Review: Star Wars x Adidas “Han Solo” 2K ZX Boost

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It doesn’t matter who shot first, with The Mandalorian concluding their second season and being only days away from Christmas (sadly no Star Wars movie this year), I felt it was only right to write this review of one of my favourite sneakers from this year. This is arguably the coolest sneaker packaging I have in my collection, but to see the full unboxing and on feet look please watch the video below (filmed months before) before proceeding with the detailed review!


Whether you are a fan of the franchise or not, you should be familiar with the iconic and universally successful Star Wars franchise. George Lucas’ bold attempt at a space opera in 1977 has now grown into one of the biggest pop culture phenomenon’s in the world from movies to tv shows, toys/collectables to books, apparel (shirts , clothing, headwear) to amusement parks, the list can go on and on. Throughout the commercial success Star Wars has seen, they have also built a long lasting partnership with Adidas where they have collaborated on apparel, accessories, and of course, sneakers.

Image Source: Adidas Canada

There’s been a lot of popular sneakers, I do have another pair of sneakers that I customized years ago that tell’s Anakin/Darth Vader’s story and I have been tempted to add more to my collection, but just wasn’t the right time. Nonetheless, I am grateful I was able to purchase this sneaker and add it to my collection. This sneaker is part of pack that features 4 different sneakers (rivalry hi, top ten hi, nmd r1 v2, & the zx 2k boosy) paying homage to 4 iconic characters (Boba Fett, Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian, and Han Solo) in celebration of the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, which is the second movie to release and episode 5 of the Skywalker saga. However, I do believe these are part of a bigger collection in honour of the 40th anniversary that includes different sneakers for different characters (eg. stan smith Luke Skywalker, ultraboost Princess Leia, and more). But this sneaker is my favourite from the pack and will get into why in the next section.

Aesthetic & Design

The aesthetics when it comes to this sneaker is incredible from the packaging to the actual sneaker. This sneaker is dedicated to Han Solo. Even though he may not be one of my favourite characters, he is definitely a very popular character in the Star Wars universe. On screen he is portrayed by Harrison Ford and is known for his sly remarks, this protagonist is most famously known for piloting the Millennium Falcon with Chewy.

Nonetheless, this was my favourite sneaker from the pack based on the clean but very detailed design of this new sneaker from Adidas. In addition to the customizable lace jewels and the Han Solo poster like portrait on the tongue, the most distinctive element of this sneaker has to be large buckle that sits right beside the laces, across the upper. The reason for this is because it is paying home to the one he wore in Empire Strikes back, which is awesome! What I like about this sneaker is the colour-blocking as it is primary black (like his boots) while having a nice creamy white on the heel and outsole. The sockliners are also dope because it is of the iconic scene where he was frozen in carbonite.

However, the packaging takes the cake as it looks just like an action figure box with a small transparent plastic for a preview while having a special section if you ever wanted to hang it. As you would have seen in the video when you open up the box it does have the iconic phrase “May the Force be with you” and a special Han Solo Poster. Each sneaker in this collection does come with the character poster (combined to make a giant poster) and on the back it does show which character you have and the others in the collection.


A Very Merry Sale - Jigsaw Puzzles

In terms of the tech, it relates to somewhat to design as this ZX 2K boost sneaker is a retro futuristic sneaker that is similar to the Adidas ZX 4D. This is a great choice because that is exactly Han’s style, but the reason it is a retro futuristic sneaker is because the sneaker updates the original ZX silhouette with Adidas’ signature Boost technology (I love how the black boost looks by the way). With the black mesh upper and I believe a rubber outsole and heel cup, it definitely doesn’t feel like that. Boost technology in my opinion, Adidas best innovation in years and is super comfortable.

Size and Fit

Speaking of comfort, after wearing these sneakers for several weeks I found these very comfortable and great for everyday use. I didn’t have any issue with break in time, and despite the laces, I tend to treat them like slip on sneakers. When it comes to fit, it is a bit tricky. Adidas states that it is a narrow fit, however I have somewhat of a wide foot and I went true to size on these and they fit perfect. Therefore, I do recommend going true to size but if you want to be safe I am pretty sure .5 up won’t be too risky.

Price and Purchase

These sneakers did retail at $220 CAD, and although that is a bit high I would still say it is worth it. When these sneakers dropped on Adidas Canada it sold out within a few minutes (few sizes restocked now). Fortunately for me, a local sneaker boutique, Solestop, was releasing this product as well and I had a 10% discount that I was able to apply. I do love buying from them because they are helpful and when I did shop in person it was always a good experience. I love supporting the boutiques especially local ones like Solestop. They have few sizes available here, and for more there’s some on Kickscrew but definitely monitor for prices to go down.


Cop or drop? Cop. These are a must have for any Star Wars fan and/or someone that is looking for a distinctive everyday sneaker.

Comfort? Definitely Comfortable. No break in time required, just be cautious of sizing. I went true to size and fits great. I have worn these for a few weeks straight and no complaints.

Aesthetic? Incredible. It is lowkey enough due to a clean colourway which is great for everyday use. However, the details inside and throughout (the belt buckle, lace jewels, sockliner) the sneaker is great for Star Wars fans, especially Han Solo fanatics.

Packaging? Perfect, excellent, any other appropriate synonyms. This is definitely one of the coolest sneaker packaging I have but it is my favourite one. I love the action figure display it is set up in, with the cool Star Wars branding throughout. You have the preview panel on the front and at the back you have a small preview of what can be expected in the rest of the collection. However, when you actually open it up you get a special poster and a special surprise message on the box.

Price? Retail is not terrible, but I would prefer a price point under $200. That being said, for the price the quality and packaging definitely justifies it. As mentioned monitor for sales and price drops on the resale market.

All in all, this is definitely one of my favourite purchases this year (stay tuned for the top ten list) and my favourite sneaker packaging in my collection. It is great to wear and fun to record my unboxing! Please make sure you subscribe and follow on social media.

Nevertheless, let me know what you think about these sneakers, the packaging, and about the collection. What is your favourite Star Wars character? Are you a fan of the franchise? Let me know in the comments below or on the video and/or on Instagram and Facebook . Follow the blog through here or on social media for exclusive offers, deals, and content!

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