher than other pizza places. I would say the taste definitely can justify that but wouldn’t make me come often so definitely keep that into consideration. I am curious to know if you have tried any of the above, so please let me know your thoughts if you had it in the comments below or on Instagram as well as Facebook! Follow for more!

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