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Here’s a brief blog post recap/review to help provide you with some context if you plan on attending The F.O.R.C.E. Tour in a city near you. The acronym stands for frequencies of real creative energy and trust me, you can definitely expect a lot of energy when attending a show! In this post, I will share some info, tips, and pics along with links to videos of some of the performances I was able to catch. Before you continue to read below, consider following me on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook because I post about concerts, music, and other lifestyle content!

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I am starting with this because it is important to note that every show is different! This tour is in celebration of 50 years of hip-hop so you will see special guests that have contributed to the growth of hip-hop as well as some notable names on the screen in the background. Each show will consist of LL Cool J, The Roots, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and DJ Z-Trip but there will be a lot of special guests that vary by city.

I have to say that it should be illegal not to say legendary before saying “roots crew” because they are nothing short of it. I say this because from start to finish, the entire three hours, they are on stage and consistently performing and supporting all the acts. DJ Jazzy Jeff is also there and has some solo time to show off his scratches which is incredible. I just wished they performed more songs from the “How I Got Over” album.

LL Cool J is an absolute legend and his energy was felt and unmatched whenever he performed! DJ Z-Trip also has a brief set where he shows his remarkable and underrated DJ skills.

For my city, Toronto, the special guests were Queen Latifah, Monie Love (part of Queen Latifah’s set), and Jadakiss. It was an East Coast celebration because Queen Latifah had everyone on their feet, Monie Love’s flow was stunning, and the skills of Jadakiss left everyone in awe. For clips of their performances, see below.

Tip: follow The Roots, LL Cool J, and Rock the Bells on Instagram as they will share info close to the date on who is joining.


I got my tickets at Ticketmaster and found that the prices were more affordable compared to other concerts I have been to, especially with the legendary acts. Our floor seats were $139.50 CAD each and it wasn’t bad. However, a tip is that if you’re short try to get into the front row of your section because I sat behind a person who was 6’5 and it was hard to see a lot of the show. There are also cheaper sections as well, and I remember this show was part of the $25 Livenation deal. Also, on Ticketmaster, it might show who the special guests are as well for the city.


I thought it was odd that they didn’t have a proper setup for merchandise but maybe it was because I was late. I expected a bit more to be honest, but the merch itself wasn’t terrible and the prices were standard for tour shirts nowadays. I took a pic which should be available in all the cities.


The venue was at Scotiabank Arena which I believe is the second largest venue for concerts in Toronto. There is parking nearby, easily accessible via public transit, and a bit more secure than other venues. I will say that if you are getting floor seats, sometimes it can be a little right in terms of space. Obviously, all venues will vary so it’s best to do some research to see.


Below are some of the performances I was able to capture. As mentioned earlier, I stood behind a really tall person so this is the best my sis and I can record but it was still great to enjoy because the performances themselves were delivered with great energy!


9 year old me felt so hype to see this live! And yes, i was way too young to sing along then but not now. LEGENDS! #llcoolj #theroots #theforcetour #hiphop50 #hiphoptok #torontoconcert

♬ original sound – Tagan aka CHIP Lifestyle

Celebrating #HipHop50 had to show love to #bigpun & #dmx . Yall need to know how incredible #thelegendaryrootscrew are! Start to finish just killing it and holding it down at #TheForceTour #torontoconcert #hiphoptok #ruffrydersanthem #stillnotaplayer

♬ original sound – Tagan aka CHIP Lifestyle


All in all, so far out of the three concerts I have been to this year this is my favourite! I highly recommend you attend a show if you can because you won’t regret it! I grew up listening to all these performers, especially LL Cool J who is in my top 10. Therefore, to finally see him and The Roots live was already amazing but to be complemented by Queen Latifah, Jadakiss, Monie Love, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and DJ Z-Trip was amazing! I am grateful to have attended and curious to know if you are or have as well. Let me know in the comments or on any of the related social media posts. Don’t forget to follow on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook for more music content


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