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As I slowly grow my collection of collectibles and art, I wanted to make sure I get some stuff that I really like but also from different brands to provide a better comparison among designer toys/collectible brands for all of you and what my honest thoughts are as well. This collectible is from a brand who’s products I have been meaning to purchase and of a superhero I really like. That is none other than DC Comic’s Cyborg. However, the cyborg I got was of Ray Fisher in Justice League. There’s a lot to talk about but make sure you first watch the video above before scrolling down for the more detailed review, how to buy, and close up shots! Also, please subscribe to channel, as well as like and share!


As mentioned in the video I always wanted to get a Kotobukiya collectible for some time, the one that really caught my eye was this Yu-Gi-Oh statue but when browsing around I came across this awesome Cyborg collectible at an amazing price (which will be discussed below) but it was a must cop for many reasons. One being is that I have been a fan of Cyborg for some time and I knew with the Snyder cut of Justice League coming out it was the best time since I remember seeing the original Justice League in 2017 and disappointed that Ray Fisher’s Cyborg parts were minimal. Of course I saw within a few days 20 leaked clips of Cyborg which pretty much showed up in the HBO Max version thanks to Zack Snyder! The other reason is because Kotobukiya has earned a great reputation with consumers worldwide so it just seemed to be the perfect timing.

Image Source: ScreenCrush

Kotobukiya I believe was founded in Japan back in 1953 and they have such a wide range of offerings covering different brands and characters, and are known for how they bring the characters to life. This specific statue/toy is part of their Artfx+ series which are prepainted 1/10th scale statues and this was part of the initial collection that was released to help promote the initial justice league movie that came out nearly 4 years ago! All of the main characters (superman, batman, wonder woman, aqua man, and flash) are part of it and what’s cool is that they all have a magnetic justice league branded display base as well. You can shop Kotobukiya here.


Another great part of this collectible is the packaging. You can watch the video for the unboxing to also notice of how well packaged it was. But to me, I really liked the overall design and how you get the right amount of branding (inside and outside) and 2 different previews (a clear window pane type of cutout in front and a photo of the statue at the back. See the pictures above to get a better look at the packaging.

Product Review

I am really impressed by the statue. This definitely looks a lot like Ray Fisher and I love how the really put so much detail into his appearance from the mechanical appearance to his human appearance, it really does look like Ray Fisher as Cyborg. The painting looks great in my opinion, especially with the red contrast. The weight is solid and sturdy and the magnetic base definitely works! I wish it moved a bit but I am not really mad at it either. All in all, I was impressed of how life like it looked and that the paint on it was done properly, especially for the amazing price I got it for! So far for designer Toys, this takes the cake!

Price and Place of Purchase

This is the part most people are most interested to know but like the Newt figure, I got this from Amazon! Best part? I got this for an astonishing $43.67! How? Well I got a $50 gift card (I actually forgot I used it until after reviewing the order) that I used and it was definitely worth it. But to be frank, at $93.67 it is not a bad price either, it was essentially the retail value however, since I purchased it the price has gone up to $105.78 CAD but don’t be surprised if it jumps up again. Therefore, if you want to purchase it now or monitor (add to wish list, abandon cart and re-enter, etc.) then you can do so by clicking it here.


Cop or drop? Absolutely worth the purchase, and since the possibility of Ray Fisher coming back as Cyborg up in the air, it’s definitely good to own something like this now prior to any serious price inflations (if it occurs).

Packaging? I liked the subtle details and previews it provided, it was all secured enough to really limit the possibility of damaging the product. The subtle branding is nice as well similar to other designer toy brands.

Quality? The quality for the price I got it for is an absolute steal! It looks a lot like Ray Fisher and the suit looks very realistic. You can tell how much work and talent was put in to make this possible.

All in all, I am thrilled to have this in my collection it definitely beats my kinder surprise one that’s for sure! But really, with all the controversy and what Ray Fisher experienced it makes it that much more special to have this and I am curious to know how this will change in value in the near future. I am happy to have a Kotobukiya statue and I look forward to compare it with other designer toy brands and collectibles. Right now the best one to compare it to will be Medicom Toy’s Mafex line and each brand has it’s strengths with Newt having customization options and Cyborg having a stronger and more aesthetically appealing base/stand, overall when it comes to the factor of 1/10th scale I will have to say that I side more with Kotobukiya’s Cyborg for me personally. For some unique and awesome Cyborg/Ray Fisher/Justice League gear and items check them out at Redbubble or Etsy!

Let me know what you think about this pickup and if you end up buying other collectibles from Amazon! Let me know your thoughts below or on social media. Please make sure you do subscribe and follow on Instagram and Facebook !


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