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With the recent release of the ESPN 30 for 30 Film, Be Water, and my recent post about the best lessons learned from the documentary, I thought this would be the perfect time to finally break out these sneakers. See the video above, and read below to learn more about this awesome collaboration and my review!

The Concept and Background

This was released back in February of 2018 as part of the NBA All-Star Weekend. I am not too sure how all the collaborators all fit in but what makes sense most about the silhouette is because it was the signature sneaker of former NBA All-Star, Shawn Kemp. Known for his explosive dunks and gameplay (especially on the Seattle SuperSonics) Reebok wanted a sneaker that expressed that which is why they came up with the Kamikaze! This is the second iteration, you can learn more by watching the video above! In terms of how BAIT and Bruce Lee come to play I am not too sure but BAIT, the sneaker boutique known for their blend of streetwear, sports, comics, pop culture, and so much more cool stuff is a frequent collaborator with Reebok. Bruce Lee is a legend who has left a mark and his movements were spectacular so maybe that’s why they decided to go that route.

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But let’s talk about the special details that are present on this specific sneaker. Firstly, the colourway is heavily inspired by Bruce Lee’s iconic jumpsuit from Game of Death. You will see bruce lee’s name logo featured near the tox box while the BAIT logo is embossed near the top of the toebox and the Reebok logo is embossed on the tongue.  What you will also notice on the tongue is the bloody claw mark which pays homage to Enter The Dragon and is common throughout the Nike x Bruce Lee collabs.  You will also see the iconic jump kick silhouette of bruce lee on the heel, with a special signature on the heel tab. I also like the special sockliner with bruce lee’s image inside the shoe!

The Aesthetic Design & Technology


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As mentioned in the video this is a retro sneaker so there are not many changes to the technology aspect, but like the other Kamikaze’s you can expect Hexalite technology and an EVA midsole which is common in the 90s Reebok hoop shoes (as seen in the video). The outsole is made with a good rubber material with a nice leather on the upper with some perforations throughout. Of course, you will also have this classic and bold striking design on the uppers. If I am being honest this sneaker also gives me Charlie Brown vibes.

Price and Place of Purchase


So as mentioned before, this sneaker was won via online raffle as it was exclusive to BAIT (and their pop up shop during NBA All-Star Weekend 2018). Whenever BAIT does special collaborations they are almost certainly going to be released via online raffle, so definitely check them out if you want to see what they come up with for future projects. These retailed for $160 USD but obviously, there’s also shipping and duties on top of that. The resale value has varied throughout the years, but you can see some sizes here and a few more here.

Size and Comfort

So after filming this video I actually ended up wear testing these sneakers by wearing it to the gym for 5 days straight and working out in these. My initial statement about comfort doesn’t change as it’s more sturdy and doesn’t provide an enhanced feeling of comfort. I think near the 5th day I felt a random ache in my sole but it passed. However, I believe there is an ortholite insole (underneath the special sock liner). Therefore, I don’t recommend it wearing it for a long period of time or for a lot of physical activity. I do highly recommend you go true to size!



Cop or drop? Cop

Comfort? Go true to size. It’s not going to be the most comfortable shoe on the market but it is decent, especially with the ortholite insole and the hexalite cushioning. 

Aesthetic? I really do like it, it is the iconic colours Bruce Lee is often associated with and doesn’t hurt if you need something bold in your collection. 

Price? Retail: Decent. I wouldn’t say this was super affordable or anything like that but Reebok classics are usually not priced as high as Nike or Adidas sneaker. Since this was a collaboration and BAIT exclusive there was a bit of a markup but if you really like the shoe then I would say the retail price is what you should aim to buy these for, especially since they are more durable than quite a few sneakers. 

Packaging? Really disappointing. The simple black and white Reebok Classics box is extremely disappointing, especially for BAIT who are known for their fine attention to detail and storytelling. 

Did you know this sneaker existed? Would you cop, or pass? Let me know in the comments below and make sure you follow the blog via email and on Instagram!


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