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Hey Everyone, I know this review is extremely overdue but given that Fred VanVleet earned his first NBA All-Star selection this year, it was right to reflect back on his first signature sneaker collaboration, the And1 Attack 2.0. Before I continue, I do want to address the obvious.

  1. Fred is no longer with And1, as he has now signed with Li-Ning.
  2. This sneaker did come in 3 colourways in this special collaboration between And1 and Fred VanVleet
  3. These are no longer available at Footlocker and I only seen a couple of pairs online on Dr. Jays and maybe some resell sites, but it might be possible to get it from a local seller or collector.

I also want to mention that I did have a video planned but unfortunately was not able to edit and release it and felt at least writing the review now, is better late than never. Therefore, please see below for my detailed review and let me know your thoughts in the comments below or on social media (TiktokInstagram, and Facebook)! See below for a brief unboxing.

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If you are not familiar with Fred VanVleet, he is currently the starting point guard for the Toronto Raptors, which he won a championship with back in 2019. He’s been having a great season and what a lot of people (fans, players, and coaches) is the work he has put in to get to this position. His key motto is “Bet On Yourself” as Fred has often been overlooked due to his size and people underestimating his potential. From being undrafted to almost not making the final spot on the Raptors roster, his journey is truly inspiring. If you want to read more about that, you can read my blog post about it and other cool facts about some of the players on the 2019 Championship Raptors here. Of course through his years on the Raptors he has been gaining some attention and that included the nostalgic basketball brand known for their influence in the early 2000s through their streetbasketball mixtapes and roster of talented hoopers, And1. As And1 planned to make their comeback into performance basketball market (not the same as the sneakers you would see at Walmart) they had a few attempts but one of their biggest moves was signing Fred VanVleet who wore the And1 Attack 2.0 for several games, prior to getting his own signature colourways.

Price and Place of Purchase

Usually I do this section near the end but I want to mention that these sneakers were exclusively sold at Footlocker Canada online and in-person with three colourways released.

  1. Clean White with gold pair, steady freddy.
  2. Red and Black, nostalgic nod to some old Raptor uniforms and even included the claws
  3. Purple and Red, my favourite and the one I have that pays homage to the iconic Raptors jerseys

There were a few drops but I remember the first release seemed to be limited so thankfully I had a connect that blessed me with securing a pair. However, more pairs were released and even went on sale from $130 to less than $100, I believe it even went close to $75 during some promotions but not sure. Like I stated before, I’ve only seen one site that still sells these as Fred unfortunately left And1 for another sneaker brand. Nonetheless, the original retail price was great because it was pretty affordable and for what you get in terms of design, details, and comfort, it is definitely worth it!

Aesthetics and Design

This was fourth on top 10 sneaker pickups of 2020 mainly because I love the way it looks from the beautiful colour-blocking to the different materials used, and of course the little details you see on the sneaker. As mentioned earlier, this colour blocking is often associated to the classic Toronto Raptors jersey colourway and I love how consistent it is through the sneaker from the upper to the outsole, the lining to the logos and the “Bet On Yourself” written at the back. Speaking of, absolutely love that Fred’s logo was transformed to morph with the classic raptors logo as you can see it has the Raptor claws/nails coming out on top of the letters. I also like the mesh and premium synthetic upper but what really looks great and not common, is the woven design you see on the heel. I saw premium synthetic and mesh because it doesn’t feel cheap at all, as it seems really durable and breathable.

Sizing and Comfort

Speaking of durable and breathable, that’s why this sneaker is not what you would expect from Wal-Mart. I have worn this sneaker for casual lifestyle and when playing basketball, and in each function they felt great. I think it is because of different webbings and lace locks in place paired with the construction of the upper as the inner material feels like it hugs your ankles. I highly suggest you go with your true to size because it slipped in easily and I don’t even think I adjusted the laces one bit. I do have more of a wider foot so take that into consideration if you were on the hunt for these. Also: I would advise to hoop in these indoors at the traction is great but it some outside dirt can get stuck in there.


Cop or drop? Cop, if possible. I know that this is not sold at Footlocker Canada anymore but if you can find a pair that’s not too expensive and in good condition, I do recommend you go for it!

Comfort? Great for both lifestyle and basketball performance, and to get the right fit I would strongly suggest going with your true to size fit.

Aesthetic? This is arguably the best part of the sneaker. I think it is beautiful as the purple and red contrast paired with the black hints make it pop. However, the woven heel, the special Raptor themed Fred VanVleet logo, and the “Bet On Yourself” on the heel is what really makes this sneaker special, especially for a Toronto Raptors or Fred VanVleet fan.

Packaging? It’s simple but not terrible. The box seems to be a plain black box with the And1 logo on the front but I like that the bottom is an outline of the basketball court. Once again, simple but this little detail helps it from being terrible in my opinion as it lacks any special logos, packaging paper, and colour.

Price? For $130 CAD or lower, this was a great sneaker pickup and I think this is a fair price for a brand new pair of sneakers. There will always be people who would not want to buy it because they want to use the argument that And1 is sold at Walmart but you should like what you like regardless of what others say as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. I also want to mention this would have been great if it was still available as I think a lot of Raptors fans would appreciate it.

All in all, even though we won’t see these again these are one of my favourite Toronto Raptors themed sneakers. These are my thoughts but let me know your thoughts below and please feel free to support by following on YouTubeInstagramFacebook and TikTok!


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