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Happy Halloween! Even if this comes out a day before Halloween I wanted to share what I consider in my opinion the perfect Halloween sneaker. Make sure you check out the video above for a look in hand of the Reebok Question Mid “Ankle Reaper” including the distressing and read below to learn more of the sneaker and the collection.


Of course when it comes to Halloween there’s always one or two sneaker brands that come out with a halloween themed sneaker. BUT, it is usually just an easy copout like a skeleton or some sort. However, this year Reebok decided to go all in (and great if they are splitting from Adidas) for Halloween even going with the word play, “Boktober”. As mentioned, in the video Reebok should give some credit for the name to Brendan Dunne who is the first to really create these Reebok wordplays and consistently wear Reeboks on Full Size Run.

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Nonetheless, the Boktober pack features 3 beloved Reebok basketball classics such as the Shaqnosis (Shaquille O’Neal’s signature shoe), The Kamikaze 2 (Shawn Kemp’s signature shoe) and of course, the Question Mid (Allen Iverson’s signature shoe). If you wanted to learn more about the Kamikaze 2 you can do so by reading this prior blog post here. This particular collection all features a special themed “Boktober” box and fun sockliners but there are different characteristics to each shoe with the Shaqnosis having a large spider web on the upper and the Kamikaze 2 featuring a clean Fall colour scheme with a jack-o-lantern on the heel tab. For this particular sneaker, there is more than what meets the initial eye, which we will discuss in the next section.

Face Cover Sale
The different components of the special packaging.

Aesthetic and Design

So prior to talking about the aesthetic and design of this specific “ankle reaper” colourway, let’s discuss more about the Question Mid. The Question Mid is arguably one of Reebok’s most successful sneaker and that is in large part to Allen Iverson as this was his shoe since his rookie year. The fact that it is still being released today in collaborations, themed sneakers, and for general releases is validation of how successful this one sneaker is for the brand. There are different elements to it including the reebok branding on the eyelets, the special emblem on the heel (usually a 3 for AI’s number but often collaborators place their logo there), hexalite cushioning, and a distinct toe box that is often a different colour but for this specific sneaker there is something more special.

As part of the Boktober theme there are some favouritable elements to it when it comes to the techs, and branding however almost the entire upper is made of a tearaway material that reveals a halloween themed artwork. It was a bit disappointing that I messed up my sneakers since I thought the entire upper of the sneaker was a tearway but turns out it is almost everything (everything except the question logo area and tounge). I was also a bit careless that I scrapped off some of the EVA midsole and actually stabbed myself. Nonetheless, it was fun and as stated in the video the little details like the tombstones that says “ankles” pay homage to AI’s killer crossover and the hidden layer can be of homage to Allen Iverson’s different layers. Also, the fact that there is this DIY component makes me reminiscent of the fun DIY and crafts I used to do as a kid for Halloween.

Price and Place of Purchase

I copped this pair of sneakers from Solestop. I had a 10% coupon as well so I am happy that worked out, but I was really happy to cop from them because initially when Reebok did their launch most sizes were sold out. Fortunately Solestop carried a great amount of sizes for the ankle reaper question mid and it’s always great to support a local boutique! You can find remaining sizes from the collection here as there’s a lot of sizes left.


Free Shipping

When it comes to sizing I definitely recommend going true to size. You can probably get away with .5 down or up but when it comes to a sneaker like this definitely try to stick with your true to size and lace accordingly.


Halloween Flashsale

Cop or drop? Cop

Comfort? When it comes to comfort I would recommend going true to size as it will fit perfectly but still gives you some ample space and the hex cushioning is decent enough to give you a comfortable feel for a retro sneaker.

Aesthetic? Incredible. The bone white upper is nice but the fact that you are able to distress (a majority) of the upper to reveal a special halloween themed artwork is such a cool concept that is not common when it comes to sneakers that allows you to be festive and have a little glimpse of the arts and crafts components when it comes to halloween.

Price? Retail: Not bad. However, since there are quite a few sizes available on the retail site I would continue to monitor to see if you want to wait till next year to break them out and purchase it later when it goes on sale.

Packaging? Pretty cool! I liked that it was consistent with the halloween theme and had the special boktober branding.

What do you think about these sneakers? Would you buy a pair of sneakers to rip apart? Did Reebok win Halloween this year?

Let me know in the comments below and make sure you follow the blog to be notified about new content!


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