5 Shows Ending in 2021… That Shouldn’t!

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I don’t know what’s more shocking, that almost 4 months have gone by of 2021 already or that these shows will be no more after this year! These are some of my most enjoyable television series that have provided great laughter, excitement, curiosity, and a source of creativity. Sure, all good things must come to an end but for these shows, it’s far too soon in my opinion. Therefore, here are 5 shows that I believe should not end this year that you may or may not know is actually wrapping up (and some links to Etsy and Redbubble to grab some fan merch to show your love for the show past this year).

5. Money Heist / La Casa de Papel

Money Heist Season 1 Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave
Image Source: Wallpaper Cave

I had to start off the list with this Netflix show because it’s definitely one I loved watching and wanting for more, and fun fact, this is my dad’s favourite show currently and he also asks when the next season will be available. This show features great writing and storytelling that goes beyond just a heist and makes you root for characters that you probably shouldn’t. It’s a thriller that will get you on the edge of your seats, and although they are not done filming the fifth and final season the cast has been hyping it up which I highly doubt we will be disappointed with. I knew this show would be coming to but still could have hoped for maybe 2 more. Whether it’s the Salvador Dalí masks, cast stickers or awesome merch, you can find a large variety at Redbubble and Etsy.

4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV Series 2013–2022) - IMDb
Image Source: Imdb

Speaking of shows I knew would be coming to an end soon, Brooklyn Nine-Nine definitely came to mind. Based on where the characters are in their lives currently, it would be hard to tell more stories but I am sure they would have found a way to go on to produce 10 seasons (which would be 2 more than what it is currently). I didn’t watch this show from the initial jump but I remember watching an episode a few years ago on Netflix and immediately got addicted to the point where I watch it live on CityTV via NBC. You probably would as well due to the all the laughs, crazy shenanigans, and guest roles this show provided. This wasn’t the first time fans had to worry about the show ending as Fox (original broadcaster) canceled it before NBC picked it up. Regardless if you are upset or not that this show is ending or not there are some cool items on Etsy & Redbubble you can get for fans of the show from cards, clothing, and even badges!?

3. Superstore

Original image source: NBC

While we are talking about another NBC show, this one was actually not decided by the show but instead by NBC. This is a show that can EASILY go on to produce at least 10 seasons because the workplace comedy is so relatable to pretty much everyone and unlike other sitcoms or shows, actually tells stories that reflect what is happening in real life. The writing is amazing, the cast is under-appreciated, and overall, it’s hilarious. I don’t want to write too much about it because if you haven’t checked out the show before, read my post about the top 10 relatable moments from the show here for some great laughs and to read how much I do love the show! It’s been over a week since the finale and I am still not processing it, but hey thankfully I could always get Cloud 9 employee name tags and t-shirts, and a whole bunch of cool stuff on Etsy & Redbubble to express my love for the show!

4. Kim’s Convenience

Kim's Convenience canceled after 5 seasons | EW.com
Image Source: Entertainment Weekly

Speaking of shows that were suddenly canceled where even the cast was visibly upset about the news, I couldn’t write this list without including a show that hits close to home. This CBC show that films in Toronto inspired by an actual convenience store in downtown Toronto has won the hearts of many people all over the world. It felt like yesterday entering the Bloor-Yonge station and seeing the promo for the show all over. It wasn’t until it hit Netflix and I saw it for the first time, and was the first show I binged. I love the representation and stories the show tells which is why I know I am not the only one (there’s a petition to keep the show alive) to see this show end (this Tuesday), especially since there are going to be a lot of unanswered questions when it comes to our favourite characters. To be honest, even if there was a final season to wrap up properly I don’t know if that will do it justice since this is arguably one of the best Canadian sitcoms and I was hopeful to see reach 10 seasons. Stay tuned to the blog because there will be more Kim’s Convenience content published on the blog and YouTube channel. For now, whether or not it is for sure a goodbye to our cast (with the exception of Shannon who will be leading a spinoff reportedly), you can still get some nice mementos on Etsy and Redbubble.

5. On My Block

Image Source: On My Block Wiki

This is one of my favourite shows ever and for many reasons as mentioned before in the prior shows (representation, comedy, writing, etc.) while also featuring some great music, and similarly wasn’t sure how long this show could go on for but I am not ready to say goodbye to. After the ending of Season 3, fans like myself had so many questions and kept waiting for an announcement about when the show will return, especially since there were so many shows Netflix announced will be returning but after months still nothing about On My Block… Fortunately, we finally got an official announcement from Netflix a few months ago but it was bittersweet since they said it was the season. It didn’t make sense because the show is one of Netflix most successful series ever and almost 3 years ago I listed it as my top choice of recommended things to watch on Netflix you may have missed out on. I know I need to get some merch to rock On My Block because of how dope this how is and you can join me by browsing a wide range of products on Redbubble!

Well that’s my list and I know there are several other shows that are not going to be returning after 2021 but let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are and if you watch these shows or curious to watch any of these after this post! Stay tuned for more posts on the blog and follow on social media on Facebook and Instagram!

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