Nike Kobe Ad “The 81 Points” – Review, Unboxing & Concept!

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Hello all, it’s been a minute since I did a review or individual post other than the podcast. Therefore, it is with great pleasure I proudly bring to you my first sneaker unboxing on YouTube for a design I had for a couple of years now. Check out the video below and please subscribe to the channel and the blog for more!

The Story

As some of you may know if you love NBA the record for most points in game is 100 by Wilt Chamberlain. Coming close to that was absurd but there was one individual who earned the 2nd in most scoring in a single game, and that was none other than the “Black Mamba”, Kobe Bryant.

Kobe dropped 81 Points on my beloved Toronto Raptors on January 22, 2006. I remember staying up late as a kid and watching this game. On one end it was hard to watch but on the other side it was awesome to see the Mamba Mentality come to life.

It was a historic moment for Kobe Bryant, The NBA and even the Raptors. Ever since that season the Raptors truly rebuilt there team and we started to win more games and enter the playoffs more frequently (the following season we earned our first division championships).

The 81 Points was also symbolic because it not only forced the Raps to change for the better but they also transitioned to stepping away from the purple and red colour scheme in their jerseys.

All in all, Kobe is a legend and although the 81 Points was painful, it was necessary for the Raptors to grow and find success.

The Design Concept

I mentioned earlier that I had this concept for some time; the concept to tell the story of the 81 points through a Nike Kobe sneaker. I wasn’t kidding.

The following is my original design that I planned on creating back on the Kobe 9, it just never happened.

My original concept

The detailing on this was that the graphic that they had for this silhouette was called “ascension” which means rising to a higher level which Kobe did with scoring 81 points and the Raptors did with the rebuild.

The Final Product

I genuinely like the finish product so here’s a couple of pics and details about the pair.

Place of Purchase through Nike ID.

*this silhouette was not available on Nike ID for some time*

It was $245 CAD but I had a 20% coupon and applied it to this.

Sizing & Comfort

It does run true to size, however one shoe definitely fits better than the other. Specifically the right shoe. Also, the comfort level is very poor.

Aesthetic & Technology

My favourite detailing of the Kobe AD in general

In terms of aesthetic I don’t mind it. The upper is a felt like material and since I won’t be playing ball in these and just use it casually it’s not a bad option.

I also like the colour options because I think it pops and compliments the other colours.

I’m not sure about the technology in here to be completely honest because it’s more of a lifestyle shoe than an actual basketball shoe in my opinion.


Overall I do like the sneaker but I do suggest waiting waiting for the sneaker of your choice to go on sale. However, if you do want a pair of Kobe customs the new Kobe AD might be coming to Nike ID soon (hopefully).

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