REVIEW: KFC’s NEW Vegan Popcorn Chicken & Vegan Burger!

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Yes, you read that right! KFC has just announced that throughout all its Canadian stores they will be offering a new vegan popcorn chicken and a brand new vegan burger.

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Relax. It’s just plant-based. #KFCxLightlife

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For those of you who are not aware, KFC had a veggie burger for some time now but it wasn’t featured on the main menu displays and was not offered in all restaurants, even within the same city. I recall a lot of people in disbelief when I talked about the KFC veggie burger. I actually did like it, even though the prices were increasing over the years. Unfortunately for fans of the OG KFC veggie burger, it will be discontinued. Fortunately for vegetarians and vegans, there are more options now offered throughout different locations we can enjoy!



This is the section you are probably most concerned about. I tried the Plant-Based Sandwich Box Meal and I also ordered the Plant-Based Popcorn Bucket. I found that the burger and the popcorn chicken does taste similar, especially since they are both breaded heavily providing a savory texture that is also crunchy. The popcorn chicken is definitely snack size but I found that the burger is massive (see pictured above). I do like the flakiness inside of each, but in terms of flavour what resonates with my tastebuds the most is the breaded texture. I do recommend getting a soft drink nonetheless because I felt that like other vegan/mock meat options, it is a bit hard to fully digest.

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Now probably the second most common question would be price. Unfortunately, I am not too sure about the price of the burger itself but the price of the vegan popcorn chicken bucket (pictured above) for $12.99 but I think the price is reasonable because there is a lot that’s included. The other item I ordered was the Plant-Based Sandwich Box Meal which came with a burger, fries, macaroni salad, plant-based popcorn chicken (pictured below) and 20oz soft drink for ONLY $11.99! That is an incredible deal because you are getting so much for that price when the old burger combo (that just included fries and a drink) was from $7-$9. I think this might be just a limited time price so definitely try to take advantage of that soon.




All in all, I do like it. However, I do prefer the old veggie burger more as I enjoyed the taste and flavour a bit more. Nonetheless, it is incredible to see that KFC is evolving their menu like others as most quick-service restaurants and food establishments are offering plant-based options. I believe KFC has partnered with Lightlife for all of their plant-based menu items and I am usually a fan of theirs but here I preferred the OG. This is probably a strategic move by KFC, especially since they piloted plant-based chicken in Atlanta (i think with another plant-based company)this year and given Toronto’s large vegetarian and vegan community I think it is a smart move on KFC’s end. I was so excited to try out the popcorn chicken and I am happy it didn’t leave me with a disappointing feeling.

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