REVIEW: PAI Northern Thai Kitchen – Uptown

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Hey Everyone, so just recently I was able to get food from PAI Toronto via an exclusive dining package but this is the first time going to this location and not my usual items I order from PAI. I’ve gotten taken out and had dinner at PAI in their downtown Toronto location however, when American Express offered a special dining package and the option of where to pick it up we decided to check out the Uptown location since it’s not a place I’ve been before and it would be nice to review. See below for more details and what I thought about the food! See below for the unboxing.

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This PAI restaurant is located in Uptown Toronto, at 2335 Yonge St, Toronto, Ontario. There is some paid parking options nearby and some spots on the street, but most likely you would need to pay for parking somewhere if you do plan on dining in. The restaurant is actually on the 2nd floor and there is a specific section for take out and dining but filled with bright colours and nice lighting, while still giving a cozy atmosphere.

Price and Place of Purchase

I forgot to take a picture of the bag, but it is the same branded thermal bag that I got in the Planta video/review. Similar with that, it’s a limited time deal that is offered to American Express customers and you need to confirm the order at least 48 hours prior to the date of pickup. The interesting part about this one was that it came with a picnic blanket! This one was a bit pricey, as the package was $74 CAD, but it did come with different items which will be discussed in the upcoming sections.


As mentioned before, there were a variety of items to devour in the package but my favourite (what I would get again) is the Pad Sew Ew. The stir fried noodles had a great texture overall and that includes all the ingredients from the noodles to the spinach to the tofu. Plus the flavour wasn’t overpowering so paired with the texture it was great. Another thing I would get again would be the spring rolls. Obviously spring rolls being a classic appetizer it’s hard to differentiate but the filling does just that and the accompany sauce provides a nice kick to it. The green curry also had a little kick to it, can be a little spicy to some but I think it was good and despite how it initially looks it’s not watery at all so great substance and the veggies are cooked properly! And although it is not pictured, it is important to note that the curry did come with some white rice.

In terms of things I didn’t enjoy and won’t get again, one would be the mango salad. As mentioned, this comes in the package. The salad was really sour (which I had a feeling it would be) but it wasn’t terrible and wasn’t a favourite of mine, which I think others would agree. The dessert was the coconut pandan cake, and although I am not the biggest fan of coconut sweets, it was pretty good. Not something I would have a craving for or I see myself personally getting again, however my parents absolutely loved it.


All in all, the dining package was decent but personally not worth the $74 price. They had some great food included and I do think that the portions could have been a bit bigger but still filling. I also am not a fan of all the items in the package, however I know some will so it really depends on your personal preference. I would still recommend PAI because I have gotten their food before, and enjoyed it (including some of these items I tried for the first time eg. spring rolls and pad sew ew) and I am curious to dine in at their Uptown location or back in their Downtown location. Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below and make sure you follow on Instagram , Tiktok, & Facebook.

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