The Fit Break Down: Fantastic Beasts 2 – November 3rd, 2018

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Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending the advanced Toronto Fan Screening for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. If you haven’t check out my review for the upcoming film, please visit here.

Even if you are just going to the theatres to watch a movie, I do feel you still need to rock a proper outfit and for me, I always try to incorporate something in relation to the movie I am going to see, into my outfit. For this particular outfit, to break it down I am going with the most relatable and the what I used as the foundation to come up with the rest of the fit.



This is actually my sisters, and she insisted I wore it. I’m glad I did because it added way more to the outfit and was liked by several people at the theatres. Also, I think the beanie is really well executed with the Hogwarts embroidery and the four houses crest on the top of the hat.

Place of Purchase: Hot Topic, in-store: STC

Price: $30 CAD (Cheaper because I used Hot Cash)



Continuing on with the Hogwarts theme, I had to rock these socks. These, I do own. I really like the dark argyle pattern that makes these socks an ideal fit for a casual or formal fitting.

Place of Purchase: A booth at Fan Expo Canada 2017

Price: $15 CAD



I decided to rock these particular sneakers because I find that the sharp teeth found on the heel of the shoe pay homage to some of the beasts found in this film.

I was eying these kicks for a while. I had to pass on these when it first dropped because I had to limit my spending. Heck, I even mentioned it in one of my #ShelfSitting posts. Fortunately, I saw that Frenzy was starting a new revenue stream by partnering up with retailers to do limited sales and with more views on the deal, the lower the price will be. I had to admit that it was an awesome strategy. Nonetheless, I decided to pull the trigger on these even though people on Twitter said I could’ve gotten a better deal on StockX it was cool to make a purchase like this, and from a Canadian boutique.

Expect a review and maybe even a video in the near future.

Place of Purchase: Off the Hook via Frenzy App, can also try to bargain on StockX here

Price: $140 CAD



I chose this coat because it was a lighter option of layering for the rest of the outfit, but I also felt that this peacoat is similar to what Eddie Redmayne’s character, Newt, wears. I really like the details on this jacket and it’s in great condition after buying it 6 years ago!

Place of Purchase: Urban Outfitters, in-store Yonge Street.

Price: $60-70 CAD



So with a peacoat, you can pretty much wear anything underneath. However, whenever your article of clothing is elongated, a longer jacket, for the most part, is required. Therefore, I initially wanted to wear my other elongated hoodie that reminds of a cloak, but I remember I wore that when watching Inifinty War which you can see here. I still liked this hoodie, and because it was raining it was not only a complementary choice but also a utilitarian one as well.

Place of Purchase: Stitches Warehouse (Warden & Finch)

Price: $10 CAD



I wore this t-shirt because I felt that the printed and the metallic logo coincides well with the Sci-Fi/Fantasy theme.

Place of Purchase: SVP Sports, Woodside

Price: $10-15 CAD



These distressed jeans were not part of the thought process for this outfit, but I just really like the fit and wanted to add my own style with it. Plus, if I can’t wear these at work, I try to wear it in other places I can.

Place of Purchase: At Eaze

Price: $50 CAD

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