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To celebrate my birthday I recently went on a quick weekend trip to New York. On this trip, I wanted to check out some stuff I have been meaning to visit and also enjoy limited-time experiences. This was the case for Kith Brooklyn as I was curious about the retail space but also tried their limited-edition Apple Cider treats. Read my blog post below for more info including tips and pics so you can prepare before you go. Before you read, please follow on social media on TikTokInstagram, and Facebook as there is more New York content coming soon! See below for a POV walkthrough inside the store!


The 🍎🍦🍏🥤 were amazing! Finally visited this location! Hopefully the tips & insight help! #kith #kithtreats #kithbrooklyn #kithfan #kithshop #brooklyntiktok #thingstodoinbrooklyn

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Background + Location

If you have been following the blog or my personal accounts, you would know that I am a huge fan of Kith and have visited various locations including SoHo NY, Los Angeles, and Tokyo (as well as Selfridges, if that counts). I would love to visit all the locations at least once because despite the price range getting higher, it is still a cool experience to walk into these retail stores. There is a great intersection between fashion, art, and lifestyle that is conveyed through the structure, design, and layout of these stores. In addition, each Kith store has a special Kith Treats section where you can enjoy special cereal-infused treats. I went to this location because I knew this was one of the older locations (they just opened a new store in Brooklyn this year and one in Toronto this week). The exact location is 233 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, New York. Tip: It will be extremely hard to find parking in front of the store so I would suggest parking near the Barclay center and walking as it is a two-minute distance. Also, there was a small lineup outside to get in because the space itself is a bit small but the wait time was around five minutes.

What to Expect Inside

I want to start by saying the service I had in the store was the best I had out of any of the Kith stores I have visited, including security. There is a good amount of items available from prior releases and collaborations. For instance, I saw several NFL and NY Giants merchandise still available along with the most recent Kith collection. There was also the Kith treats merchandise available as well. Personally, I didn’t have enough time to look at the clothes and try them on so I ended up grabbing the KITH X Corkcircle water bottle canteen which I have been looking at for some time now. I am not sure if they even had changing rooms. Also, it was disappointing that the Kith app icon didn’t work in this location either (it didn’t work in Tokyo), but I appreciate the staff who cashed me out trying to see how she could get the icon for me.

Kith Treats: Pricing + Overall

In terms of Kith Treats, it is part of the Kith location but there is a separate door to enter and exit. This is my first time ever trying a Kith Treats because the last time I went to a Kith location I was either sick, didn’t have enough time, or it was too cold to enjoy. The pricing is a bit on the higher end but for what you receive it is justified and frankly something you should indulge in as you treat yourself after a long day. As you can see by the menu on the right, there are a lot of cool specials you can choose from that are named and inspired by friends and family of Ronnie Fieg. I believe you can get any of these as a milkshake or soft-serve swirl, and tip: if you need to use almond milk instead of whole milk you can but just need to tell them first.

Kith Treats: Limited Edition Apple Cider Exclusive Review

I was initially contemplating on which flavor to try but when I saw that there was a limited edition Apple Cider menu, I decided to get one of each to split with my family. I don’t believe the waffles and the waffle cone were available at this location as I only saw the cup and shake advertised. I got the Granny Smith which is a combination of apple cider doughnut, Apple Jacks (cereal), and vanilla ice cream as the soft-serve swirl which is beautifully decorated with cinnamon sugar, toffee syrup, and garnishing of apple chips. This was really good as you got to taste the unique flavor and all the various apple ingredients inside. My dad really liked this one and I also thought the mini Kith chocolate bar was a nice touch. Be quick to eat it though because it started to melt fast and got really sticky. The other item I got was The Crisp milkshake, which was also really good since the vanilla milkshake is enhanced with apple cider, Apple Jacks (cereal), and Caramel Apple Butter. You do taste all of that in each sip but in addition to that sweet autumn flavour, the drink is topped with caramel drizzle and apple crumble. Frankly, I enjoyed the soft serve more but you still do get a lot with this milkshake. I am curious to try other flavors in the near future.


All in all, I am happy I was able to squeeze in a visit to this Kith store. If I am not mistaken, this is the first-ever location, so it is incredible to see how far the brand has come. I hope this review does help if you plan on visiting anytime soon and feel free to share it with someone who would benefit from reading this. Stay tuned for more Kith and New York content on the blog by following on TikTokInstagram, and Facebook!

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