I couldn’t let this year finish without doing this list and video. Trust me, I was taken back on how many sneakers I copped even the ones I skipped on or took an L on. Nonetheless, I had to narrow it down to a top 10 which you will see in the video and below. If you’re a returning reader you know the drill if not, check out the video above (like, share, & subscribe if you haven’t), and then proceed to read below for more info about each sneaker that is on this list! In each section there will be details that will include links to the detailed post about the sneaker (if applicable) along with the video.

10. New Balance x Jolly Rancher x Kawhi “Multi”

No tricks, just treats when it comes to starting off this list. This is a pretty recent pick up (Halloween) and I definitely enjoyed it. I am really excited to try these on court due to the innovative design and kinetic stitch, but I do enjoy these as a casual lifestyle sneaker. The different colours with the fun Jolly Rancher branding makes it an eye catching but versatile sneaker. For more detailed review please visit here. This is actually still available to purchase via here.

9. Versace Chain Reaction “All Black Everything”

This is one of the sneakers I grabbed during Black Friday/Cyber Monday from SSENSE. It was something I was debating on, but I had my eye on these for a while since I loved the way this was executed and how true it is to the brand while still being so unique. Although this is the most I have ever spent on a pair of sneakers, I knew I was never going to get it at such a a great price. Literally on the resale, Versace site, or any other site this price couldn’t be beat. Stay tuned for a more detailed review in the future that will include more details but for now, browse other Chain Reactions available at a marked down price here.

8. Reebok Question Mid “Boktober – Ankle Reaper”

This was another Halloween sneaker but in my opinion, the best sneaker for Halloween. Reebok definitely killed it with this Boktober pack and other themed & collaborative sneakers this year (still regret not getting the Wonder Woman strength sneakers). This clean sneaker has a hidden layer underneath the tearaway upper. Once again please be cautious, as I did cut myself but trust me this was a great sneaker that represents Allen Iverson with his multiple layers & killer crossovers, but also serves as a great halloween sneaker with the crafty and spooky elements. Check out the detailed review here and you can grab yourself a pair here.

7. Saucony x Lapstone & Hammer “Two Rivers – Black Sand”

I remember when grabbing this I was debating because even though I only grabbed one pair of sneakers prior to this I was hesitant to buy since I was really trying to restrict myself. Nonetheless, it was a great year for sneakers and unfortunately for my wallet I lost control afterwards. Fortunately, this was an incredibly designed sneaker that incorporates different materials and contrasting. It is a tough sneaker to get into but definitely durable. To learn more about this sneaker check out the detailed review here.

6. Nike Adapt BB 2.0 “Air Mag”

Don’t need to go back to the future, when the future is here! This is a sneaker that I have been meaning to do a video for especially since I got these much earlier than when other retailers released them and saved 20% off the standard retail price. However, I did get busy and never got around doing it. But will definitely be doing one in the near future so stay tuned for that. I especially need to do unbox these soon is because Brendan Dunne mentioned on LinkedIn after interviewing Tiffany Beers (designer behind the Air Mag with Tinker Hatfield) that these auto lacing shoes that featuring all this tech needs to be worn sooner than later… or else they don’t work. Once again, stay tuned for a review but in the meantime if you want to grab a pair of Adapt BB 2.0 (only one size left in the mag but multiple sizes in the oreo & tie-dye colourways) you can do so here.

5. Adidas x Star Wars ZX 2K Boost “Han Solo”

Speaking of beloved movies, we got this sneaker that celebrates an iconic character while celebrating 40 years of an iconic film. This is my my latest sneaker unboxing uploaded which features the coolest sneaker packaging I have and awesome take on a sneaker that Han Solo would actually wear. It is actually really comfortable and even though has a very distinct buckle and millennium falcon lace jewel, it goes with pretty much anything. Check out the video above and the detailed review here and grab a pair here.

4. And1 x Fred VanVleet Attack 2.0 “Toronto Raptors Vintage”

I knew this sneaker was going to be in my top 5 undoubtedly from the price to the comfort and of course, this incredible design. I remember someone telling me how they wouldn’t pay the retail price because it is And1. I get the speculation but if you do look at the product and even try it, you would know it is made of awesome quality that you won’t find at Walmart. I love the execution for this sneaker and is a must have for a Toronto Raptors fan. It is unfortunate that Freddy left And1 for Li-Ning, because this was such a great sneaker and release, I don’t know if he would have an opportunity like this again. You can grab this colour or the other two clean colourways right here. Stay tuned for the video and review!

3. Air Jordan x J. Balvin Jordan 1 Retro “Colores Y Vibras”

This is my final sneaker pick up of the year and I almost skipped on this release. I did enter 4 raffles and I actually won from Livestock which I was hoping to win from at least once after all these years. This is a hit or miss for some people but I love what this sneaker represents. J Balvin is the first ever Latino music artist to collaborate with Jordan (he has collaborated with a lot of other brands including murukami) and this sneaker was first seen during his performance at the Superbowl. There is a lot behind this collaboration, how it came to be, but I will save that all when I do a video and review on these. Fair warning these are going for a pretty penny, but if you are interested you can grab a pair here.

2. Adidas x Terry Fox Orion “Marathon of Hope”

This was a hard decision to make but as you may know I love sneakers that has a great story or supports a great cause. Fortunately, this is one of them as this sneaker is none other than an old school Adidas sneaker that arguably one of the greatest Canadians ever, Terry Fox, wore when running across the country to raise money and awareness for Cancer Research. What’s awesome about this sneaker is that it comes with a special paper that is a letter Terry Fox wrote to Adidas, and all proceeds from this sneaker is donated to Marathon of Hope, Terry Fox’s foundation. What frustrated me at first was that this sneaker was super limited and very hard to obtain. However it was released 3 times in total, and for the final drop it was widely available so anyone who wanted a pair can get it. Stay tuned for my review and video on this because this is truly a special sneaker. Definitely monitor the resale prices for now, as only a few sizes are left on Adidas.

1. New Balance x Jaden Smith Vision Racer “Surplus”

Now, finally my top sneaker pick up of the year is a combination of uniqueness, comfort, style, and cause focused. It is none other than the Vision racer, the debut signature sneaker from Jaden Smith and New Balance which is vegan friendly and pushes New Balance to be more sustainable. What is special about this sneaker is that it is made of surplus materials which is not only a great approach to focus on sustainability but also makes this sneaker one of a kind as no sneaker is identical. It is truly distinctive, and I wore these for a couple weeks straight with no complaints, you can check out the full review here. If you are interested in buying this sneaker you can do so right here.

All in all, it’s been a great year for sneakers and maybe down the road there might be some other sneakers I would consider to replace on this list but for now after narrowing it down from all the sneakers I bought this year, these are my top 10 in my opinion. Let me know what you think in the comments below! What’s your favourite from this list, what would you rearrange?

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