Hey everyone, it’s been a little while since my last food review but I am trying to see how I can get more content to all of you. This was something I came across recently and was genuinely intrigued by for several reasons so yesterday I finally tried it… but I am not sure if I will ever get it again. I will get into that plus more in my review of Mr. Beast Burgers and their vegetarian options! However, before you do make sure to follow the blog, especially on social media for more vegetarian reviews on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook! PS. that is a Baby Yoda/Grogu table cloth you see. Also, check out the video below for what you can expect in this blog post

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Full disclosure, I have never seen a YouTube video of Mr. Beast but I am aware of who he is and that he is a successful/popular YouTuber. So why was I interested in trying this? Well I came across a clip of his where he mentioned that the reason why he did this is to help restaurants earn more money throughout this pandemic which I think is awesome! The second reason is because based on the promotional photos I saw on Uber Eats, this looked really good! And I will definitely show you how it looked later…

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Location + How To Order

The way this is operated in different locations (I believe) is that it is done through ghost kitchens, which means there is no real physical location but an option to place the order online and pick it up or get it delivered. This specific Ghost Kitchen is located in Scarborough at 1993 Lawrence Ave East and I noticed when waiting for my order is that there is a touch screen kiosk where you can place an order for other items from other food brands eg. Cinnabon, Quiznos, Amaya,etc. Parking is a bit tight here as well FYI.

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Price + Packaging

So here’s the thing, these were not cheap at all because the total amount of everything I got came up to $60 before tax (anything with the Impossible Burgers I got ranged from $14.99 to $15.99 each) and what was a bit ridiculous is that if you wanted to add ketchup and mustard, it was an additional 25 cents each. But I will say that the packaging from the bag to the boxes and stickers looked incredible! I love the colours and how vibrant they are.

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Beast Style Impossible Burger

So now for the most important part, the taste. It started off good and I had high expectation based on what was inside… but it was EXTREMELY salty which completely ruined it for me. I am not sure if this is common or maybe I just got unlucky but there were some bites where all I could taste was salt which is far from pleasant. FYI, the Impossible Burger tastes great whenever I had it so it was clearly something added when making these burgers. The Beast Style burger minus the saltiness wasn’t bad but I did think the cheese was a bit too much.

Karl’s Deluxe Impossible Burger

This is the same for Karl’s Deluxe which features upside down buns and essentially looks like a grilled cheese with an impossible burger in between. I wish the buns were toasted a bit more or some sweetness on top to make it more enjoyable.

Chandler Style Impossible Burger

The Chandler style was a bit similar to Beast Style and it honestly would have tasted good if it it wasn’t so salty.

In terms of fries, there is the Beast Style fries and the regular seasoned crinkle fries. The beast style does not look good at all but it didn’t taste bad either with the mash up of the different condiments.. until you realize how salty it is. The sad thing is that the seasoned fries were okay but a bit underwhelming especially since it had the least salt compared to the other burgers.

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All in all, I am still not sure if this is extreme level of salt being used is common or if it was just in this instance but based on this experience I won’t be getting this again and won’t recommend it. I was really disappointed but I still love that he is helping restaurants through this. I say this because it is pricey as is and the food wasn’t so memorable for me to push through. However, I do mention that I am not sure if I was just unlucky with this experience because I have seen other people talk about the burgers in a positive light so I guess it is up to you to see and let me know if you have experienced this or what your take is if you did try it. Let me know in the comments below or on social media by giving a follow on TiktokInstagram, and Facebook!

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