The Fit Break Down: Avengers Station

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In case you haven’t seen my blog post on the Avengers Station Toronto exhibit, make sure you read it here. If you haven’t seen the video you can watch it below, where you can like, subscribe, and follow!

Believe it or not with the exception of one item, I had this outfit planned for MONTHS. I was just waiting for the opportunity to go to the Avengers Station to wear it because I do think it’s perfect! In this blog post you’ll see why as well as see how you can grab some of these pieces for yourself! Also see above for some pics you can take at this exhibit if it helps! Please note that this blog post uses affiliate links and banners.


Okay, so for the sneaker I was initially going to do a video 2 years ago because this was part of a big pack that was released in celebration of Avengers: Endgame, however stuff happened and couldn’t finish editing in the time I wanted. Nonetheless, I have worn all 3 sneakers I own from this pack (I believe there are 3 other sneakers) which includes the T-Mac 1 “Nick Fury/Agents of SHEILD” and the Thor Marquee Boost. These Adidas James Harden Vol.3 were probably the most sought out and desired out of the collection and I remember lining up outside of Champs at STC a few hours prior to the mall opening to get my hands on it. As you can tell there are so much details, and I really love the execution of Iron Man’s armour and the Stark Industries branding. With Tony Stark being the funder of the Avengers campus, taking leadership throughout, and his sacrifice at the end of Endgame, it was a no brainer I had to wear these! Also see the Tiktok below on how they look now.

Price: $120 CAD

Place of Purchase: Champs Sports at Scarborough Town Centre. You could have got these at other places and some sizes were on sale at Foot Locker and Sportchek. Unfortunately, you will need to resort to the secondary market if you want these kicks.


What goes better with great kicks? Some great socks. And yes, these were perfect for the Avengers Station as well. You might have seen this in the Superherostuff Shopping Haul video I did a couple months ago, or read the blog post that talks about this item but I did get these awesome quantum realm costume socks along with other cool items from a shopping haul I did from! With the Iron Man sneakers, these quantum real suit socks also pays tribute to the iconic Avenger who we will miss watching on the big screen!

Price: $9.99 USD

Place of Purchase:, they are honestly one of my favourite sites to shop at for anything Superhero/geek related! Plus great customer service and shipping options! Good news, these are still available and you can get it by clicking here!

SuperHeroStuff - Shop Now!


The last item that was perfect for Avengers station is this hoodie! I love this hoodie because of the eye-catching details and contrast (take a closer look). You have a warm black cotton hoodie as the based with a beautiful paisley print/pattern across the chest and as a liner for the hood of this sweatshirt. This pattern/print features icons/logos of different avengers mixed in with a paisley pattern! How many do you count? This was also part of a shopping haul so you might have seen the video or read the blog post as I reviewed this item and other items from Zaful!

Price: $34 CAD

Place of Purchase: Zaful online. As I mentioned in the blog post where this was first featured, sizes are selling out which is why there are only 2 sizes left! However, there is still some other awesome marvel products to choose from! Get this hoodie by clicking here!


This last item is the only complimentary item. Initially when this first opened in October 2020 I was going to wear the black cargo pants I wore on Aloha Friday in front of the King Kamehameha Statue, but since it was reopened recently I had to go with something more summer appropriate. Therefore I went with these shorts that I forgot when I got but just worked well to allow the other pieces in the outfit to stand out.

Price: $9.99 (or less)

Place of Purchase: Oddly enough, it was the same exact place I purchased the Iron Man Harden Vol 3 Adidas sneakers! Champ Sports at Scarborough Town Centre!

To wrap things up that was my fit break down for the Avengers station! Let me know your thoughts, if you went to this exhibit in Toronto or in the States, if you are interested in any of these pieces or need my help recommending more! Stay tuned to more posts and content, but best way not to miss out is by following on Instagram and Facebook!

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