Review: DC Comics x Toronto Blue Jays x FOCO – Superman & Batman Bobbleheads

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I can guarantee you it’s not a bird or a plane, but these are some awesome collectibles perfect for any Superman or Batman fan! It’s interesting because growing up I actually liked Batman way more than Superman but growing up I’ve actually grown to like Superman more, which seems to be the reverse of most people. Nonetheless, you can probably tell I do love DC Comics and my city of Toronto, so when I found out there was a collaboration between the Blue Jays & DC comics this was something I needed in my collection! I’m really thankful to have gotten these incredible bobbleheads from FOCO and you can watch the unboxing, reaction, reviews, and more in the video below before proceeding with the more detailed review below.


FOCO launched back in 1998 and since built a strong reputation to offer an awesome selection of sports and entertainment merchandise. These merchandise range from collectibles (eg. Bobbleheads), apparel (shirts, masks, etc.), novelty items (eg. Dog sweaters, and more! I think a lot of people know them for their Bobbleheads because these are top quality items that really do serve as collectible item with the attention to detail and the durability of the material used.

Superman Review

In terms of the product review I would go one by one, and I’ll start with the Superman bobblehead because that’s the one I wanted the most. The reason why is because what I mentioned in the video, Superman does have a connection to Toronto. As a kid I saw an Canadian heritage clip that talks about how one of the co-creators of Superman, Joe Schuester, is from Toronto!

In terms of the product, it is awesome because it looks like the Blue Jays branded baseball is like a planet or asteroid falling from the sky and Superman is catching it to save the people of Toronto as he stands on top of the bench, which is nicely decorated with the Toronto Blue Jays branding. But let’s talk about the detailing, because from the waves on his cape to wooden feel on the top of the baseball and even how the wiring looks for the dugout.

This bobblehead due to Superman’s stance is more vertical and is quite heavy so make sure you are assembling it properly. It’s pretty easy and straightforward but just make sure it is tight and for help, I actually show myself assembling it in the video above. I also love the artwork on the back of the packaging.

Batman Review

This was an awesome gift by FOCO and to be honest I’m happy to have both Batman & Superman Bobbleheads in my collection. I would think this would be a popular option because once again the details and branding is incredible. I love how he has a bat in one hand while having his batarang in the other. This Batman is dressed in some classic colours which is why you have the royal blue (similar to the Jays’ blue) while also having the classic grey and black with hr bright, contrasting yellow.

If you look closer to the base it’s an area and sure it’s not how Rogers Centre (I still tend to call it Skydome) looks but it is cool to see the Toronto Blue Jays font across with the the rustic baseballs. I like this because at first you may not realize this but it’s very similar to how Batman is often on top of the buildings and leaning towards the edge as he watches over Gotham which I believe he is doing here (heck I often said Scarborough is like Gotham growing up). This packaging also features a nice artwork in the back of the packaging. This assembly was also pretty easy but you just need to place it correctly with the washer to make sure it stays up right correctly. I will say that the batman bobblehead had more spring than the superman one.

What if I’m not a Toronto Blue Jays Fan?

Well if you’re not, no problem because the Batman and Superman Bobbleheads are available with different MLB teams branding so there a re tons of options to choose from, and you can browse the selection here!

Price and Place of Purchase

Both of these Bobbleheads are exclusive to FOCO and you can grab the Superman here and the Batman here. In terms of pricing, it might seem a little much at $46 CAD but trust me for the quality, size, and details it is worth every penny! However, if you were following CHIP Lifestyle on Instagram you would’ve been notified of National Bobblehead Day where you could’ve grabbed these for 25% off! That’s why I do mention to follow on Instagram and Facebook so you get notified of great deals and sales! Ps, the shipping was pretty decent, around 1-2 weeks!


Cop or drop? Absolutely a cop. This is a great purchase for any DC comics fan, and perfect for any fan for both superheroes and Toronto Blue Jays! Once again, there are different versions with other teams so definitely check it out!

Packaging? I really like it, its simple but still fun enough to have on display and the background choice of the comics artwork is a nice touch.

Quality? The quality is what really justifies the price, from the details to materials. Once you feel it in your hands you know exactly what I mean. It is much heavier than expected so keep that in mind.

Overall, I think this is a great pick up in terms of collectibles. I have quite a few items in my collection that really reflects my interests and influences which is what you see in the background of my videos. Therefore, having these two items is a perfect addition for me but I strongly believe this is a great gift for anyone who loves dc comics and sports, specifically fans of Superman or Batman.

Let me know what you think about these and if you end up buying something from Foco! Let me know your thoughts below or on social media. Please make sure you do subscribe and follow on Instagram and Facebook !

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