During this trip, one downfall was that I didn’t get to go many sneaker boutiques or streetwear stores as I hoped for. To be frank, I only went to one. However, this one is a store I always wanted to go ever since I fell in love with the brand. It was also highly recommended by others to visit while I was in New York. Even though I went near the end of the night, I still managed to explore the three levels, take some pics, and even grabbed a souvenir. Read below to see what you can expect once it is safe to go and shop there!


To get a better understanding and to learn more about Ronnie Fieg and his influential brand KITH, I highly recommend this video below.



In case you wanted to know the exact address of KITH SOHO New York it is 337 Lafayette St, New York, NY. Below is how it looked back in February 2020.

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The store is unlike any other in its category. Firstly, when you enter the store, you will be greeted by two security guards who will also explain that there are three different floors.

The first floor has a variety of gear (KITH branded included), apparel, and a few collectibles. This is where you will get the kith tees, Monday program and other collection drops (if any left), along with other apparel, and collectibles they have. The floor is decorated with some special BE@RBRICKS as seen below.

The second floor is for sneakers and installations, as well as KITH treats (which is much smaller than I thought it would be).

The third floor is for women’s wear. I do believe there is a Kith Kids nearby. To access these floors there is a well-decorated elevator which was a nice touch to the overall experience.

Inside the elevator.



As mentioned there are some interesting installations on the second floor. They had the iconic white sneaker display (pictured above) and a denim room (to promote their new collection at the time). It’s really cool to see especially because it gave all types of shopper to experience more than just the products on sale and to provide a better opportunity to learn more about the culture and history of KITH.


My favourite installation can be seen below which is a mini sculpture of KITH’s founder Ronnie Fieg, and his long time friend and collaborator (and even the interior designer of the Miami KITH store) Daniel Arsham. It’s something so simple yet so cool.


Merchandise and Shopping 


There are different merchandise and shopping options available on all the floors. However, the one thing I didn’t take a picture of because I wasn’t impressed with was the KITH treats on the second floor. I’ve had it before in the shop in Selfrdiges but I guess I expected more in terms of food options, and apparel. I definitely do recommend you to try KITH treatsif you haven’t had it before.

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There’s also a checkout I believe in each floor as well, that also feature items that may be of interest to you as well eg. magazines, Jason Markk’s sneaker cleaning products, etc. that still aligns with the clean and beautiful aesthetic of this store’s design. I remember how impressed my parents were by it (who could care less about sneakers and streetwear) because they really felt the store was unlike other and had a great design.

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I definitely wanted to grab something as a souvenir and fortunately there was a KITH collaboration sneaker in my size which was the KITH x Adidas Terrex Free Hiker in the multicolor colourway. Most things at KITH sell out instantly so I was surprised that there was still this one left but my dad actually was the one who bought these for me and if I am being honest I don’t remember the last time he has bought me a sneaker before but I am really grateful he did. At the time there was a red KITH x Converse Chuck Taylor that wasn’t available online yet so sometimes there are just exclusives to the store or KITH locations.


So let me know in the comments below what you think and if you have ever been to KITH store before or if you plan on going after this post! Subscribe to the blog via email so you don’t miss out on other great content!

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