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Last night, I finally got to see an artist I’ve listened to for over a decade now and also got to see him perform while sitting on floor seats for the very first time. I will explain that in details below along with my thoughts on the show, the merchandise, the crowd, and more. Before you read below make sure to give a follow on social media by following on (Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook) especially if you’re looking forward to more concert/music content! Also, check out the video below for a quick visual recap!

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If you don’t know who Scott Mescudi aka Kid Cudi is I am a little surprised given the extensive and diverse portfolio he has built for himself over the past decade. The rapper/singer from Cleveland has reached massive success in the world of music as his lyrics and content was not too common among other hip hop artists which is probably why it relates to so many people as he is very open about his struggles, especially mental health (favourite song of his is “Soundtrack 2 My Life” by the way) . What I also like about Kid Cudi is that he is not afraid to try new things and enter new avenues such as acting, producing, and more. What made this “To The Moon Tour” so special is that this is his first tour in 5 years! I remember a few years ago I was shopping at a store and was talking to the employee working there who mentioned how he met Kid Cudi so many years ago when his career was first starting and how he would travel to Canada often to do shows for almost free. It was incredible to see how far he has come and he is definitely grateful, he even talks a bit about that which you can see here.


The concert was held at the Scotiabank Arena (home of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors)! There are several parking options available ($20-40) and since it was a Wednesday, it wasn’t bad. Also, the arena is really accessible via public transit (GO or TTC) to Union station and there are staff and directions to help you enter. In terms of activations or special displays, I didn’t see any for this concert. Only thing I saw interesting was some of Cudi’s photoshoot photos on display at the merch booths (but not 100% sure if those were being sold?)


Speaking of merchandise, I almost passed on these because it was pretty pricey and not a lot of the items stood out to me. I get that it is an official collaboration between Kid Cudi and NASA (which is really cool) but it wasn’t something that I gravitated to (pun intended). Nonetheless, I actually did go back during one of the performing acts set to grab a tee that did stand out to me which was the concert tour tee. I liked the boxy fit, the vintage look, but really the front graphic and the way the tour dates and locations were displayed is what stood out to me. Keep in mind, the prices are in Canadian dollars so convert that to your currency for a better idea of what to expect.


I was genuinely shocked at how affordable the tickets were! When I got the email and I saw that floor seats were only $125 CAD I immediately grabbed it because this is the first time ever I would be in that section for a concert and I would get to see a superstar like Kid Cudi! I enjoyed my seats and it was cool to experience this (even got some confetti) and recommend it, especially for this price! Although it was a few rows back I still enjoyed the view and overall section!


I’ll be honest I was a bit surprised when attending the concert for several reasons. The first being that the original lineup had Don Tolliver and Denzel Curry listed as opening acts in addition to 070 Shake and Strick but they weren’t there which wasn’t a big deal for me but just surprising. I also want to note that both of the opening acts that did perform seemed excited to perform in Toronto as Strick even went to the crowd to take pictures during the approximate hour break before Cudi came out. Another thing that surprised me was how young the average demographic was in attendance, I didn’t expect that at all (reminded me of when I saw Russ a few years back) but wasn’t disappointed at all because the energy for Kid Cudi was incredible from start to finish. The last thing that surprised me was Cudi’s setlist because I thought maybe he would include more of his popular songs from back in the day but the setlist and energy he gave out was great so it worked out. Also, he did bring out King Chip to perform a few songs.

As stated before Kid Cudi’s energy was amazing before and he even signed some stuff during the show, but what I loved the most was how grateful he was for Toronto and I think it came across in his performance. I really enjoyed the intergalactic and narrational elements that occurred during the show which aligns with Cudi’s beloved Man on The Moon series reflected in his music. See below for a video I took of him performing Memories and Pursuit of Happiness before his encore performance.


All in all, I enjoyed the show. I did wish he end with the memories and pursuit of happiness mix as well as played a few more songs off of “Man on the Moon: The End of Day” (but that’s just my personal preference) as well as some more upbeat songs but thankfully the crowd matched his energy. It was a cool experience overall and in terms of recommendations I would recommend you see him if you’re a fan at least once! If you have seen him live or went to this concert let me know your thoughts in the comments below or on social media as I would greatly appreciate a follow on I also would really appreciate your support by giving a follow on InstagramFacebook, & TikTok (FYI I will be posting more concert content)!


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