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How can one game show seen on YouTube I saw a little over a month a go result in me being a huge fan of a group and buying tickets to see them on tour? So many reasons (which we will get into) but I can tell you I am not upset about it at all. I am so thrilled to be able to see the K-Pop group “Seventeen” live and in this blog post you can expect to read about and see clips of what happened at their Toronto show (including merchandise), my thoughts, and more! Before you read below make sure to give a follow on social media by following on (TiktokInstagram, and Facebook) especially if you’re a Carat (we’ll also discuss this below as well) or looking forward to more concert/music content!

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Sonos New Beam


Poster display inside arena featuring all 13 members, but a really long line up hard to take a photo of it

Seventeen is a major successful K-Pop (Korean Pop) group that was formed by Pledis (now under HYBE which is the same label as BTS, TXT, Enhypen, etc.) and debuted in 2015. Despite their name there are only 13 members but that seventeen name makes sense as it signifies the 13 members plus the 3 teams that comprises the group, and of course the 1 unit they form at the end (which equals 17). It was also stated that the name was also a nod to the average age of the members when they debuted or formed. Other fun facts about the group is that there are technically 4 foreigners with Jun and The8 from Shenzhen and Anshan, respectively which are both cities in China. The other two are Joshua and Vernon, who are from Los Angeles and New York respectively, but I say technically 4 because Vernon has been living in Korea since he was 5.

I will say that the best way I can describe this group is beautiful chaos because their music is great as it takes K-pop and combines it with a cinematic and theatrical feel with of course western influence but there is just a lot of good energy coming out. The chaos is really to describe the group whenever they are together not performing which can be seen when watching any of their episodes of their youtube series, Going Seventeen! Trust me watch it, because not only will you learn more about the group and the members, but you will laugh because these guys are hilarious and chaotic to say the least.

Members Left to Right: S. Coups (Leader of both the Hip-Hop team and Seventeen overall), Vernon, Wonwoo, and Ming-Yu.

Hip Hop Team

Members Left to Right: S. Coups (Leader of both the Hip-Hop team and Seventeen overall), Vernon, Wonwoo, and Ming-Yu.

Personal Notes: Although the hip-hop team might not seem like it, they are probably the most shy out of everyone however they bring out the most energy in the crowd compared to any of the teams.

Members Left to Right: Dino, Hoshi (Leader of the Performance Team), Jun, and The8

Performance Team

Members Left to Right: Dino, Hoshi (Leader of the Performance Team), Jun, and The8

Personal Notes: I think this team is the most versatile in terms of their dancing, choreo, but also their vocal ability.

Members Left to Right: Jeonghan, Seungkwan, Woozi (Leader of the Vocal Team & Music Producer of the group), DK, and Joshua

Vocal Team

Members Left to Right: Jeonghan, Seungkwan, Woozi (Leader of the Vocal Team & Music Producer of the group), DK, and Joshua

Personal Notes: The vocal team is definitely the most entertaining (in interviews and Going Seventeen) when they are not performing but they still are when performing because their voices really are that good when you hear them live.


The concert was held at where most major concerts are held at, Scotiabank Arena aka the home of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors! In terms of parking there are a few spots near by (expect around $20-40) but I wouldn’t recommend parking right at the arena because it will take forever to get out. If you are taking public transit you can easily take the GO or TTC to Union station and follow directions to the arena. Above on the left is a picture I took of the dance party that was taking place in front of the Union Station/Real Sports Entrance and on the right is the Team SVT stand/display they had where you can take pictures of (similar to the one at Permission to Dance on Stage LA)


So this is where it gets tricky because Live Nation Kpop on Twitter stated that the merch will be available at the Team Store (Real Sports Apparel – RSA) from noon till the end of the show, however, RSA stated it will only be available till 5pm. It does look like all cities on the tour has gotten the same merch options which you can see below. As you can see the pricing is a bit more towards the pricier side but still not terrible and a bit expected when it comes to tour merchandise anywhere! I ended up arriving around 1pm and there was already a long line up going around the arena and from what I saw online people were already waiting inside in the morning. Because of a fire hazard the line for the store inside got cut and most people had to wait outside (not great in heat) but at some point the line up for RSA opened up again and was able to secure some merch within an hour or two however, apparently the Carat bongs were sold out before 2pm.

