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During my recent trip to Los Angeles, I went with my parents and decided to visit KITH’s Los Angeles store. I mention my parents because when I went with them to New York and we visited the KITH SOHO location, they were really impressed by how it looked so was curious to see how this location held up and what was available. Therefore, in this blog post I have added some pics and info along with a comparison to the NY store so you will get a better idea of what to expect before heading down there. Before you read below, give a follow on social media on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook as there is more LA content coming soon! For a visual teaser and to show you how the shopping experience was like see the video below!

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History + Background

You can visit my older blog posts about KITH to learn more but it is actually my favourite brand created by Ronnie Fieg back in 2011. Why I love KITH is because in every collaboration Ronnie works on you can see there is so much detail and creativity that gets invested in any capsule whether it is a collaboration with a different brand or for the internal KITH brand. It’s always little details you can see throughout matched with high quality items from clothing to sneakers, accessories to lifestyle. KITH has expanded to create a global presence via online and 12 locations worldwide, including this LA location I just visited.

New Era

Location + Info

KITH LA is located at 8500 Sunset Blvd, in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. When you go there you might not see it at first but it is at a lower level of a building (not sure if it is a luxury apartment building or plaza) but when you go you should see signs for underground parking. Make sure to take your ticket with you as you can get them to validate you parking so you don’t have to pay make, but sure to tell an employee at the front in order to do. I’m not sure if it depends if you bought something so it’s best to confirm with the staff there.

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Structure / Set-Up

When you walk in you will see the signature display of the levitating white sneakers that you would see in any KITH store (in different variations). You would also see the KITH treats set up on right hand side with the entrance to the actual store on the left. The store itself is only one floor but it is spacious as all around you will be able to see different apparel and accessories from KITH and other popular brands. At the middle you will be able to see a beautiful glass display in the centre, which is actually the sneaker display where customers can browse and try on sneakers (see below). Behind that is the checkout area and the fitting room (see next section). As you can see below, inside the sneaker display it looks really nice, including the marble bench (FYI: I didn’t get the sneakers because it was too big).

Merchandise and Shopping

As you can see above there are quite a few KITH items to browse and shop for as well as some really cool collectibles on display. Keep in mind, KITH items usually do sell out quickly so sizes are limited. Thankfully, I was able to cop a vintage style T-shirt from a Monday Program drop from a few months ago. In terms of service, frankly, in my opinion it’s not terrible but isn’t great either. You can expect the same lack of customer service and energy you usually find at streetwear boutiques and stores which is unfortunate. Nonetheless, it wasn’t terrible and I did get to try on the item and I was pleasantly surprised at a fitting room. Literally the best one I’ve ever been in because as you can see in the pictures below, not only is it really spacious you can also adjust the lighting to the setting you prefer in case you wanted to see how it looked in those settings, or just to take a picture in it. I really liked the packaging they have for when you buy something as it comes in a branded KITH bag in a beautiful purple with special tissue paper and receipt packaging (see next section). TIP: Make sure to have the KITH app downloaded with your details already stored because when you check out they will pull up your profile where they will record your purchase at the store. I mention this because when I got home I got a notification I unlocked a new icon display and you might able to unlock more with the various KITH locations you visit.

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Overall and Recommendations

All in all, I’m grateful I was able to fit in some time to visit the KITH store and walk away with a memento. It was cool to browse but I do hope they can add a bit more installations in the store to make it pop a bit more and I would recommend staff to be a bit more energetic or eager to help because it wasn’t easy to find out who was actually working there. Nonetheless, it was still cool and that fitting room was awesome but let me know your thoughts especially if you have been here before. Let me know in the comments below or on social media by supporting and giving a follow on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook!

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