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I know this is a sitcom but frankly, I still can’t wrap my head around that it is ending tonight. I am upset (just like some of the cast) that our story with these loveable characters is coming to a very sudden close. If I am being honest, it is a bit hard to write this post because this a show that should have gone on for many more seasons. However, instead of being upset about it, I wanted to create a blog post that shares my personal top 10 moments from the series which I would think you would enjoy as well. Surprisinly, there are a lot of people who still haven’t watched an episode of the show and that’s a shame. I remember a few years ago I stumbled upon the pilot of the episode on YouTube and have been hooked ever since. This is a show I believe everyone should watch and can relate to in some level. Fortunately for you, the show’s past seasons are now streaming now on different platforms including Amazon Prime Video! Therefore, as you scroll through this list, you can refer back to the episode and watch along! Keep in mind, this is my personal top 10 list, yours may be different and I am curious to know your favourite moments in the comments below or on Instagram and/or Facebook!

10. Finally Appreciating the Warehouse/Backroom Staff

Image Source: Amazon Prime

Remember when I said everyone can relate to this post? I do mean it, but I do want to say that some will relate to the show more than others… especially if you ever worked in a big box store, let alone retail. For me, I worked at Walmart once upon a time which Cloud 9 (the fictional store they work at) looks most strikingly familiar to. More specifically, I worked in the backroom which entailed unloading the truck, locking it up, updating inventory, etc. In this episode, “Super Hot Store” (Season 2, Episode 15), there is a dispute that occurs that lead to the warehouse staff walking out that results in floor associates trying to do the warehouse associate duties. It is awesome to see that even though most people may not recall this scene vividly, I do because in the screengrab Mateo is telling everyone how even though he is not sure what they do, he does not know it is not easy. This actually happened a few times where store managers don’t want to hire more staff, don’t really know what they are doing, and/or try to overwork employees and get floor associates to help unload the truck. Unfortunately, for them and in this episode it is not as easy as everyone thinks.

9. Unbeatable Pricing, only 25 Cents!

Speaking of realizing things are not as easy as it seems, we get a sense of that in the pilot episode (Season 1, episode 1) where the newly hired Jonah uses the telxon gun for the first time and accidentally reduces the prices on really expensive items to a mere 25 cents when he was supposed to only reduce the pricing by 25%. It was a hilarious scene, and was definitely a scene that made me laugh but also sympathize which this show often makes you do, which is why it was a great moment from the pilot.

8. When Will Customers Really Be Happy?

Image Credit: Mark McKinney, Instagram

This was actually a few episodes ago and this image is one of the hilarious moments in the show’s run and definitely in this episode. In the episode “Customer Satisfaction” (Season 6, Episode 12), the staff are pressured to get customers to fill out the surveys and leave positive reviews. If you haven’t worked in retail you would have been a customer for sure, and let’s face it unless you have had a terrible experience or an exceptional one where someone goes above and beyond that’s why in this episode the staff try to get their best customer facing staff on the floor while co-managers Dina and Glenn try to create scenarios where they offer exceptional services to customers that lead to more worse problems, that will definitely make this episode one not to forget. Oh, and I don’t think you want to know what that water is… let’s just say Glenn puts it out all on the line for the store.

7. Health is Wealth

I am grateful for free health care in Canada but I can only image for what it would be like for those who don’t and need to work in conditions like these guys. Nonetheless, I feel like even when you don’t have certain coverage you are often getting worried about how to pay, and working tirelessly to afford it. This moment in “Health Fund” (Season 3, Episode 6) is one of the many hilarious moments in the breakroom and it’s funny how a nice gesture can get really ugly and dangerous fairly quickly.

6. Do Something or Do Nothing

Another classic break room moment seen in “Workplace Bullying” (Season 3, Episode 4), arguably one of the best break room discussion is this (make sure you catch all the dialogue) as District Manager Jeff explains why it was wrong of Dina to go head on and tackle an attempted robber and instead applauds Jonah who stood still. Let’s face it, for that job and pay, I would do exactly what Jonah did, wouldn’t you? But what makes this moment hilarious is how quick it gets sidetracked and how engaged the employees become in a heated discussion about who’s actions to follow leading to Mateo taking notes.

