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I am happy to say that finally got the chance to go down to Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. in Toronto! It’s an interactive experience that has games and actual costumes and props used in the prior Marvel movies (MCU). As a Marvel fan, I had to go! Not sure if this is considered a popup or not but I have been meaning to go here since it first opened up last year but different things happened and it was temporarily shut down during the lockdown so I’m glad that it’s finally back up and running so others like myself can enjoy it! Make sure you watch the video above prior to reading below, and please like, share, and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t! After watching, please read below for the detailed review and my honest thoughts!

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The Avengers Station is located inside Yorkdale Mall (same as the BT21 popup) which is located at 3401 Dufferin St, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. There is a lot of parking but keep in mind during the weekends especially it gets filled up fast. If you’re not driving, it is easily accessible to public transit.

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Tickets and Availability

I believe the hours on the weekends are 10am-6pm, while the weekends are 11am-7pm. I know it says that it is a time entry but wasn’t too sure about my availability that day so I decided to go in and buy tickets at the door (pictured above). It is preferred to go to their website ( but you are still able to pay at the door, and it is the same price. The tickets for individual is roughly $39 CAD, child is roughly $29 CAD, 2 and under are free, groups of 10 or more get 15% off their individual tickets, and the VIP experience for almost $100 CAD. These packages often includes the flexibility to be late to your time, a green screen photo, and other items. However, I just decided to get the individual tickets and the special character laminate (says Toronto), but what was disappointing is that it doesn’t come with a lanyard.

Duration and Experience

For this section, I’ve broke it down to the different exhibits/sections of this overall experience. The Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. stands for Scientific Training And Tactical Intelligence Operative Network. What this exhibit is essentially is a training for new recruits, almost like SHIELD Academy but condensed and having much more Avengers memorabilia incorporated. As you begin your training you will receive a message from SHIELD legend Maria Hill as well as SHIELD agents in front of you that provide more info and answer your questions along the way. Check out the tiktok video below first!

Iron Man Engineering Bay

This was the section I was most excited for. You get to see the Hall of Iron Man’s Armor, a life size hulkbuster and I believe the Mark LXXXV. There are other cool things to watch and read as you learn more about Tony Stark and the tech from Stark Industries. One being an interactive fight simulation as you done the hulk buster suit (virtually of course).

Bruce Banner’s Lab

Next you’ll enter the lab belonging to the other half of the science bros, Bruce Banner. The lab looks incredible, and you get to learn more about the Hulk. The bottom picture shows an interactive station where you can choose from a set of different actions Hulk will do. As seen on the video, you can use your hands (make sure you sanitize) or use the stylus (which they provide and collect from you at the end).

Captain America & SHIELD Museum?

I am not entirely sure what this exhibit was called but thought of it as more of a Captain America Museum because it mainly included items of his arsenal from the iconic shield, to his motorcycle, and even his suit (which was from one of the movies). I also consider this the Captain America Museum because of the Disney+ Series, Falcon & Winter soldier. Only reason why I am thinking it is more of a SHIELD Museum is because there was a Captain Marvel installation before the next exhibit.

Black Panther’s Zone – Wakanda Forever

The name they use is Black Panther’s Zone but I think Wakanda Forever is more fitting. Here you can view different items while learning more about Black Panther and Wakanda. It was cool to see the suit in person but also the Kimoyo beads and heart shaped herb!

Thor Observatory

This was nice to see especially the suits worn by the Asgardian brothers, Thor & Loki. It is a bit smaller than others but still nice to include especially Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer. I would say only downfall is that the simulation is not really interactive, it goes on randomly which is a bit disappointing but still not bad.

Hall of Avengers

This was a massive part of the exhibit, probably the biggest you get to see so many items of so many different avengers as well as play an interactive game. I love the way they displayed everything and you get to see these suits and weapons up close. Frankly, I think it would have made more sense if Captain Marvel should have been in this section and not in Captain America’s.

Infinity Stones/Villains Containment Store

It says Infinity stones containment store but this is also where they keep all the villains, the most notable would be Ultron and Thanos. I did get a perfect score in one of the games here, and although I am not a big fan of the villains, it was intriguing to see, especially the big bad titan. As you can tell by the video not too sure what I did but it was pretty cool.

Final Training

In the final training you get to do one last interactive simulation and choose which avenger you want to be by choosing one of the devices below. In the video you can get a glimpse of that and at the end you get a nice message from Maria Hill, maybe even use it for when you need a pick me up? Also make sure you do take note that after this simulation you would need to leave to the gift shop and thankfully, the agents/staff there did mention that to us so if you wanted to take any more photos or videos to do it then as you’re not allowed to re-enter.

Gift Shop

The very last thing is the gift shop, it’s not actually part of the exhibition but definitely has some cool stuff inside. I am proud to say that I resisted my urges and didn’t walk out with anything, but believe me it was hard! The reason why is because there are a lot of stuff for all ages from clothing to collectibles and so much more. I would say they are priced a bit high so keep that in mind but some items are very exclusive such as the special Roots collaboration they have. The items that really got my attention were the Roots toques/beanies, the designer collectibles and mega funko pops.

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All in all, I had a great time. I know some people tend to seriously overhype Marvel stuff, but if you are a true fan I think you will genuinely enjoy it. Don’t have too many high expectations but I think this is perfect for people of all ages and who do get a sense of enjoyment from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The price is a bit high, but not terrible and I would just recommend the timed entry. I will say that the staff/agents that were inside the exhibit were really great! Have you been here? Are you planning on going? Let me know your thoughts on this blog post or on Instagram and Facebook, by giving a follow and reacting to the posts shared there!

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