REVIEW: Russell Westbrook’s Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 “Mirror Image”

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With Russel Westbrook making history few nights ago becoming the player with the most all-time triple doubles, it was only right to take it back to his first signature shoe and this fascinating colourway. The “Mirror Image” is fitting as Russel Westbrook’s distinct playing style and fashion sense allows him to create new opportunities to tell stories, just like the legend who’s brand produces Westbrook’s signature sneaker, Michael Jordan. Learn more about that, the review, and more below! Stay tuned to the YouTube channel to see if this will be covered there as well, but for now read below!


Russel Westbrook has been known for his highlights and tenacity since he entered the league but has continued to make a name for himself and make an impact. After being on the Jordan Brand roster for several years, shortly after winning MVP the sneaker brand finally announced they will be releasing a signature sneaker for fans to purchase. Of course, he did have a lifestyle sneaker that wasn’t terrible but everyone was excited when they heard news of this performance sneaker (even if not everyone – including myself) was going to wear for it lifestyle. It’s crazy to see that although I got these sneakers when they released, it’s been a few years and he is now on his 4th signature sneaker (available on Nike & Footlocker). However, this was inevitable since Russel Westbrook has continued to make his name for himself, have notable quotes, and set records just like Michael Jordan. Also, for someone who is constantly criticized for his fashion choices it made since he got his own sneaker, and this specific colourway.

Aesthetics and Design

What drew me into this sneaker was the aesthetics. I absolutely love this artwork that is in a style of a newspaper collage with different cutout of words and images all over of both Russell Westbrook & Michael Jordan. That is all across the upper of the sneaker with some red details to provide a nice contrast including the lacelock, laces, and a large jumpman logo. The purpose of this design is to tie back into storytelling but also refer to rooms plastered with posters of sporting icons such as Brodie (Westbrook) & MJ (Jordan). You might also notice the black strap that features Westbrook’s logo but underneath, on the tongue is his key saying “Why Not!?”. The print/artwork is the main focus which is why they are smart to keep it simple with a wide midsole and a large black heel counter made from pylon foam. The outsole is translucent with great traction (read below) but you do see a redo oval type shape which I believe is the full length zoom air unit.

Sizing, Fit, Performance

So unlike other basketball sneakers in my collection I actually have worked out and hooped in these. For me personally, they are not my favourite but it is for some people. Although I liked the mesh underneath, I felt the shoe itself was a bit clunky. However, that can be just for my playing style (right now my favourite sneaker to hoop in are the PG 2.5). I would definitely recommend checking out actual hoopers’ reviews if you are interested in playing in these. One thing you can’t deny is the traction. It is easily one of the best traction I have seen in any of my sneakers. This is pretty good on court, but for lifestyle wear can be a little annoying which is why it’s not in my rotation a lot for lifestyle or in the rare chance I am hooping. I really don’t adjust the lacing, and I don’t think you need to as well because it works almost as a slip on because you are not going to escape that lockdown feeling in the forefoot area. I would say in terms of sizing, go with your true to size for the best fit possible.

Price and Place of Purchase

This was initially released as a quickstrike release in the US and there was no date or news if this was every going to release in Canada. I really wanted this sneaker in my collection because of what it represents and how it looks. However, randomly one day they did drop on Nike CA and I grabbed it while I could for $170 CAD. I am happy I did because they didn’t really sit, and this is a great sneaker to have in the collection and the best one in my opinion among all of the Zer0.1 sneakers. You can grab the current model from Footlocker & Nike in various sizing.


Cop or drop? Cop if still possible, and I would recommend for hooping more than lifestyle.

Comfort? It’s not the most comfortable performance sneaker which is a tad bit disappointing, however, it still is pretty decent especially when the zoom air unit is being put to work.

Aesthetic? I love this artwork all over the sneaker. It might be too much for some, but it is perfect for me and I think it is perfect for Russell Westbrook. I don’t see a lot of sneakers like this but it is great to see especially for a signature athlete, especially under Jordan brand who are known for their storytelling.

Packaging? It’s not all that impressive but still not bad. I say this because you can see Russell Westbrook’s logo all over on top. It is better than the basic black Jordan box.

Price? Not bad at all for $170 CAD, this is a standard affordable pricing for signature athletes debt sneaker and it is hard to come across this from Nike. I would definitely take advantage when given the chance, and avoid resale as much as possible.

In conclusion, this is a dope sneaker that is bound to turn heads but also get them intrigued on the story it tells. I love having this is in my collection even if it is not always in rotation because it is a sneaker that shares the compelling similarities between Michael Jordan & Russell Westbrook, while also showing the differences especially with the overall design and aesthetic that caters towards Westbrook’s play and style. I love sneakers that are expressive and features elements that I can resonate to or appreciate (eg. the clippings of making headlines, and expressing yourself). At the end of the day, “Why Not?”.

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