Here is a review of a place that has been requested before and have been meaning to do. Therefore, when this awesome opportunity came I had to do a blog post and review of it. As stated in the video, this is my second time trying food from Planta and I am hoping this time goes a bit better. I also mention in the video that this was initial tasting and unboxing and the review (below) provides a more detailed review as this is after I had more time to eat the dishes to form a better opinion on the dishes. So watch the video (like, share, and subscribe if you haven’t) before reading below!

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Another interesting point I should mention is that this wasn’t the same Planta location I have been to. This one is a bit smaller but still looks really nice, and is located on 180 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 3X3.

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Snapshot from the video

The way you can enjoy this experience was directly through American Express and you needed to confirm the order at least 48 hours prior to the date of pickup. There are a couple of prepackaged options you could choose from, and from there you select the date and time you want to pick it up. The total cost of this meal experience was $60 CAD.

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The first set of images is what I would consider top three dishes I ate. I enjoyed everything from the texture to the flavour that you can expect in every bite. My favourite is definitely the bang bang broccoli (top right), it has a distinct texture and taste to it that doesn’t require a lot of chews. It feels torched a bit and on the website it does mention peanut butter which definitely gave it a nice savoury taste. The spinach dumplings (bottom right) wasn’t bad either because the chilli wasn’t overpowering at all, instead complimented the stuffing in the dumpling which I believe is mushrooms. The last selection of my top 3 is the chocolate cake (top left) which had a nice rich texture and the cherry provided a nice contrast to give a nice sweet and sour feel, all while making it easy to devour.

My next pair of dishes I enjoyed were the pineapple rice (top left) and rainbow roll (top right). The pineapple rice had a great play on sweet and savoury with the fruits and cashews. The rainbow roll looks absolutely stunning and the avocado was creamy but the watermelon slaw was a little off putting. That was a similar feeling with the Shanghai Slaw (bottom left) where the ingredients were fresh but didn’t really taste great on it’s own or with the other dishes in my experience. I felt that the Dan Dan noodles (bottom right) were a bit bland which is why I enjoyed it the least.

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Although the experience was unique and there was a lot of food given for the price, ultimately it’s not something I would purchase again. I know Planta is a popular spot for many, and there were dishes I did enjoy but it wasn’t something I would love to try again. For me the overpowering flavour is what really takes away from enjoying the meals which is the main reason why I was disappointed. I do recommend them trying to still incorporate different flavours but keep it balanced like they did with the bang bang broccoli and pineapple rice. All in all, this is just my opinion and it was good to try their food again and was a great experience that I hope other restaurants can offer too. Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below and make sure you follow on Instagram & Facebook.

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