Last week I finally got to check out an attraction that is relatively new in Toronto that provides an immersive experience (said to be the largest immersive experience in Canada) for individuals to appreciate the work of iconic French painter, Claude Monet. I was excited to go as I do enjoy art, especially the immersive experience such as Van Gogh exhibit. As always with Toronto pop-ups, I provide my honest thoughts to share my perspective and also provide info and pics to assist you if you do plan on experiencing this exhibit. Watch the 2 minute video above (roughly) and please don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe prior to reading below!

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This exhibit is held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, which is located at 255 Front St West Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This also where some other popular Toronto events take place such as Fan Expo Canada. There are a couple of parking options nearby but I would suggest looking for parking garages nearby and just walking the extra 2-5 minutes. There are staff at the door and throughout the exhibit that will guide you. Keep in mind, it was just recently announced that it will be here until November so keep that in mind when buying tickets.

Tickets and Availability

When it came to tickets, it wasn’t really hard to get but I would say that I did go during the day during my week off of work. When I look at their site right now (monettoronto), it does show a lot of availabilities but will also note if there is only a few left. I still like to plan in advance and get them a few days ahead at least. There are different ticket options but we just went with the basic timed entry option which was $39.99 each, but keep in mind for the weekend the price is a few dollars more. There are VIP, student, and other ticket options.

Duration and Experience

As mentioned before, the exhibit is timed to an hour. Therefore, in an hour you can enjoy all the exhibit has to offer such as appreciating his paintings and learning more about his artistic approach, and of course taking pictures while you’re at it. They say on their website that this is a “three part multi-sensory experience” so see below as I break down each part as well as share some pictures I took and see below for the TikTok video that also provides a point of view perspective of this duration!

Part 1

As you enter the first part is more of an art gallery, as you see different paintings accompanied by text you can read in either english or french to learn more about the paintings and Claude Monet. However, the reason why it’s multi sensory is because as you walk around you’ll notice different nature sounds that are calming and ambient. There is also a bridge that most people (including myself) take pictures on.

Part 2

I am not entirely sure if this is actually part 2, but I think it was because of what the staff said. I forgot what the exact wording she used but you are pretty much walking through this isle of different colours and lights to get to the final part. To get a better idea, watch the TikTok and The Fit Break Down (coming soon).

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Part 3

This is the final part and the main attraction within this exhibit. You take a journey in this room full of screens project Claude Monet’s incredible work as it transitions and tells a story on its own. There are also quotes from him that get projected as well but what really gets to you in the cinematic score that accompanies the paintings and the beautiful transitions which perfectly align with mood and artistry being displayed. You can enjoy it from different seats or within that carousel-type structure in the middle. This is where you’ll definitely spend most of your time.

Gift Shop

As you exit the exhibit you’ll go directly into the gift shop. Personally, I didn’t end up buying anything (maybe if there were special Monet socks) but I was still impressed by the variety of products they had from t-shirts to pens, notebooks and more. I also thought it was cool that they had an artist/painter in the gift shop that would do paintings and more for you. I did feel that the items were a bit marked up for me, however, if you are a big fan of Monet’s work it’s definitely something you will enjoy!

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All in all, I would say that this was a great exhibit. I think the price for $40 is not too bad and it is a great way to appreciate Claude Monet’s art. I felt like you didn’t feel rushed throughout the exhibit and the staff were doing a good job navigating and answering questions. It’s definitely a popup I enjoyed and would recommend for all ages! See if there are any special deals but also don’t miss out in case this is actually just a pop-up and try to see if you can go during the day during the week! Let me know your thoughts on this blog post or on Instagram and Facebook, by giving a follow and reacting to the posts shared there!

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