Is the Impossible Whopper What Burger King Needed All Along? – REVIEW

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So before any Burger King loyalists get angry, I do want to clarify that this is focused on the perspective of their vegetarian options. As a vegetarian and since the blog focuses on vegetarian and vegan food, it was only right I try the new “Impossible Whopper” from Burger King.


I remember a few years ago when there was chatter that Impossible foods was going to be more available, especially in quick service restaurants, Burger King was one of the names that was mentioned but I believe that was just in the states… until now. I was excited to see the new ads displayed when driving past my nearby Burger King promoting the new Impossible Whopper.

Mind you, Burger King is no stranger to vegetarian options. For as long as I can remember they were one of the first fast food places to actually sell vegetarian options such as the veggie burger and poutine with a vegetarian gravy. I know Burger King is not often discussed in a popular or positive light but for me, I always appreciated their veggie options and how much more affordable it was. I still remember as a kid at one of the locations on Friday’s they used to sell veggie burgers for only $2! Of course, this does vary by location and country because I am still confused on what I ate at Burger King UK which they considered a veggie sandwich (trust me it was confusing but I think they have it figured out now). Nonetheless, I am happy they finally brought this to Canada so I can finally try it at Burger King!

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This is probably my third time having an impossible burger and they all relatively taste the same, for a more detailed review you can check out the review I did here. But essentially, it’s a a really good patty that is hearty but not overpowering. There’s a great texture to the burger and you get to enjoy that as you continue to bite into it. It was interesting because the last Impossible burger I had was at Matty’s Patty’s and although I didn’t eat it when it was as hot, I did get to enjoy this moments after ordering it. It was a good comparison to have because although Matty’s Patty’s had two burgers, it was mainly the sauce that contributed to the burger in addition to the patty, however for the Impossible Whopper you had more topics with the lettuce, tomatoes, and onions and it just felt like it added more to the overall taste.

One thing I didn’t enjoy was the scent of the onions was a bit too strong for some reason and I am not sure why because I never smelt that strong onion scent before when ordering from Burger King. I have had it again since my initial taste test and it was just a one time thing. What I didn’t expect as well was how much parents loved the burger and my dad ate it late (and reheated it) and he still really liked it. In my opinion, when I was first eating it, it felt like I was eating a more enhanced version of their veggie burger in terms of taste and size.


In terms of price it really isn’t bad. It’s only a few dollars more than the standard veggie burger as the Impossible Whopper is priced at $6.49 CAD and the combo at $9.89 CAD respectively. Compared to the other places I have had the impossible burger (Matty’s Patty’s & Hard Rock Cafe) this is by far the most affordable and even accessible. It’s more than just the brand the burger is much bigger and tastes better in my opinion compared to the original which is why this is worth it. If Burger King does follow the route of other quick service restaurants where they replace the old veggie burger, this would be the only one I would be happy with.


In conclusion, I definitely recommend trying the impossible whopper, especially for vegetarians! It’s a great portion being offered at an affordable price and tastes great. It checks all the right boxes while being really accessible to obtain. Of course, compared to Matty’s Patty’s where there is a signature sauce and celebrity chef behind it or Hard Rock Cafe, where the burger was topped with 24K Gold, this is just a good, down to earth, hearty burger.

Let me know what you think and if you have tried it before, what your thoughts are! Make sure you follow the blog via email or on Instagram and Facebook for more content and food reviews!

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