The Fit Break Down: Star Wars Day – Skywalker

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Hey Everyone! As you may know, today is May 4th, aka May The Fourth Be With You aka Star Wars Day! I grew up watching Star Wars from Episode 1 as a kid and as I got older appreciated the original trilogy while being excited for the newer films as well. My favourite character from the series is probably Anakin Skywalker hence what inspired my attempted photoshop blog graphic features Tatooine in the background and this entire outfit. I wanted to do something a bit different with this series of posts and really pushed myself out of the comfort zone with the TikTok I created (will update the blog post with it soon). Nonetheless, take a look below for how I put together this fit and more info about each piece! Before you do make sure you follow the blog, especially on social media (TiktokInstagram, and Facebook) for more content like this, especially from the Star Wars universe! Also see below for a preview!


I wanted to start off with the sweater because that is the most notably piece of this fit plus my main inspiration of doing an outfit. I love the 90’s style patchwork look, plus I got it in a bigger size for a more loose and baggy fit. I never seen a sweater like this and in addition to the colour blocking, I liked the big chenille patch/artwork at the back of the sweater. The brand is called OurUniverse/HerUniverse and they have a lot of cool different options. Unfortunately, I didn’t see it on their site but I do see it on some other disney sites so definitely take a look around or check out the store at Disneyland California if you were in hopes they might still have it! Fun Fact: I forgot I actually do have a KITH Tatooine but I’d rather wear this for today!

Place of Purchase: Disneyland California

Price: I want to say it was around $60 USD


Another big part of the decision making for this outfit are the sneakers. It was between these sneakers that I had for a long time (2017 – I even forgot the price) and frankly, a bit of my beaters. However, I really like these sneakers because I designed/customized it myself via MiAdidas and it tells the story of Anakin from my perspective which you can read more of here or my han solo sneakers . I decided to go with these especially since the crewneck says Skywalker Academy and that is Luke so wanted to keep it with the Skywalker lineage.

Place of Purchase: Adidas

Price: I want to say $120 to $160 because I used a birthday discount


Speaking of the Skywalker lineage, I wanted to wear some socks (that actually does match a bit with the sweater) which these socks of Ben Solo, son of Leia Skywalker, more commonly known as Kylo Ren. I did have other 2 sock options that would’ve went well with the either the sweater or the sneakers but went with this since now this outfit features 3 generations of the Skywalker family.

Place of Purchase: EB Games at Fan Expo Canada or in-store

Price: $15 to $25 for a pack of 3 socks (this plus Captain Phasma and Chewbacca)


Now the last part of this outfit is the pants/denim. I wanted to go with the a comfy and loose denim to match the baggy look and feel of the sweater to complete the 90s look. Therefore, I went with this pair of denim joggers that are super comfy.

Place of Purchase: Uniqlo in-store

Price: $5 to $15 (I think it was closer to $5 because it was a great deal on clearance)


So that’s the break down of my Star Wars outfit including pics, details, and inspiration. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or by giving a follow to message or comment on InstagramFacebook, & TikTok!

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