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On Friday after work, I managed to visit the brand new Kith store in Toronto for opening day. In this blog post, I will provide an inside look into the store and my review/recap of my experience of the store from beginning to end in terms of retail, Kith Treats, and what I got to experience at Sadelle’s at Kith. I hope this blog post will be helpful if you plan on visiting as I will try to share some tips and pictures along the way. Before you continue to read below please consider following on on social media on TikTokInstagram, and Facebook as there is more Kith and Toronto content coming soon! See below for a POV of my shopping experience.


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Background + Location

It was only last weekend I went to the Brooklyn (OG location), and did the review. But for those of you who know me or follow me, you know how much I love Kith and I always love visiting the various locations including SoHo NY, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. For Canadians who are completely unaware of what Kith is, it is a multifunctional lifestyle brand founded by Ronnie Fieg. A travel goal of mine is to visit all retail locations at least once to experience these beautiful retail experiences. I’ve said it before but the intersection between fashion, art, pop culture, and streetwear is conveyed in their layout and their product offerings. However, as someone who’s been a Kith customer for almost a decade, I have seen the increase in pricing over the years and who the ideal target market is. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that Kith opened its doors in the highly expensive neighborhood, of Yorkville. The exact location is 78 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto, Ontario and there is a parking right beside and easily accessible via public transit.

TIP: Wait it out to see if the line slows down to see if you can get in. I am not sure how long they will have this set up but when I got to the line at 4:48 p.m. they said they already closed the line even though the store closes at 8 p.m. Some of the security was advised to come back around 10 a.m. for the 11 a.m. opening. The security were getting information relayed to them and frankly, compared to other Toronto security at other events and releases these had to be the nicest and most professional security I have seen. I know it can be frustrating for those who left when they got the information about the cutoff, and I was going to as well. But since they didn’t force anyone out my sister and the nice lady I was speaking to throughout the line told me to stay to wait it out. Thankfully, I listened to them because the head of security saw me waiting and right behind the cut-off person so he let me and others still waiting to join the queue. In total, I was waiting outside until 6:10 p.m. before I got inside which wasn’t terrible.

First Floor

As soon as I entered, I got to experience the first floor which is pretty wide and features various items including clothing, jewelry, Toronto Kith exclusives (see next section), sunglasses, headwear, a fitting room, and a checkout area. I was amazed by the items in the jewelry section as the price ranged from $60 to over $1,300. I was curious to try the fitting room but it was taking too long, so maybe next time.

Toronto Exclusives

I am not sure how many of these will be available but I am assuming there will be some available for the next week (hopefully). I love how there were several exclusive Kith Toronto merchandise available for people to purchase from a wide range of t-shirts, crewnecks, hoodies, and adjustable caps that had Kith Toronto and Sadelle’s Toronto branding. Some of the t-shirts looked different and had a vintage feel to them with a special graphic (which will be seen in the video). Of course, they also had special collaborations including a special set of New Era 59Fifty Toronto Blue Jays caps with an exclusive Kith Toronto side patch and two colorways of New Balance 1700 featuring minimal Kith branding. Frankly, although the white and red marshmallow colorway was more limited the one I was eying if I could even get it was the Rocco red as seen above. Thankfully, it was in my size and I just let the associate helping me grab all my sizes hold it for me as I continued to shop.

Second Floor

You will notice a beautifully lit staircase you can take to access the second floor. On the second floor, you will see the sneakers on display at the back with a section for books, some accessories, and an open space to sit with some plants. The Sadelle’s and Kith Treats are also located on the second floor and I will talk more about them in the next section. The selection of books looked incredible and is something I might grab during my next visit here and I did want to say that they had a decent selection of sneakers including the Kith New Balance collaboration. An interesting find I saw among the sneakers was the Bad Bunny x Adidas CL Response.

Kith Treats

Thankfully it was nice weather that day so I convinced myself I could get myself a sugar rush treat, and what better way to indulge than something from Kith Treats? The staff were great and in the same section where you purchase Kith Treats is also where you can get items from the Sadelle’s menu. As mentioned in my prior Kith Treats review blog post, all the flavors are named after people in Ronnie Fieg’s friends and family list and feature special ingredients to compliment the cereal soft serve. All flavors are different and were available in a cup, milkshake, or via a branded Kith waffle cone. I went with the Wifey which is dedicated to Ronnie Fieg’s wife and features Kariot hazelnut cream cereal and a Nutella drizzle paired with The Fiegster waffle cone. This cone is obviously named after the founder Ronnie Fieg and is comprised of Frosted Flakes, Cocoa Puffs, miniature marshmallows, and crushed Oreos. This combination was amazing and tasted amazing with every bite. I highly recommend this for anyone who is a fan of chocolatey desserts, especially ice cream. It’s important to note that the staff working let me know that right now they are not able to make all ice creams vegan but maybe in the near future and same for an exclusive Kith Treats Toronto dessert. TIP: You are not able to eat the ice cream on the sales floor so you either need to eat it within the Treats and Sadelle’s area or you would need to leave the store. Therefore, I would recommend buy your items first and then proceed to buy your treats.

Sadelle’s Toronto

As mentioned, Sadelle’s is in the same area as Kith Treats and you can get takeout as well. There is a beautiful dining venue as well but when talking to the front of staff she mentioned that as of right now the entire weekend was booked and the site would be updated later on to accept reservations, hopefully in the near future. Nonetheless, I took a look at the menu and as a vegetarian, I would have only been able to try the Greek salad but for $25, I won’t. I did try the matcha latte and got it with oat milk (no extra charge) since it was much cheaper in comparison, as it was $5. Frankly, the price for the drinks didn’t seem bad and was decent. In terms of the latte, I loved how the matcha flavor tasted as it was not overpowered by any sweetness and it tasted like a classic matcha latte. Tip: same as above in terms of doing your shopping first, but also wanted to note how nice the baristas and cashier were so they are happy to answer questions and how they can make accommodations if allowed (e.g., use of plant-based milk instead of whole milk).


All in all, I had a great time exploring Kith Toronto and am grateful to have been able to go in and purchase a few things. One thing I wanted to mention is that compared to all the Kith stores the staff that I interacted with, these staff were by far the nicest. I really appreciate the great customer service and it was cool to see that the director of the Toronto store was also working the sales floor. It was also nice to note that the Toronto store has a special red bag similar to how Los Angeles had a purple bag. Those are my thoughts, tips, and insight I hope you enjoyed the read and it helps you if you plan on going. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or via the social media posts. Don’t forget to stay tuned for more content like this in the future by following on TikTokInstagram, and Facebook

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