The Fit Break Down – National Superhero Day/Earth Month

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One of the things I haven’t gotten to do in a while and finally get to now is after work just go outside for a walk and get some fresh air. Unfortunately, April in Toronto usually involves rain, and even snow. Despite some recent days of warm weather I have definitely been feeling the chills as a reminder of reality. Therefore, today was a great day to wear this fit as it will be probably one of my last days wearing it in a while centred around one of my favourite superheroes and artists! I have been meaning to wear this for a while, and since it is earth month it was also the best time to rock my favourite vegan sneaker! Find out how everything fits together below, and where you can grab these pieces for yourself!


I am starting the breakdown with the main piece of item to keep me warm which is the sherpa hoodie. This came in clutch in the winter and I am a bit surprised I would still be able to bring it out in Spring. This warm and fuzzy feeling sweater was one of the items I got in my Zaful haul which you can watch here. You can read the full review of this and the other items here, but I will say that this is still a solid sweater to wear and besides the warm sherpa component I really like the clean black and white contrast with a retro Spiderman logo across the middle.

Price: $29 CAD

Place of Purchase: Zaful, and you grab this specific product here or if you want to see the other awesome pieces from this collection you can do so by browsing here. Check out the review post to learn how to save!


If you weren’t aware this is one of my favourite sneakers in my collection and ranked very high in my top 10 list of sneaker pick ups in 2020! This is Jaden Smith’s signature sneaker with New Balance called the Vision Racer and this specfic colourway is called the “Surplus”. I won’t get into too much detail as you can read about that in the review here, but as stated in the video above this is a vegan sneaker and made out of surplus materials, help reducing waste and pushing forward for more eco-friendly sneakers! Therefore it is great all around, but perfect for earth month! PS, this relates to the hoodie above because the vibrant use of colours gives a good pop compared to the simple black and white hoodie, and Jaden Smith in addition to providing vocals to the latest Miles Morales video game soundtrack, his name has been tied to possible Spider Man roles in the past.

Price: Retail – $200 CAD (but you can get it for less!)

Place of Purchase: I got it from Footlocker CA and you can do so for less in this colourway and others here


In terms of jeans I went a premium one I have in my wardrobe that relates to both Jaden Smith & pushing towards sustainability. Although this is not one of the pieces, Jaden Smith has teamed up with premier denim brand “G-Star Raw” for a collection of “Forces of Nature” to release different apparel pieces made from sustainable materials. It is definitely awesome to see him and G-Star do that, so you can still get quality denim while doing a small part to help the earth.

Price: On sale for $60 CAD+ an additional 15% off (it was a sale on sale at that time)

Place of Purchase: The Bay. Although you are not able to find these denim for the price I got, you can still grab some great selection of G-Star Denim from Amazon with Prime! Browse your options here.


Last but not least, even though it is not seen I wanted to wear a pair of socks I liked in my closest that I felt connected with the theme. If you are a fan of Dragon Ball Z, you would know that Goku’s “new home” is earth and Jaden actually released a song called Goku a few years back (I think his older brother Trey worked on it with him).

Price: On sale for BOGO, I think it came out to be around $10 CAD.

Place of Purchase: Hot Topic, in store. However there are some great sock and Dragon Ball Z items at SuperheroStuff & some nice DBZ socks at Amazon.

SuperHeroStuff - Shop Now!

So there you have it! Here is the fit break down on how a simple outfit to keep up with Spring’s chills has a deeper meaning while paying homage to an awesome artist and a significant month like Earth Month. Also, if you were curious about the mask, I got it in a pack at Amazon.Let me know your thoughts below and if you have been following on Instagram & Facebook you would know of how to get these items on sale & more (eg. 25% off sitewide at so in other words follow today!

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