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Hey everyone! I’m back with another sneaker unboxing but I finally had the time to really test these sneakers out for lifestyle purposes and for the intended use, the basketball court (FYI I am not a hooper by any means but I do enjoy playing). I hope you enjoy the video above to especially to see the unboxing and on feet look, plus more but read below for a detailed review, more on the concept, and how to get the latest Kyries! Don’t forget to watch, like, share, and subscribe! Note: this blog post features affiliate banners and links.


The Kyrie 6 is the 6th signature sneaker from NBA Superstar & Activist Kyrie Irving. It is a follow up to the successful Kyrie 5, but looks very different as you can probably compare. We’ll get into the specs and details in the new few sections but sneakerheads could not help but compare the sneaker did have a strong resemblance to the Nike Air Yeezy 2. Mainly due to the strap but there are key branded details that do tie more to Kyrie’s beliefs and interests which makes it his own plus the cut is different as well. However, this did not stop sneakerheads from using the Nike By You (previously known as Nike ID) to recreate this sought out sneakers (see below). However, I wanted to go with a different approach and design something that was more unique, appealing to me, and explored my creativity along with my interests..

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Photo source: Left- Sean Go, Right-Complex

Creative Concept

I talked about this in my video as well but last summer I was inspired to work on my photoshop skills and explore my creativity. I decided to mock up and conceptualize a collaboration between Nike and the DC Comics live series show, Titans. Since Marvel & Adidas already have a strong partnership, it made sense to me that Nike should do a collaboration with DC but I thought it would be interesting to not to do the main characters but the characters from Titans and incorporate different Nike basketball silhouettes, new and classics. When I saw the Kyrie 6, I knew I wanted a pair but when working on this idea it made so much sense that Hawk would be the perfect character for this silhouette. I got into more detail in the video above, but to learn more about my thought process for this sneaker and the other ones, visit this blog post here.

Aesthetics, Technology, and Design

As you can tell from watching the video, there is a lot going on in this sneaker. In terms of tech and comfort, you can expect a Zoom Air Turbo unit and a lot of foam. This definitely comes in clutch on the basketball court, and even though I consider myself far from good on the court it is definitely one of my favourite sneakers I enjoyed playing in. The fact that there is a good amount of padding and support in the heel area works well with the slightly adjustable strap. The upper features a nice mesh forefoot and that beautiful iridescent heel piece is to help from slipping. Not sure exactly how that works but it definitely looks good. Plus, the traction on the outsole is amazing but I don’t recommend it for outdoor courts because you’re definitely going to see rocks get stuck inside the pattern.

Speaking of looking good, I took heavy inspirations from Hawk’s suit. The upper features a silver/grey mesh upper (armour/suit) while the later upper, strap, midsole, outsole, and laces are red (cape, mask, boots, and gloves). The lining inside is in burgundy with black accents found on the Kyrie Logo and swoosh (eyes). Of course with Nike By You, there is an option to add text and even numbers sometimes. For this sneaker I decided to just go with the text and went with one sneaker saying “hawk” and the other “titans”.

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Size and Fit

In terms of sizing and fit, I always go at least .5 up when it comes to Kyrie sneakers. I find it gives me the perfect fit, not snug but not roomy either. I feel that if I did go with a true to size on this then the sneaker would be a little too snug. I know I do have more of a wide foot so please keep that into consideration but from talking to other sneaker collectors, they have also gone .5 up.

Place of Purchase and Price

In order to do a Nike By You, you can only get it from Nike. Fortunately, the process is pretty simple and there’s a lot of different options. You can explore the different options, for men, women, and children by clicking here. The price for these sneakers to be produced was only $180 CAD which is pretty good since it is a custom, made just for you, and takes about 5-6 weeks to be sent to your door. I did mention in the video the student discount works, but after reviewing my receipt I noticed that it was the other item I ordered, the Adapt Air Mag, that I was able to save on. However, I have gotten other Nike By You products since this one and the student discount does work.


Cop or drop? Cop. I know it’s going to be hard to get a pair of Kyrie 6’s now at a retail store and it’s not possible to do a Nike by You on these but I do recommend if you do see any Kyrie 6’s available in store or on the secondary market to go for it. Also, I do recommend you explore your own creativity with the Nike By You program on the Kyrie 7’s! (Review and unboxing coming soon!)

Comfort? It’s pretty comfortable. I can wear this for several hours, I have no urgency to take them off and especially for basketball these are comfortable and do their job! Once again, I do recommend going .5 up, especially if you have somewhat wide foot.

Aesthetic? Of course, as the person who designed it I will be biased but overall I am really happy with the way it turned out. The silver/grey colour-blocking with the red is always a good look and with the different materials used on this sneaker and the overall quality it definitely looks great. Plus, that little personalized element on the back of the tongue makes it seem more legit and cool.

Packaging? This is what you can expect from the Nike By You program, and it’s honestly not bad. It’s a serious upgrade from the original Nike ID box with the box quality, personalized name tag, and even the packaging paper.

Price? For $180 CAD, to customize your own sneaker and get it personalized, in my opinion that’s a steal! I know usually for Nike By You products the student discount (10% off) usually works so if you can get it and apply it, I would recommend you use it!

In conclusion, these are definitely my favourite “customized” sneakers I currently own and definitely one of my favourite sneakers to play basketball in. Let me know your thoughts below about this sneaker, the concept collaboration, and if you’ve ever done a Nike By You or Nike ID! Let me know if you’ve ever had to feel regret towards a sneaker purchase because of duties and tax in the comments below or on Instagram and Facebook (Give a follow)! Don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel and stay tuned for exclusive offers, deals, and content!


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