Image from @LiveNationKpop (Twitter)
Nudie Jeans Co


In terms of tickets, I missed getting when it released because frankly, I wasn’t a fan then. However, we were able to get a good deal on ours (via resale) where the pricing wasn’t too marked up in section 308 row 16. To be fair, I told my sister at the time she got the tickets that I just wanted to check it out because I liked their vibe and some of their songs featured on the special Game Caters Hybe episode but fast forward a month later I absolutely love their music! Nonetheless, I am just happy it wasn’t pricey and some of these resale tickets are ridiculous and the section is decent.

Every purchase pays an artist

The Concert

Now for what you’ve been waiting for… the actual concert. It was amazing and I 100% recommend seeing these guys live because even songs that I personally didn’t like before, I enjoyed because of how good they were at performing live. I don’t know how they have that energy and skill to do a show like this but they did and I am thankful I was able to see it. See below for different videos I have and enjoy! Also it is important to note that they do start on time so do your best not to be late!

Intro + HOT


Wanted to share because 1) it was cool 2) they’re so good it doesn’t matter where you sit; gotta appreciate the talent + work! #seventeen #seventeenintoronto #fyp #seventeencarat #seventeenedit #svt #bethesuntour #bethesuntoronto #carat #bethesunwithsvt #seventeen_hot

♬ original sound – Tagan aka CHIP Lifestyle

Personally I would’ve liked them start off with March first but I get why they would start off with Hot. Regardless, it was amazing seeing them performance and once you see these videos you get to see how much work they put in to sing this good while doing insane amount of choreography. I think they mentioned in an interview they get tired the most while performing HIT.

I personally love these two songs. Rock With You is without a doubt in my top 5 Seventeen songs and i absolutely love 2 minus 1 as it gives me pop punk nostalgic feels to it. Joshua and Vernon did their thing with this and I am so happy I got to see it live.

Next up we got the team solos. Personally I liked the performance team’s Moonwalker the most but I will say the energy the hip-hop team brought out was unreal.

This is the video I wanted to record the most because Left and Right is my favourite song of theirs and frankly if you don’t like it or get into a good mood after hearing it… how!? It’s such a great song and frankly, and I loved this performance of Very Nice (I thought it would be more appropriate for the actual finale). Also, for Mansae I know they always have a skit before they start and the song changes each time per city so it was cool they did Toronto’s Avril Lavigne’s Sk8er Boi.

I love World and sure they did this before the encore but it’s also a song that could have been done for the actual finale with confetti, nonetheless it was amazing hearing it live. My arm started to hurt so couldn’t record the full version of Darl+ing.

This was near the end but it was fun. Although Snapshoot is not a song I listen to before the concert, I couldn’t get it out of my head mainly because of how wild this was and the VERY NICE fan segment was also super fun!

Last but not least I wanted to include a video that featured the members talking during the concert, Dino’s MJ tribute, DK talking about his Blue Jays jersey, as well as the Be The Sun chant!


All in all, it was incredible. Although I only really knew about Seventeen maybe a month or two ago, I am so happy I fell down this rabbit hole because their music is awesome and the content they put out puts a smile to my face. I highly recommend anyone see them live but first by listening and watching their music videos and performances (my current personal favourites are left and right, rock with you, world, clap, hot, and cheers). In terms of recommendations or things I wish Seventeen would’ve done for the concert is maybe use World as their final final performance and do the very nice fan interaction before with their actual performance at the end with the confetti. Nonetheless, it was still really good and it was awesome to see this crowd. I genuinely think both Seventeen and Scotiabank Arena didn’t expect to have such a big crowd like this but it was awesome to see how excited Seventeen were with this crowd, especially Mingyu and DK (with his Toronto Blue Jays jersey he bought in South Korea to wear in Toronto). In conclusion, if you enjoyed this post please let me know and reach out because I would love to connect with fellow carats on social. I also would really appreciate your support by giving a follow on InstagramFacebook, & TikTok as I will definitely be posting more Seventeen content in the future!


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