REVIEW: Marvel’s SHIELD x Adidas T-Mac 1 “Nick Fury”

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In honour of the series finale of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD that recently aired, I wanted to write a review on a sneaker that I got mainly because of how much I enjoyed this show.


So this particular sneaker was released last year to release concurrently with the release of Avengers: Endgame, an incredible milestone for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They had different sneakers and silhouettes for the different Adidas hoops athletes under their roster. As you can see by the image below they had a comic style image to help promote it.

adidas and Marvel Celebrate Basketball's Mightiest Heroes With New ...
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What was also cool is that each box came with a special marvel comics-themed printed all over featuring popular marvel characters. The boxes were in different sizes but the design was consistent throughout the collection. I do have 3 pairs from this collection, and this particular one is for SHIELD/Nick Fury which has played a pivotal part in the MCU. I believe they went with the T-Mac retro because of SHIELD’s presence throughout so many decades and timelines, plus Nick Fury is an OG just like Tracy McGrady. Since I loved the show I knew this was a must cop.


The Aesthetic and Design

The T-Mac 1 is a retro sneaker and is a classic, especially for fans of Tracy McGrady. That being said I don’t think they are the best shoes to hoop in because in all honesty, when wearing these I felt like they were kinda clunky. The details on it are still interesting they got the grey camo on the herringbone outsole with different synthetic black upper which I assume is a nod to SHIELD’S tactical and espionage approach. I remember Sneaker Youtuber Legend Foamer Simpson talking about a T-Mac 1 and he said the toe box was like a Michellin Tire… he’s not really wrong. It’s a lot but it still is a classic sneaker and nothing I hate. Besides the herringbone, there’s no real special tech you would expect.

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What is also consistent in all the shoes is the Marvel branded sock liners. What I liked about the shoe was also the nice silver SHIELD emblem on both shoes. Although they can be somewhat clunky, these are still sleek and versatile thanks to the sneaker being predominantly black with silver accents.

The Size and Comfort

When it comes to size I recommend going true to size. I know the description of the sneaker talks about “cushioned feel” but I didn’t really feel anything special, which is why I would just wear this for casual purposes and won’t attempt playing basketball in these. That being said, it was easy to wear (no break-in time) and it definitely does provide a stable feeling.

Price and Place of Purchase 

As previously stated these were released to help with the promotion of Avengers: Endgame, so I was actually working on a vlog of me going to the mall to pick these sneakers up and then watching the movie. However, I ended up scraping it and I do regret buying the sneakers all at once because the release was kinda weird. Certain stores released at a later date and not all stores (Footlocker, Adidas, Sportchek, etc.) carried all silhouettes just a few. I ended up buying the James Harden x Ironman in store and for this, I ended up buying it on for the retail price of $220 CAD.  I sincerely regret that because if I waited I could have gotten it at a much better deal as some retailers are selling their final sizes for half that price and the resale prices don’t look bad either.


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Cop or drop? Cop, this was a must cop for me and other SHIELD Fans. 

Comfort? Go true to size, stable and durable but don’t expect something cushioning.  

Aesthetic? I like it. It has little details that pay homage to Nick Fury and SHIELD, while still being versatile for everyday wear.  

Price? Retail: Decent. Sale price is great though, so definitely take advantage of that. 

Packaging? Great. Although I wish that the boxes may have been a bit different in the collection it is still a great packaging nonetheless! 

Let me know what you think, did you know this sneaker existed? Would you miss Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD?

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