HONEST REVIEW: Pizza Nova’s Plant Based Options

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Hey everyone, this review was requested and frankly, based on my prior posts that reviewed new plant based options offered at popular franchised pizza establishments, this was inevitable. I was eager myself to work on this review primarily because Pizza Nova just recently released a new plant based chick’n bites which you can choose to be saucy or dry. In addition, since I already had their plant based pepperoni pizza, I was curious to compare it with another type of plant based pizza to compare. Therefore, see below for a detailed review and my honest thoughts of the different meals, what my other recommendations from Pizza now are and whether or not I’d buy it again!

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The Primucci family opened their first Pizza Nova establishment in 1963 in Scarborough, Ontario but since then have opened 140 stores that feature different entrees from pizzas to pastas, as well as offering their own take home products such as their own Tomato sauce to olive oils. Pizza Nova is often well liked when comparing to other franchised pizza places in Canada because of their quality toppings, and thin crust.


In order to properly review the Plantollini I decided to order 2 boxes. One with the sauce tossed (as advertised) and the other without any sauce (but ordered 2 sauces on the side). You can choose between mild, medium, hot, bbq, or honey garlic sauce if you wanted the sauce tossed in for your box of 10 Plantollini for $12.49 . Or you can just get it without sauce but it will be the same price however you would need to pay for roughly $1 per side sauce.

Frankly I was not pleased with the presentation of the sauced bites as there was really not enough and as you can see not all of them were covered the sauce. I ended up getting Saucy plantollini in the mid sauce which tasted very much like Tabasco sauce. For the no sauce box, my side sauces were Honey Garlic and BBQ. The honey garlic was a bit sweet but lacked flavour and it’s disappointing that the BBQ sauce was pretty basic as well.

In terms of the overall taste and feel of the plantollini it felt very well baked, having a significantly similar taste to Pizza Pizza’s plant based chick’n bites. It wasn’t terrible but once again, not something I genuinely enjoyed eating.

Campo Plant Pizza

Fortunately, my Pizza Nova order wasn’t all bad and that’s because I think I just discovered my new favourite pizza (at least from Pizza Nova)! I loved eating this pizza the day of and even the leftovers the next day. The campo plant pizza is far decorated with portobello mushrooms, sautéed spinach, and of course, plant-based pepperoni! This pizza was not only filling but I truly believe the variety in texture among these toppings complemented the overall taste. The flavour did seem natural and just worked well together. The only downfall is that it is a bit pricey as a medium size (pictured) was $18.44!

Overall and Recommendations

For this section I will share my recommendations and overall thoughts of these plant based options but also Pizza Nova as a whole! You might notice on the TikTok (when posted) that I did get another pizza and usually that’s pretty good for vegetarians. However, my other personal recommendations for vegetarians who are looking for good options at Pizza Nova is to try a Panzerotti with mushrooms, the plant based pepperoni pizza, or the classic vegetarian pizza. Personally, I don’t think I would get the Plantollini anytime soon unless Pizza Nova tries to make it feel less baked and actually use an original sauce (and not be shy with the distribution). However, I am definitely going to eat the plant campo again and recommend that! One thing I really wish Pizza Nova (and absolutely should) is finally bring back the vegetarian lasagna, it was so good! Have you tried it before? Let me know in the comments below along with what you think of this review and if you end up trying these items from Pizza Nova. You can do so in the comments below or by following and comments on the posts available on Instagram or Facebook!

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