So I just wanted to say this video was filmed before I found out about the news regarding the closure of the bakery, but I still wanted to do this review and video for you all in the chance that they find a new home or if you can at least try their food before it is too late. Watch the video above, and read below for the review which includes reviews of items that were not seen in the video (I went again after the filming of this video).


This family owned bakery has been operating for 35 years and I believe they have been at this specific location (pharmacy and finch) for 30 years. I first heard of them around 7 years ago when my sister’s colleague mentioned it and we have been going to them ever since whenever we can. For sure there’s a lot of people that go for the meat options and cakes, but they have a lot of veggie options that keeps me coming back! It’s awesome to see the growth of the bakery over the years, even with their website.


As of right now, the bakery is located to where most people can expect it. 3059 Pharmacy Ave, Scarborough/Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is uncertain if they will be relocating after the summer due to the demolition of the plaza, but definitely stay tuned for updates and hopeful relocation! It’s inside the plaza so there is usually a good amount of parking available. Another thing to take note is that they have a lot of different items available besides hot meals and desserts, they also have grocery items such as pasta and soft drinks.

Pictured above is what you can expect when waiting in line, the grocery items, and then when you are reach to checkout you will walk by all the desserts (right).



Eggplant Lasagna

The main dishes and items I get are seen right above and below, the eggplant lasagna and the eggplant parmigiana. The eggplant lasagna is my favourite meal from the bakery but it is often sold out when I get there. It is so good because there is a lot of hearty layers with the perfect amount of sauce and cheese. Nothing overwhelming and you can just keep eating, especially because as you eat you will enjoy the different layers but it also almost melts in your mouth. IMPORTANT: You need to make sure and ask them for the veggie sauce.

Eggplant Parmigiana

When it comes to the eggplant parm, it’s a favourite at my house and you can’t go wrong with it. It fills you up and once again it is a perfect balance. However, I never get it on its own I always add provolone and mushrooms, but after that day when the video was filmed, the sautéed onions is a must going forward. Also, 2 weeks after I shot this video I went back and tried their cannelloni (scroll down) and it was decent, a little watery but still not enjoyable.


Left: Veggie Pizza (Sicilian Style) and Roasted Potatoes

These two items I consider sides because it is something that won’t fill you all the way up but will definitely complement your meal. The roasted potatoes won’t disappoint you, but I think would taste better with some sauce. I wasn’t a big fan of the vegetarian pizza, it has a lot of different things going for it and I just think it was the veggies used in it which gave it that taste.


Lemon Square

From the bakery side, I did have the delicious lemon square in the video and then when I went back recently I had this beautiful truffle dessert (I felt guilty eating it because of how pretty it looked). I loved the lemon square because as soon as you eat it, there is a huge burst of lemon flavour, while the base of the dessert just crumbles. The truffle (scroll down) also tasted great, and it was more of a brownie. Both tasted great, but if I had to pick I personally would go for the lemon square.


Left: Blood Orange Brio, Right: Peach Ice Tea

Although the drinks are not made by Agincourt Bakery, these are not usually seen at other restaurants or stores which is why I wanted to include them. The Brio was a little strong (less than usual) and had a great citrus flavour, which is why I got it again. The peach drink was also nice, and reminded me of the peace soda at Tim Horton’s but not carbonated, and with a lesser sweet taste to make this one a bit better.



In terms of pricing, the bakery ranges from affordable to fair. For instance, the eggplant parmigiana is $7, but its $1.25 each for the sautéed onions and mushrooms, and $1.50 for the provolone. Sure it adds up, but it is without a doubt worth it. The lasagna is $7.50 per serving, and for the cannelloni, you get 2 for $7, which is a steal in my opinion! I unfortunately, don’t remember the pricing for the potatoes and pizza slice, but I believe it was around $4-5, which is also decent.

The prices for desserts and cakes do vary, but if I recall the lemon square was priced under $4, and the truffle dessert was around $4.50. In terms of the drinks I got, they usually vary from $2 to $3.


Truffle Dessert

All in all, I really do enjoy the food from Agincourt Bakery and I hope they are able to stay in Scarborough forever. The food is great and even though it’s almost always busy, the staff are nice and friendly. I still have more items to try such as the cake, but there area always going to be items I will go back for eg. the eggplant lasagna and eggplant parmigiana.

Let me know what you think about the bakery and your experiences, vegetarian options or not. Leave a comment below and don’t forget to follow the blog via email or on Instagram and Facebook for more content and food reviews!

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