10 Great Etsy Items to Perfect Your Halloween

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Hey Everyone, I hope you are all staying safe and positive. Of course this year Halloween just won’t be the same for obvious reasons, but you are probably going to miss the haunted houses and trick or treating. That shouldn’t stop you from still enjoying your Halloween celebrations, and here are 10 things you can get from Etsy that would definitely help, and easy to purchase!

1. Paper Bats

Halloween Paper Bats for Halloween Decorations image 0
Image Source: Etsy

This might sound weird but the reason why these are a great item to have in your house is because a) it’s a great decoration for halloween b) it’s a fun decoration to have if you are in Zoom or any other video conference meeting! It’s also pretty affordable and definitely something you can use for years to come! To purchase click here.

2. Needle Felted Pumpkins

Needle Felted Pumpkins Pack image 3
Image Source: Etsy Canada

If maybe bats are too creepy for you, and you rather just for something more festive but still suitable for Halloween then these needle felted pumpkins would be the perfect decoration for Halloween and maybe even Fall itself. Check this awesome pack of pumpkins here.

3. Halloween Memory Game

Halloween wooden memory game/ Homeschool Preschooler image 0
Image Source: Etsy

This one is ideal for kindergarten teachers or those with little ones at home. This is a really cool memory game with wooden cards. Especially if you are stuck at home, and want to keep them entertained this is a great way to have fun while learning! This item is ready to ship and available here.

4. Halloween Pop Up Cards

Halloween Ghost Card  Pop Up  3D  Pumpkins  Kids  Family image 0
image source: Etsy

Speaking of fun, this is a fun way to celebrate Halloween on a budget while keeping it slightly lowkey. This pop up Ghost card would be a fun thing to send to your friends and family to keep their Halloween excitement in check! Find out more information here.

5. Halloween Art Prints

Witch's Essentials Art Print  Halloween Art Print Witch image 4
image source: Etsy

On the topic of lowkey, buying art print might not be as common as it should but provides a nice and unique aesthetic when it comes to halloween decorations. I also think this is a nice add on gift to someone else born around halloween. If you wanted to try this new (and affordable) decoration visit here.

6. Temporary Face Tattoo

Sugar Skull Temporary Face Tattoo  Hearts & Flowers  Day of image 0
Image source: Etsy

Yup, you read that right. A temporary face tattoo is perfect for Halloween and probably the only day in the year you would be stared at for a face tattoo in admiration rather than misconception. Nonetheless, this is a really cool face tattoo and I definitely recommend this for anyone who wants to take an epic Halloween selfie. Get yours here.

7. Makeup Mask

Makeup Halloween Face Mask Funny Mask Face Cover Washable Face image 0
Image source: Etsy

If you don’t want to commit to even a face tattoo, no worries this would be perfect for you. This make up mask makes it looks so realistic it is equally creepy and cool. Grab a mask before it sells out here.

8. Cool Printed Face Masks

Halloween Face Mask Washable Face Mask Halloween Print Trick image 0

Speaking of face masks, these are essential and required in a lot of places so might as well get the most out of it while celebrating the Halloween festivities with this awesome pack of face masks, browse through the options here.

9. Vintage Sweatshirt

Halloqueen Pumpkin October Vintage Halloween Sweatshirt image 0
image source: Etsy

Vintage tees and sweatshirt is what’s trending now, and it doesn’t always have to be vintage… it can just have that nice, vintage feel and look to it. That’s why as the weather gets a bit chilly, this is a great sweatshirt to wear on Halloween or even in the month of October for that matter. Grab your size here.

10. Halloween Socks

Halloween Socks Four Pack
Image Source: Etsy

If you’ve been following my personal Instagram, you would know I am a huge socks person so it is only right I wrap up this list with some festive socks! This Etsy seller has several different options to choose from, which are perfect to show off in the office, at home, or by taking a snap (like I usually do) online! Check out the details here.

Even though that’s my favourite 10 items I feel that would make your Halloween decorations spooktacular, make sure you also check out the editor’s choice for some great recommendations as well.

Let me know what you think and if you do buy one or more of these items above! Are you excited for Halloween this year? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to follow the blog so you don’t miss out on other great content!

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