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So this was a sneaker I have been meaning to post a review for some time. I actually had the unboxing saved in my drafts, but since my recent visit to the ROM’s new exhibit about Egyptian Mummies, it was the perfect time to wear these kicks but also discuss this incredible collaboration. You can see the video above about the exhibit above, but read below for more details about the sneaker.

Background, Concept, Story

Like I mentioned this is a sneaker that I have had in my collection for some time (and wore shortly after purchasing) and I actually do have a few Kyrie’s in my collection because I love the design and colourways. This is no exception and might be one of the best collaboration sneakers I have.

From 2017-2019 (2 seasons) NBA Superstar and future Hall of Famer Kyrie Irving played for the Boston Celtics. During that time he formed a good relationship with the popular Boston boutique and brand, Concepts. Concepts also has a New York location but they are Boston based and have earned a reputation to release incredible collaborative products as they distinguish themselves with their creativity (heck look at the way they set up their store), especially their Nike SB “Lobster” dunks which Kyrie is definitely a fan of. One of the main reasons why these collaborations do well is because of the great story telling and incorporation of small details that tells a great story, which is led by the creative director, Deon Point.

For this specific collaboration, Deon Point was intrigued by the all seeing eye that’s found in Kyrie’s Hamsa tattoo which led to the Eye of Ra and Ancient Egypt (which Kyrie is also very interested in). The great pyramid was even called Ikhet by ancient Egyptians as Ikhet translates to “glorious light”. From there he went on to focus on the Ancient Pyramids, how strong they were and interesting facts that are displayed in the final design of the shoe, which you will read below but if you wanted to read more about the release and see Kyrie’s Sneaker Shopping episode at Complex you can see it here.

Aesthetic and Design

Saying this sneaker is beautiful in an understatement. There are so many details and components to the sneaker that really demonstrate the impressive storytelling Concepts are known for, along with how creative this brand really is. If you look at the sneaker you would see it is in this predominately sand colour way, but with different textures and shades (eg the strap). However, if you look at the swoosh, more specifically the outer swoosh you would notice that it is chiseled just like how pyramids are chiseled in. You would also see the Egyptian hieroglyphics in the gold accents. If you were curious about why the tongue is red that’s because it was believed that the Sphinx before it decayed, had a red nose and the purple represents the colour that is seen when the sun reflects against the pyramids. The branding on the strap is in a diamond/crystal branding while the outsole is in a celestial purple. If you wanted to read the press release from Nike you can read it here.

Size and Comfort

I can’t stress it enough, for some reason for Kyries, you should be going up .5 up from your regular true to size. Once you do go .5 up, you will get a nice fit that’s not too snug or stiff which is perfect for casual wear or on the court. I wouldn’t recommend wearing these for a long period of time because like I said it’s not too snug or stiff but it does have a good enough fit on your feet. I have hooped in these (indoor) different times and although I am not frequently hooping I did like how they performed.

Price and Place of Purchase

So the way that this release went down was interesting because it was going to be exclusive to Concepts, and select retailers but I only recall being released via Footlocker’s House of Hoops. This sneaker was a Christmas/Holiday release as they released it at the TD Garden (Boston Celtics arena) before tip off of the team’s Christmas Game with the exclusive packaging. The sneaker with the regular Kyrie 5 packaging was supposed to release on the 26th, but on Footlocker stated the 28th. Footlocker Canada who initially said it will be on the 28th, ended up just selling it on Boxing Day in store… which is not surprising, as Footlocker Canada tends to have a lot of miscommunication and lack of updates when it comes to hyped releases.

Thankfully, Footlocker US actually did drop the sneakers as schedules online and fortunately during that time they were able to ship to me and I didn’t need to pay any duties at the door so it came to around $200 USD which was definitely worth it. The prices on the secondary market to vary and if you wanted the special packaging its a little bit more depending on the size. You can check it out here.


Cop or drop? Cop

Comfort? All my Kyrie’s I go .5 size up and I do recommend that to get the best fit for wide footers as it is not too stiff or snug.

Aesthetic? I absolutely love it. Earth tones can be boring, but nothing Concepts does is boring and Kyrie’s primary signature shoes stray away from any dull appearance. This sneaker has so many distinguishable details that portrays a great reference to IKHET. Easily one of the most aesthetically appeasing sneakers in my collection.

Price? Retail: Affordable, just like any other Kyrie’s (which is what Kyrie wants). Resale does vary, but based on majority of the sites and sizes listed it’s really not that bad.

Packaging?Great. Although my sneaker was the general Kyrie 5 sneaker box, it is still a nice packaging. The pairs that were sold exclusively though Concepts are marvellous.

What do you think about these sneakers? Did you know about Ikhet? Did you know of this sneaker and collaboration existing? Let me know in the comments below and make sure you follow the blog to be notified about new content!


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