5. Kicks on Fire!… Literally.

As you know I love sneakers so this actually did hurt when I first watched “#Cloud9Fail” (Season 4, Episode 20) and I was debating putting it on the list but even though I don’t appreciate the burning of Garrett’s sneaker collections he definitely had it coming and was happy that Dina did what she did. Garrett was wrong for what he did and up until that point, he didn’t really pay any consequences for the stuff he does or says. This is relatable because when someone hurts and lies to you like that it is definitely going to sting and hard to forgive and forget to become the bigger person, instead you end up scooping to their level.

4. Can You Blame Sandra?

One of the funniest and hilarious rivalries in this show is between two co-workers, because let’s face it sometimes there’s a coworker that definitely gets on your nerves and probably shouldn’t be working there. That’s the case between Sandra and Carol, and in this awesome video that recaps some of their greatest moments in their feud my favourite is during the Tornado (Season 2, Episode 22). Sandra chooses not to save Carol by closing the door on her. I know this is terrible but I couldn’t help but laugh, especially because Sandra is one of the characters who have grown the most throughout the show and is a favourite of mine and so many other fans.

3. Saving Mateo

Full transparency this scene made me cry, and as I rewatched it to include it in the blog post it made teary once again. It was such a powerful moment in the show and I am really happy they had done something like this in the show. It was something that they have discussed in the earlier seasons and opposite of the emotions you tend to feel when watching the show, but it still was an important moment in the show and a prime example of what makes it great. It was relatable because as all the employees came together to attempt to save Mateo it goes to show sometimes it doesn’t always work out, even when you and your team comes together. It sucks, but it does happen. Once again, a very sad moment in the show but still one of the best and unbelievable season finale (Season 4, Episode 22 “Employee Appreciation Day”).

2. More Than A Costume

The thing is Superstore has always discussed real life and serious topics before, but just in a humours way that is not derogatory or forced. It is the great writing, direction, and performance of the actors that really help with that as the way they address it is exactly as you probably would in your workplace or daily lives. This was a hilarious discussion in “Costume Competition” (Season 4, Episode 4) and as you can see from the video above where they discuss it and how the actual contest went. This is a conversation I am sure most of us has had or listened to.

Honourable Mentions

A. Morning Meeting

This is an honour mention because people may have forgotten this moment which occurs in Season 1, Episode 3, “Shots and Salsa” but a very similar chant happens at Walmart and I remember in the race occasions I had to attend those I just thought it was so funny and weird how just like in the video people had that energy and how confused customers looks when they walked by.

B. Training Videos

This was a digital exclusive but would have been great to be featured in the show or at least have an episode dedicated to them doing training videos. Most of the time, when you are starting a new video you often have to watch training videos and it was apparent that Cloud 9’s training videos were outdated in the earlier episodes. Above is just one of the training videos prepared and made me laugh the most.

1. Black Friday – Just Doing Your Job

So this is my top moment from the entire series and probably most relatable. I remember when I used to work at Walmart during Black Friday and how hectic it would be. It was crazy because at one point I was standing on top of the shelves throwing boxes of diapers at customers because that was on sale for a few bucks off. It was chaotic but also kinda fun, especially when customers finally left the store. Even if you didn’t work a retail Black Friday you can probably relate to Garrett’s motivating speech in Season 2, Episode 10 “Black Friday” since maybe at one point in your life you had a job you didn’t enjoy but you still did your job.

All in all these are currently my top 10 moments of that show that are also relatable, I know there are a lot of awesome moments not featured on the list but once again you can watch it for yourself on sites like Amazon Prime because trust me it is worth the binge! I know I will most likely be emotional during this hour long finale tonight as this is easily one of my favourite shows ever. Who knows you might see me wear some awesome Cloud 9/Superstore merch in the near future from Etsy or Redbubble. Nonetheless, I wish this wasn’t the end and hope more of you enjoy this show!

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