Best Places to Get Star Wars Merchandise

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As you may know I am a pretty big Star Wars fan and I love to showcase that with the special merchandise (eg. my sneakers) but I know some of you would like to showcase that too, or if you need to get someone a Star Wars related gift and not sure where to go then this post will definitely help so read below and see each site and some will have some coupons you can use!

I had to start of the list with this site because this is one of my favourite especially for items like this. Check out all the different options here and use code: FORCE20 for 20% off Star Wars gear!

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Puzzle Master

There’s a lot of cool things at Puzzle Master but I was genuiniely surprised to see the awesome Star Wars items they have available, which you can see here.

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Herschel Supply Co.

The brand known for their distinctly designed bags & quality products have 4 different Star Wars collaboration for different ages. Click below or the brand name above to be redirected to the page.

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Pop In A Box

Arguably the best selection of funko pops for sale but Pop In A Box also has some decent clothing and accessories which you can explore here.

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From books to Lego, to the cool accessories so much to check out from Amazon here.

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There’s a lot of good variety from Walmart and online vendors, shop here to explore all the options.

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There’s only a few items left shop the items from Sportchek, mainly for kids but still worth to check out here and use code EMAIL (depending on order) as mentioned in a prior post.

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