INSIDE: Egyptian Mummies: “Ancient Lives. New Discoveries.”

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I found myself downtown Toronto this past Saturday as I went down to check out a brand new exhibit at the ROM. Check out the video below for a nice walk through of what to expect but continue to read below for more information and what I thought out of it. For the fit break down or the sneaker review related to this day please visit here and here.


This exhibit is inside the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) which is located at 100 Queens Park, Toronto, ON M5S 2C6

Tickets and Availability

This exhibit will only be available from September 19, 2020 to March 21, 2021 and you can grab tickets (make sure you read the safety measures first) from their website as price ranges from $21 to $35.

Duration and Experience

Egyptian Mummies: Ancient Lives. New Discoveries. presents unique insights into six mummies spanning 900 BCE to CE 180 including a priest’s daughter, a temple singer and a young child. Combining CT scans, digital visualizations and the latest research, this exhibition offers a fascinating glimpse into these ancient lives. Each mummy has a story to tell.”

– From the ROM’s website

It was interesting how they separated the 6 different mummies while using new tech and methods to educate about the history and culture of ancient Egyptians from the funeral ceremony to the brewery, there were a lot of neat items (some I believe were 3D printed). Like any exhibit with the historical pieces on display there were a lot of notes to be read so you can easily learn. There was definitely quite a few things I learned for the first time during this exhibit.

Nonetheless, I did expect a bit more and I finished with the exhibit within 35-45 minutes. Something to take note of was that there is a line up to enter the Museum and the exhibit, and it felt like 20 minutes.

Overall and Recommendations

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One thing I do wish to recommend is more staff to help with social distancing as some people weren’t following and it was a bit hard to follow on your own.

All in all, this exhibit was okay and even though I went on the first day I am curious about how packed this will be in the next few months. I don’t see myself going again, but it is interesting for those really interested in Ancient Egypt history and mummies.

Let me know what you think when viewing the video and pictures above, and what you thought of this exhibit if you went.

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