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This past weekend, I was curious to find out that Pizza Pizza now has a new plant based chicken sandwich and nuggets! Anytime there are new vegetarian and plant based options near me I get excited and eager to try it for myself to see if a) I would actually enjoy it and b) what I feel others should know about it. Therefore, I wanted to share my honest review of these items below and stay tuned for more food reviews!

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This new burger is from a plant-based brand who’s foods I actually enjoy cooking and eating, Lightlife. Their burgers can be found at different places such as Harvey’s and even the new KFC plant based burger is from Lightlife! Therefore, I did have some expectations to enjoy this burger but was curious to know how these would taste with the sauces, bun, and breading especially when looking at the advertisements.

Taste and Presentation

I know that you can’t fully expect what you see in the promotional pictures but this is not what I expected…

This is the spicy version

Even after the edits and trying to take some pics it is clearly disappointing. The main reason why is because for the price of $7.99 CAD you would expect the burgers to have more than one pickle and at least a bit more sauce. Thankfully the bun and size of the burger was decent but without the sauce or pickles it definitely made the burger lack flavour and distinction.

Inside the nuggets (chick’n bites) and sandwich

Similar to the KFC burger, the burger had a lot of breading but I would say this burger had more that gave it more of a crunch. However, what I felt about this burger in comparison to that it is a bit chewy and takes time to fully digest. That is the same for the nuggets. A lot of substance and texture, but it is a bit overwhelming. I’d stick to one sandwich and keep the nuggets at a minimum. That being said, it’s still not all that bad.


Plant-Based Combo Box

In terms of pricing it is $7.99 CAD for both the classic and spicy versions but it’s a $1 extra per additional topping. The addition toppings are hot peppers, jalapeƱo peppers, dairy free & mozza cheese. Frankly, I don’t think a dollar extra is a reasonable price for those toppings but I didn’t find the need to try it either. I was curious to try this plant-based combo box because it was nice to see one of these special boxes finally available for vegetarians. You can customize the sauces and the sides so I decided to select sweet potato fries and onion rings as well as BBQ & Sweet Chilli for the sauces to dip the nuggets/chick’n bites in. The sauces did help in my opinion because the bites definitely required more than just a few bites.

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This is the classic version

In conclusion, this burger is not all that bad and I may try it again but it is highly unlikely. The texture and breading was a bit too overwhelming especially with the lack of flavour. Therefore, I do recommend you keeping that into consideration. However, if they actually add more sauce and pickles or some kind of seasoning it would definitely help. Out of all the Lightlife burgers, I would say Harvey is the most enjoyable probably because the texture is not as overpowering so you definitely get to enjoy the overall taste a bit more. Regardless, this is just my opinion and at the end of the day I really do appreciate Pizza Pizza doing this because having more plant based and vegetarian fast food options definitely helps and I certainly enjoy it! Let me know your thoughts if you had it and follow the blog and on Instagram as well as Facebook for more vegetarian food reviews!


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