MUST READ REVIEW: Terry Fox X Adidas Orion “Marathon of Hope 40th Anniversary”

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Sure, I would love to write that every blog post is a must read but when it comes to this sneaker it truly is something that everyone should know about, whether you’re into sneakers or not. I had to start this year off right by unboxing a very special sneaker. Watch the video above for the unboxing, review, my thoughts, and on feet look prior to reading below for a more detailed review & more information.


When you watch the video you will see and hear me provide a brief history about Terry Fox, whether it is online or through books, he is someone everyone should know about. He is a Canadian hero but his story and dedication has inspired and helped so many people around the world. Fox died exactly one month before his 23rd birthday but even though he was gone at a young age his actions and fight is what inspires so many, and why I consider him the greatest Canadian.

Image source (left to right): Cfrl Radio, Runner’s World

Most people don’t know but Terry Fox was competitive and a basketball player. He loved the game and continued to work hard to become better. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a form of cancer which was found on his right knee. He still continued to hoop, as he won two national titles in wheelchair basketball. However, during this time when going to clinics he realized that Cancer research was not getting enough funding or awareness. As a disease that takes so many lives (including some of my family members), at the time there wasn’t enough support. Simultaneously, Terry Fox also took up running and like what he did with basketball, he continued to push himself to be better even with his amputated leg. He even competed in marathons, and even though he came in last, he never gave up and that dedication and heart was noticed by many as he was given a standing ovation.

With everything he was going through and seeing, plus through the inspirations and ideas provided from his mentors, peers, and external parties, a task that seemed to be impossible emerged. Terry Fox set out to run from the East Coast of Canada (he even dipped his leg in the Atlantic Ocean at the beginning of his run) to the West Coast to raise money and awareness for Cancer Awareness. This was something that was never done before, and given his situation he knew it would take some time and essential resources such as food, shelter, and equipment. He decided to reach out to Canadian Cancer Society to work with them and let him know of his goal, he also reached out to different companies for support but made it clear he was not going to be endorsing them. One of the companies was Adidas, and what is amazing is that they printed out the letter he sent to them and included in the packaging of the sneaker. See and read below because it goes to show how passionate Terry Fox was about his mission and how well written it was.

Adidas happily supported him by providing him with 26 pairs of the orion sneakers. As you can see in the pictures he definitely wore them through the different cities and provinces he entered. Unfortunately, Terry Fox couldn’t complete the run as his cancer reached his lungs. Although he couldn’t complete his run his mission continues on as we learn about him in schools, the Terry Fox run happens every year, and to this date the foundation has raised over $800 million dollars worldwide in his name! Oh and as for Adidas, they definitely have a lot of love and support him which you can see on this page. If you want to learn more about Terry Fox and the foundation visit here, but let’s get into this iconic silhouette that Terry Fox made popular and these amazing sneakers that support an incredible initiative.

Aesthetic & Design

The orion sneaker has been most commonly known as the sneaker that Terry Fox wore during his Marathon of Hope but the sneaker actually debuted in the 70s. This is clearly seen with the construction and design of this sneaker. The sneaker is predominantly in a dark navy colour with a contrasting 3 stripes in white while having tongue tab in a light blue and Terry Fox in gold sitting above those 3 stripes. The sneaker has a nylon upper (which I like), leather inside the heel, suede on the heel and wrapped around the front of the sneaker, while also having a rubber toe cap and outsole.

I do love the special branding and packaging of this sneaker as the sock liner features the Marathon of Hope 40th anniversary logo and it comes with 5 extra set of laces that features a powerful quote from Terry Fox (see below). This is great because if you want to keep it retro you can leave it with the standard navy laces or you can swap it out (like I did in the video) with these laces.

Fit & Comfort

Speaking of retro, you shouldn’t expect much of that with this sneaker. It is still wearable and no aching pains but I would recommend using this sneaker for errands and short walks. Obviously, you can use it as a lifestyle sneaker as Terry Fox did use these sneakers on his memorable run and these should expand a little bit with more use. Therefore, it is decently comfortable and would be more appreciated for short everyday tasks or walks.

In terms of Fit, I do recommend going true to size. Fair warning, when wearing these sneakers you do need to pull up the tongue and adjust the lacing accordingly. These are really a snug fit so you can get away with a .5 up, and maybe double socks if you go a full size up. However, I highly recommend getting your true to size and not going any further down.

Price and Place of Purchase

Free Shipping

The price was more than reasonable at $130 CAD, but what made it awesome is that all proceeds went to the Terry Fox Foundation. Yes, all proceeds, but that is because this was sold exclusively on Adidas Canada. If I am being honest, it was a bit frustrating during the initial release in May because there were a lot of system errors and by the time it worked, everything sold out. For Canada Day, there was another release this time using a draw process. Finally, by the third release it dropped again but this time it was so much easier to purchase. It was a smooth process and it seemed like there was more inventory as there were a lot of sizes available.

Image source (left to bottom right): Flipboard, Adidas CA, Hypebeast

As you can see above the entire collection also featured a ringer tee, quote t-shirts, this sneaker, and a Ultraboost DNA sneaker. These sneakers were released separately, while the shirts were released simultaneously with the sneaker drops. You can probably get a pair of either sneaker from resale sites, but definitely browse around before buying and if you’d like to donate to the foundation you can do so here. Also, remember when I said that all proceeds went to the foundation? Well, Adidas proudly announced that they did raise over $1 Million for the foundation and will continue to support it! Check out the video below from their roster sharing the good news!


Cop or drop? Automatic cop. This was something that I needed in my collection and makes me happy just looking at it. I think this is a great sneaker for everyone to have in their collection to rock or stock.

Comfort? With the very thin EVA midsole and the old school construction, there is not a lot of comfort but it still is decent enough for running errands and going on short walks.

Aesthetic? It’s great. There is definitely a retro feel to these sneakers and what I love about it, is that the dark navy colour makes it so versatile so you can pretty much wear it with everything. I also love that it says Terry Fox above the 3 stripes, which is subtle yet so distinct that people would notice. In addition, if you wanted to make it more special you can choose from 5 different branded laces that shares a powerful quote from Terry Fox.

Packaging? It’s awesome because even though the box is the standard Adidas originals box, once you open inside you get an incredible surprise. There was a standard tissue paper/packaging paper but then they also had a special one where they printed the letter Terry Fox sent to Adidas! Scroll up for pictures and to read this powerfully written letter.

Price? Affordable at $130 CAD, but like I mentioned before, it is incredible is that all proceeds went to the Terry Fox Foundation! The resale prices do vary, and unfortunately it won’t be the same as getting it from Adidas, but definitely browse around if you would like to have it in your collection.

Overall, this was second on my top ten sneaker pickups of 2020 for a reason. To learn more about the Terry Fox Foundation you can do so here! Clearly you can see and ready, but I love how much history this sneaker has and what it represents. But let me know what you think!

What do you think about the sneaker? What are your thoughts on Terry Fox? Let me know your thoughts below or on social media. Please make sure you do subscribe and follow on Instagram and Facebook !

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