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HONEST REVIEW: teamLab / チームラボ / teamLab Planets TOKYO

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Something I was hyped for during my Japan trip was this exclusive and limited-time experience. I have seen it posted all over social media and wanted to check it out myself. In this blog post, I will share my honest thoughts because there were some things I loved and some I didn’t. Read below for my honest thoughts including tips, where to purchase, photos, and recommendations for teamLab! Before you continue to read below, consider following me on Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook as I’ll be posting more Japan travel content! See below for the video as a visual pov and teaser for what to expect.


Im happy i went but I wish my experience was better. I hope my tips in the blog post help! #teamlab #teamlabplanets #tokyo #teamlabplanetstokyo #thingstodointokyo #thingstodoinjapan #traveljapan


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Venue and Concept

Teamlab Planets is essentially an immersive art museum/exhibit where you explore different elements through various forms of art. These spaces of water, garden, and flowers, which I will cover later on is divided through different sections and special activations. The concept is really cool since these exhibits highly something very detailed and powerful that allows you to interpret differently as you immerse yourself in the art. However, there were some things that could’ve been better.

The physical location is at Toyosu 6-1-16, Koto-ku, Tokyo in its own special venue. It’s easily accessible via public transport and taxi. There’s even some info about this on their website.

Tickets, Reservation, Where to Buy

This experience is slated to close for good by the end of 2023 so get your tickets now while you can as tickets sell out. I got mine exclusively via Klook (along with other great things I used or experienced on this Japan trip). The total for two tickets was ¥7,000 JPY which isn’t bad at all. Make sure you check their website if you have further questions, especially about certain discounts because people with disabilities certificates do get a discount.

It’s also important to note that even though you have a reserved ticket you still need to wait in a big line outside. It’s irritating when when it is pouring and so packed outside. It was not a great experience waiting in that rain for over 30 minutes. I would recommend bringing an umbrella as well.


As I mentioned in the section about the concept, it’s a fascinating idea, and love how you get to immerse yourself. Overall, there were some really cool activations but I wish they allowed you to read more about the art before going to the next installation as it is a bit guided by time constraints. Below I’ll talk about each image and the activation it’s about.

Soft Black Hole, Navigation, Waterfall

These are some minor activations and some screenshots of the navigation between areas. The black hole took me by surprise because you really fall into it… literally, I was worried if I could get back up so I would advise you to keep your phone and small things secure. The waterfall is at the corner and it’s small but calming.

Water Surface

This was a beautiful space and maybe my favourite out of all the exhibits/activations. I love the various colours and digital components to make this a transformative experience. The water is a little deep as it went to my knees. You are really in water (so roll up your pants) with digital and colourful koi fish. Make sure to walk around to get the full experience including seeing the burning segment (seen in the top right).

Infinite Crystal Universe

This is definitely a popular spot for people to pose with pictures but the pictures I took don’t do it justice. This activation uses pointillism to create a beautiful light show and illusion with mirrors all over. This is best seen in the video and is nice to admire. It can be a bit flashy so keep that in mind.

Three-Dimensional Existence

This spot was pretty cool and utilized simplicity with touch and colour to provide a warm experience. These gigantic spheres are meant to be touched as you can change the colour but also because the more you move it and touch it the different the space becomes. The 3 flat colours and 9 blurred colours relate to how colours are formed with light.

Falling Universe of Flowers

I was in awe of this exhibit and once again, pictures don’t do it justice, but I included some clips in the video. As you lay down and sit this digital art tells the story of flowers blooming and changing over time. Although it’s digital and pre-recorded, it really is beautiful. I’ve been to a few of these digital immersive art experiences (Van Gogh, Monet, King Tut, etc.) but this one activation was more enjoyable in my experience. I also couldn’t help but hear Fallin’ Flower by Seventeen in my head when experiencing this.

Moss Garden Microcosms

It’s remarkable when science is conveyed through art. This field of moss and ovoids that encourage people to move around and touch it gently as it shines even brighter and creates a sound. This activation touches on the factors of elements such as wind/air, space, and water/rain to impact the actually exhibit. There’s a lot more cool info on their website about this and how ovoids can be altered by these elements and how moss was said to be the first terrestrial organisms.

The Garden

This is another popular spot for pictures and videos and if I’m not mistaken, the last activation/exhibit for the entire experience. I also remember having a time limit for this as well. This was beautiful and featured real hanging flowers (the scent does change during the day) and is to serve as a zen garden.

Important Notes and Tips

  • When you’re booking, try to book for an earlier time because of the wait outside but also because of the vegan food spot they have is closed earlier than what it states.
  • For the Water and garden area, you need to walk barefoot and remove socks and stockings. There is a drying area, but it’s best to know that beforehand. You also do get a pair of slides as well for the exhibit.
  • Rental shorts are available for free but best to come prepared. And yes, you need to wear shorts or something covered as the light activation has mirrors on the floor.
  • It would help if you used the locker to store anything but not real access to go back and forth during the experience as it is a bit guided experience. I would suggest planning in advance via these pics in the post and my personal IG so you can have your fit ready in advance. It’s best to keep it simple or change it up with a jacket or something minor
  • The service and logistics were not great. At first, it was very confusing and crowded, especially when exiting so just be mindful of that.


All in all, I still enjoyed my time at Team Lab Planets Tokyo but it could’ve been better. I don’t regret going and maybe if I’m there again and I know someone who really wants to go then maybe I’ll go again but it’s definitely something I recommend to do at least once, especially since it will be closing. I know it will be highly unlikely the people at Team Lab will read my post but if you do I hope my tips and recommendations help! Lastly, I will greatly appreciate it if you can follow on social media on Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook!

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