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Although you may be hesitant to buy sneakers, here’s one that I HAD to buy due to the insane savings and the fact that it is something I always wanted in my collection. See the video below for my honest review and read below for all the details to know more about the sneaker and its importance.


There have been a couple of releases that have featured this striking 4D midsole whether it be its own sneaker like this one or in a collaboration sneaker. Nonetheless, two things you would want to be informed about when it comes to the sneaker is the ZX line and the 4D technology.

The ZX line was launched back in 1984,  and has had success with popular models such as the ZX 500, ZX 4000, ZX 8000, and recently the ZX 2K. These are just a few, but if you wanted to know more about this beloved running shoe series you can read here.


The second part is the 4D technology that is featured on the midsole which you probably have immediately noticed. 4D technology is the new and proposed revolutionary technology from Adidas that has been in the talks for years and finally released to the public in January 2018. They were hoping it to be the successor to the ultraboost. 4D is a collaboration between Adidas and a firm named Carbon who uses their Digital Light Synthesis technology to produce 3D objects. In other words, they have a more advanced way of 3D printing as they use light and oxygen to produce a very intricate midsole that is supposed to promote innovation and sustainability.  Although it hasn’t seen the success they expected, sizes often do sell out but I do believe the reason why it doesn’t is because of the retail price. If you wanted to know more about the specifics of the technology of 4D visit Highsnobiety’s post here.


The Aesthetic and Design

I really like the motivational theme this sneaker has with the “I want” embroidered on the left shoe and with “I can” embroidered on the right shoe. I like this because it is a simple yet effective mantra to persevere and harness your willpower. It is loud and bold so it is something that will capture attention and spark conversation. The contrasting colours of the vibrant orange and volt green that are consistent across the shoe from the embroidery to the sock liner is a great touch and hit well against the black upper. I liked the little details such as the 4D Digital font they have on the box and on the suede piece near the heel tab. I do like the outsole’s feel with torsion support and look as well and with the 4d midsole, everything is so well balanced yet simultaneously bold and versatile.

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Price and Place of Purchase

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As mentioned in the video I purchased these from Livestock’s Summer sale, and as you can see by the product listing the “original price” is lower than what it is stated on Adidas CA (other colourway)and both have only two sizes left in total. You may notice the Adidas pricing is much higher as well which is why I emphasized this was such a steal and I was saving over $300 as I only paid $144 before tax! The secondary market has it for cheaper than most retailers, which you can see here.


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Size and Comfort 


I went true to size and I had no problem putting them on or felt any excess room or minimal room, it was just the right amount. Keep in mind that at first, it does feel really stiff and the breakout time is around 30 minutes to one hour for me. At first, one side of the shoe did feel tighter than the other, similar to the feeling I had when wearing the Kyle Lowry Adidas Pro Bounce 2018 that I wore for a prior #TFBD.  it was After a couple of days wearing these kicks, I find that it is easy to put on and has gotten more comfortable.

In terms of comfort, I would say that there is some but nothing exceptional. Most people compare the comfort from 4D to an ultraboost, and for that, it is nowhere near in comfort. That being said, even though it doesn’t provide any special comfort it is quite comfortable but wouldn’t recommend it if that’s your priority when buying sneakers.

IMG_5703 2


Cop or drop? Cop, if you have the money or if it’s on sale. 

Comfort? Go true to size, a little comfortable nothing extraordinary. Break-in time for me was 30mins to 1 hour. 

Aesthetic? I really like it. Beyond just the intriguing look of the 4d midsole, I like the “I WANT, I CAN” concept being embroidered and having a contrasting but consistent colour scheme. 

Price? Retail: Pricy. Sale price is still pretty pricey so you need to monitor the sites for additional markdowns, it may or may not be cheaper on the secondary market as some people might just want to sell their pair. 

Packaging? Decent. I like that it is not a standard Adidas box, and there are minimalist and futuristic efforts with the presentation. I do think it can be better, but it is not bad either. 

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