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With today being the SERIES finale, it was no better time than today to do this video and blog post to show you an inside look the actual, real life, Kim’s Convenience! I do apologize for the editing, I don’t know why my software kept messing up with the clips but do watch the video above(don’t forget to subscribe) prior to reading below for detailed pictures and the exclusive merch I got!


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So unless you have been living under a rock you would know that Kim’s Convenience is a breakout Canadian comedy that focuses on a loveable Korean-Canadian family, the Kim’s. The family is far from perfect but it is awesome to see a couple who immigrated to Canada back in the 80s and their interactions with their Canadian children and neighbourhood as the family business is the friendly convenience store. The show is really relatable and provides great representation and storytelling that is relatable to a lot of different people as they address common issues in a comedic approach. It’s a shame that the show is suddenly ending, and that is why it was listed in my list of shows that are ending this year that really shouldn’t. The show is filmed in Toronto, Ontario and the store is inspired by a real life convenience store in downtown Toronto.


You can visit the store (hopefully soon since it was recently listed) at 252 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1S3. There is a small green P parking spot right beside and some parking across the road but I would recommend the green P parking lot.

Zoom into see special pictures and autographs from the cast.


As you can see it is a regular convenience store but there are some cool stuff inside including good selection of drinks, snacks, and of course Kim’s Convenience merchandise and memorabilia! The lady working there was really nice and I kind of expected that since my friends who have gone before has mentioned how nice the staff are.

This is a real convenience store with regular customers and it was really interesting to see because the build the set to look very similar to this store. However, ever since the show aired there are more people like me who have commuted to visit the actual store and I even saw a few people who walked by and just realized that this was the store the show and play is based on. What’s also great is that they sell some exclusive merch as seen below, and will be discussed in further detail below.


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As mentioned in the video and in this blog post there are some nice items you can purchase and what immediately caught my eye was the branded tote bag but then I also saw that there were two t-shirts were available. When we got those she wanted to give the bag to us for free which was really nice of her! See below for more details of the items and t-shirts!


The black version is the softstyle Gildan Small to XL, and although there is no print at the back it does have the producing companies’ logo on the sleeve – Price: $15 CAD

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All in all, it was a great experience to check it out and although it had to brief as it was on our commute home from getting some takeout, it was a place I have always wanted to go and thankful I did. I expressed my disinterest in the sudden ending of the series and how I am still hopeful to see more seasons somehow but regardless, it was nice to visit and get a little memento. I actually didn’t know about the petition if it wasn’t for the person working at the store. I do recommend you to go visit if you can and when it is safer but if you are not able to, but want some cool merch and items to remember the show you can grab it on Etsy and Redbubble.

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If you have been there please let me know your experiences and thoughts as well as favourite memories of the show in the comments below or on Facebook and Instagram! Give a follow there and stay tuned for more posts especially in regards to Kim’s Convenience!

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