REVIEW: Newt Scamander – Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald x Medicom Toy Mafex Action Figure

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I’m glad that my spell worked because I’ve been meaning to unbox and review this awesome collectible for some time now! I have always wanted a Mafex figurine to add to my collectible collection for a while now, so when I saw this specific one for a great price I knew I had to get it and wanted to provide a detailed review and enjoyable unboxing video so you have a better understanding of the brands involved. So enjoy the unboxing and video above prior to reading below to know why this is no ordinary figurine!


Newt Scamander

Newt Scamander is a character in the world of Harry Potter that has grown to be arguably fans’ favourite Magizoologist who carries a mysterious briefcase where so many magical creatures reside and maybe even favourite Hufflepuff. For me personally, he’s my favourite character in the entire Potter universe and even though I was sorted as a Gryffindor because of him I wanted to be a Hufflepuff. I have to give credit to Eddie Redmayne who plays the character (and which this figure is based of) because he demonstrates how kind, complex, and caring the character really is. Because of this character I enjoyed the Fantastic Beasts movies a lot (a prequel and spinoff to the Harry Potter films), and was fortunate enough to go to an early Toronto premiere of the second film, The Crimes of Grindelwald. For a non-spoiler review of the film, click here.

Medicom Toy

Another important background information you should know about before reading the review of the product, is the brand that manufactures it, Medicom Toy. hey are a brand based out of Japan who make designer toy and collectibles since 1996 by Tatsuhiko “Ryu” Akashi. They have made a name for themselves because these toys are considered work of art more than something to play with. The most successful product line of theirs is the Be@rbrick (bearbrick), which you may have seen before. However, in 2013 they launched a new line called Mafex which produces high quality figurines that are 1/10th scale. It’s limited, comes with different options, and very well detailed which is why it’s priced a bit higher on average but as you can tell looks very life like.


Product Options and Visual Details

I was really impressed with the details that went into the figurine and how you can really play around with the emotions of the character and how you want to display it. There comes with a lot of options to customize with different hands to hold either wand or brief case, Pickett, and more. It also comes with different accessory options whether it is a closed briefcase or even a niffler! I really liked the details of his costume, face, and the niffler but found the wand a little disappointing, mainly because it was so thin and didn’t look like much. But overall still really great in terms of the details invested in this figurine and the different customizable options available.


So when it comes to customizing it was a bit tricky, I wish they had a manual or something because I was a bit scared to break anything but you do indeed need to use a little force to take pieces a part and put them on. For instance, I really wanted to switch up the hands and head but I found myself struggling a bit. I also struggled with the stand, and even though I don’t think you need it, it definitely helps and can be necessary depending on the stance you want to display. I am still trying to figure it out in terms of the stand but my tip after this experience is that it would probably be easier to take everything apart before putting it together, and just be mindful of the amount of force you put.

Price and Place of Purchase

So I grabbed this from Amazon for only $68.67 CAD! Sure at first you might think that is pricy but most Mafex products do usually sell for a retail price of at least $120 CAD some going past $200 CAD. Currently the price went up again to $152.15 CAD, you can shop here! That’s the great thing about Amazon, you are able to find great deals and also apply coupons and gift cards you may have. What I would recommend when shopping Amazon is to filter by brand and to make sure you are looking if it is coming from Amazon directly (so it’s already verified) or from a trusted store that is selling on Amazon. You can also filter by prime which is usually helpful for me. I would also add items to wishlist because then you may be notified of price drops or limited quantities left. To shop more Mafex designer toys, click here (filter by brand) and to shop more of Medicom Toy, click here.


Cop or drop? Absolutely a cop, sale or retail. I knew the price was great but after seeing the quality in my hand it was really nice to have something so realistic and from a big designer toy/collectible brand such as Medicom Toy.

Packaging? It is really nice there is a good amount of protection to keep everything in tact while also including quality pictures to give ideas of assembling while also including small but nice details such as the phoenix rose that is found in my Newt Jacket! The jacket unfortunately has sold out on HotTopic but there is a similar one here (no liner tho).

Quality? The quality is what really justifies the price, from the details to materials. Once you feel it in your hands you know exactly what I mean. It is much heavier than expected so keep that in mind.

Overall, I think this is a great pick up in terms of collectibles, especially for the price! The Mafex line features highly detailed products that look pretty much like the actual characters you are fascinated with, and the fact that you are able to customize it while assembling is an added value to this product. As metnioned before, Amazon does offer a wide range of Mafex collectibles at different price points so you can grab it for less than the retail price like I did by doing some browsing! To read more about Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts content, then click those hyperlink! For awesome Fantastic Beasts gear and items check them out at Redbubble or Etsy!

Let me know what you think about this pickup and if you end up buying other collectibles from Amazon! Let me know your thoughts below or on social media. Please make sure you do subscribe and follow on Instagram and Facebook !

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